The Empire Rising

Adventure Log 54

You would think his attitude would improve, after cutting his arm off...

The rest of the party, circle around and meet up at the entrance, out of range of the base guns, Thane feels anger and fear in the base, and towards the rear of the chalet. as the rest of them move towards the chalet.

Rhia runs down the hill to try an flag down the contact, she sees it approach but once it spots the wreckage and bodies and flies off

In the chalet, they hear noise in the kitchen, Thane forces the door open as Ba Ob and Duncan toss in two stun grenades they see in the room 1 woman and 3 men working on a console and a stand up freezer the grenades go off knocking out everyone in the room out.
They discover that the party is the contact and they were trying to open a hidden door
Nika Chro is revived then the Rodian Passer, Thane apologizes for the stun grenades and they discover that one of her agents led her to this meeting spot. She fears that she has been comprised and that this building may be part of the imperial spy network
The party enters the small elevator behind the freezer and descend deep into the hill, as the door opens three storm troopers are waiting for them. Thane and Duncan rush up to the gun it blasts the two of them Duncan reflects and Thane absorbs most of the rest but does take a nasty hit.
The Party overcomes the troopers, then hear several other troopers coming form other hallways, Thane tosses a Thermal detonator down the hall vaporizing them.
Thane finds a detention centre with 12 prisoners including a former news anchor Marcus Namore, of the news network, he releases them. Marcus tells them that Director Talos is planning to kill the ruling council and blame the rebels to take total control of the planet.
Farther down the hall they come to a blast door with two heavy turrets,
Duncan and Thane use some commandeered droids as cover to make the coms room, as Rhia shoots the turrets, Duncan finds a officer in the room and discovers she sent out messages for aid, he also kills the dampening field. He also takes control of all the bird droids and decides to take them with him.
Ba Ob calls Vekis to get them out asap
In the control room the commanding officer and his men are defiant to Thane even after Thane cuts his arms off. They stop the imperials from blowing up the base with all inside.
Duncan downloads all the files on the servers and sets a trap for when the imperials re enter the base, and the party flee the base, as Tie fighters rapidly approach the area.


Wasn’t this the log from the previous session? What happened to Monday’s log?

Adventure Log 54
Rathburn Yousna

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