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The Empire Rising

It is a time of great upheaval in the galaxy. The once powerful and Influential Jedi council has been disbanded after an attempt on Chancellor Palpatine’s life. The attack showed how the Jedi had fallen prey to elitism and treachery. The need for stability and security in the galaxy became clear, with a heavy heart Chancellor Palpatine assumed the mantle of Emperor. The only Jedi to show his allegiance to the proper rule of Emperor Palpatine was struck down and almost killed. Fortunately for the galaxy, Lord Vader survived the attack and has vowed to hunt down the remaining criminals of his old order. With the full support of the Imperial navy, Vader has tasked several groups with assisting tracking down and wiping out the last pockets of Jedi influence.

This is the story of just one of these teams.

They’re formerly Recon Team 6, code name “Javelin”, when things changed, they found themselves on their own. Hunted by the Hutts and the Empire they’re now trying to survive as smugglers. And, not doing too bad a job… for now.

Home Page

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