The Empire Rising

Session 61

a New Ship

Session 61
On route to Bespin, Vekis is very unhappy that the Black Sun member is onboard, he goes to “chat” with the man, to see why he should let him live
The party reaches Bespin, and finds that the capital ship has not made it here, but Duncan and Thane doesn’t feel the death of his friends
They arrive in system and They call Pollaks and let him know that they had Pax Andron and information for Nogba, Pollacks says Nogba is very happy with their work and wants to have dinner and give them a gift
Thane rents a suite for all the rescues, and another for the party he also gets medical service and new clothes for them he also orders new armour for Daro
Vekis with Pollaks and Pax to a barracks with confinement cells
When they all get to Nogba’s house a small party is in swing, and they are greeted to applause, Nogba greets them and asks them to relate the story of Eradu, and how the work they did have benefited the syndicate, they are wined and dined through the evening
They learn that Nogba has been elevated in the syndicate to controlling the outer rim, as his former boss was “found” to be working for imperial intelligence
Also that they have doubled the production of Tabana gas
One of the guests is Marel Valaraa high up VP in Kuat Drive yards Nogba has purchased 20 million credits worth of ships including 4 Corvettes, and a Frigate.
Nogba tells the crowd that he is giving the party a corvette to better transport the Tabana gas
The next day Vekis and Ba ‘Ob goes on a recruitment drive for crew, as Thane and Duncan looks at the new ship


Rathburn Yousna

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