The Empire Rising

Session 45

Vekis sits with Yoda and asks him about the force, Yoda gives him a brief explanation of what it is, and his peoples history with the Sith
The party decides to head to Bothan space to reunite the girl to her Father
On route Duncan and Thane work together to form light sabers, from the Krayt crystal
On route Duncan also gets a message from the Huts he owes money to messages him demanding his money, but he wires them the money right away to there surprize.
In system, the party takes the YT 2400 down to the planet to the corporate sector, Thane has a sense of loss. They make there way to the tower, Duncan hacks the system and discovers that the system a) very shoddy, and b)the company seems to be set up, and that the main financials are not kept online. Also that he is having many meeting with government officials and agents from the ministry of the interior i.e secret service.
They make there up to the office and Thane convinces the staff that they don’t need to tell Chiiko that they are there. The walk into the office and discover Him having sex, she runs into the next room and he explains that they are working with the ministry, and transporting supplies for them he shows a data pad with the info just as it springs to life they notice that the pad is hacked and all the info has been uploaded. The party breaks down the door and sees that the window is gone and someone in a flight suit flying away, the suit is a standard issue to imperial agents…
Chiiko feels that he can turn the situation around, the companies benefit, he agrees to make the delivery to the Gungdens, and to order a new astromech droid
They then head over to the Botham ambassador’s compound to return the girl to her father
On the Ground The ambassador Sala Krin and a Human Who Is Mon Motha’s top aid Dori
Ba’Ob greets Dori and informs them about the Imperial presence and that They rescued the ambassador’s daughter,
As they are leaving they get to see a new Starfighter run through a test flight
Duro, takes the Capital ship to Bespin to do a gas run, and the rest of the Party head off to Hutt space to try and find Rhia’s mother
The make Nar Shada and make contact with Shug, and they arrive at the Barn


Rathburn Yousna

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