The Empire Rising

Jedi? They blow up real good.

and so do civilians.

Caelium, outside of the hangar, finds himself beside the unconscious and bleeding out body of the human bounty hunter. He binds his accidental captive and hits him with a stimpack to stabilize him. Calling for help, Thane hears and turns the ship around to retrieve Caelium.
Daro and Vekis are in the tunnel. Before proceeding back into the tunnels Daro performs a miracle of healing and treats many of Vekis MANY wounds successfully. They proceed with their captive into the tunnels.
Thane lands the ship by Caelium and sends out the medical droid with a hover-stretcher and get him back into the ship. Duncan takes a moment to examine the loading dock, which isn’t working properly, and figures out that some blaster fire is responsible for the issue and fixes it.
Daro and Vekis drag their prisoner to the bar through the underground tunnels where the patrons are watching the garage burn. Vekis downs most of a bottle of vodka.
On the ship the bounty hunter is stabilized, but at the cost of a gruesome facial scar.
Back at the bar, the Sullustan wakes up beside Vekis and with Daro opposite and with a beer in front of him. He admits that the two bounty hunters were after the Jedi and came to the planet based on a tip that Dex received. He’s nervous but not terrified. They had been around for a week, got a tip on the tunnels (from a lady – the Empire agent), scouted around, and came onto the trail of the Jedi, followed it to the hangar and then ran into the group. Vekis recalls the name of the bounty hunter Dex Tanic, a Mandalorian who made a lot of credits taking down Black Sun members.

The two groups reconnect in the ship.
Thane gets a message from Lev on the ship’s com. They tracked the Jedi vessel, but they reported back there was no need to attack the ship (Jedi tricks!).
Daro reported back to the Empire, explained about the Jedi, threw the Imperial Agent (Viria) under the bus and explained about the bounty hunters. He gets a call ½ hour later from Admiral Lassiter, when he learns that the woman wasn’t the real Imperial Agent (who went by the name Akana Solman). Lassiter reveals that Jedi sympathizers have infiltrated Imperial intelligence. Vader had thought it was dealt with, but it appears not. Vader was en route, and best we get gone in 6 hours. That meant that Vader was already on his way. Daro warns Lev and the bartender.
Vekis grabs the Sullustan and heads to the Jedi camp in the tunnels with Daro. Meanwhile Duncan starts working on the astromech droid. He boots it up and realizes that it has an awful lot of information on locations, astrogation data, all the way back to before the start of the clone wars. So lots of data on where the Jedi (Corso) has pretty much ever been. Daro sends the entire data package off to the Empire.

The Sullustan leads Vekis and Daro to where they last founds evidence of the Jedi. A large chamber with evidence of a significant number of people having stayed here (up to 200 people). Looking around, they find a large opening carved into the wall with symbols carved around the entrance. Beyond the entrance is another even larger chamber with a number of structures with columns and perhaps statues. Daro recognizes it as a Jedi temple, and a very old one at that. There is a central ziggurat with a beautiful crystal ceiling overhead. Vekis goes in alone despite the Sullustan wanting to come along. A central sparing pit lies in the center of the main floor. Vekis heads up with his probe going ahead of him There is a jedi master in the room. Daro orders him to fire, which is easily deflected. Vekis leaves calling Daro a shitty commander while Daro enters the chamber with the Jedi who he recognizes as Master Corso.
Daro gives Corso a choice – surrender or have everyone on the planet die. The Jedi successfully influences Daro and tells him that they are leaving together. Some of the Jedi’s people have re-emerged packing boxes.
Back at the ship, upon learning that Daro is with the Jedi, Thane lifts off with The Sullustan and Vekis on the turrets. He also sends a message to Imperial command that Daro has been lost. The Jedi leads Daro through a different set of tunnels and after about 45 minutes the compulsion fades, but he continues to follow not sure where else to go. They come to an underground river. Corso explains that Daro’s ship has left. Daro calls the ship and has a brief call with Thane who calls Daro compromised and hangs up on him.
Corso seems to recognize Daro and seems to know his history. He then spends some time talking with Daro and working to change his mind about the Empire. Daro in return tries to convince Corso to surrender, however Corso is adamant that the only hope for the people is for him to defeat Vader. It seems Corso believes that Vader will destroy the planet regardless of his surrender. They come to a hidden hangar with a few remaining ships. Corso prepares to leave in preparation to face Vader directly and suggests that Daro takes a remaining shuttle. Corso reveals that the Emperor is a Sith lord and Vader his apprentice. Daro finally gives in and departs.

Thane still refuses to let Daro dock. While the bickering continues they hear that 3 star destroyers jump into system. THEN, Daro is allowed to come on board.
A shuttle and tie fighters leave the fleet and head towards the planet. Vekis’ remote is still on planet so they group make popcorn and prepare to watch.
As Corso waits for Vader, the team watches. Vader approaches Corso and then the duel starts. A “staggering display of swordmanship” and “exceptional violence” follows. But ultimately, despite the loss of his robotic leg, Vader force chokes Corso to death. Vader then destroys the remote ending the show.
Shortly after Vader and his shuttle lift off the planet there is a massive explosion planet side, then the Star destroyers open up with their main batteries on the planet below. All traces of the habitation are obliterated in the concentrated orbital bombardment.

Afterwards the team was deeply affected by the pointless destruction of the inhabitants of the planet.
Caelium, with the “assistance” of Vekis, then interrogates Dex Tanik about his sources and learns that he had paid for the information leading to Dex’s arrival on the planet. Conciliation seemed far away due to the exchange of grenades and exploding ships. Dex was familiar with the faux imperial agent and the exit of the Black Sun operatives. He also had found the Jedi encampment and the fact that most of the inhabitants had left, leaving only a few including Corso’s fighter. Dex was willing to give information if we give him and his assistant a chance to recover their losses.
Duncan works on his version of the Corso/Vader fight, after trying to remove the images of Vader taking damage he realizes that given the wide angle of the shot it would require extensive modification to the video.

Now that the Jedi Problem here is… controlled… it was time to find Javelin Team 3, last heard from in Hutt space.

Nar Shaddaa was the last place they were heard from, a filthy hive of scum and villainy and the seat of the Hutt Cartel. It is the largest moon of Nal Hutta and orbits a planet that is no longer viable.
Intercepted by a number of Black Sun ships in an interdiction field, the team begins to run from 3 fighters, 1 corvette and a cruiser. Covering their butts with shields, they try to move past the interdiction field, firing on the closing fighters.


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