The Empire Rising

Adventure Log 53
Well that was more complicated then it should have been

Vekis heads off to secure the ore, as the party heads to see the contact.
Rhia checks out the building as Thane goes in to look and buy a suit from the store front.
They are directed to the rear of the building, to a loading dock, to see a well-dressed man who leads them inside to a large lavish office where a even more lavish man awaits
They gain some info on what is happening. A major hub for the news network was destroyed by rebels
They also ask for info on getting close to Director Keian Tallos, he says wont be easy or cheap. He also arranges a safe house for them, along with basic passes to get around the city.
They head to the safehouse and give it the once over, they discover that it only has access from the roof, and has a minor armoury and some credits
Rhia calls Nika, the other contact to arrange a meeting, she directs them to a site outside the city in an off season resort
They arrive early and walk around the area checking it out, Rhia spots a cybernetic bird that eyes glow then flies off, as they discover this Thane feels no life around them and head back to the ship
Rhia shoots the bird, as a loud humming noise starts up and turrets pop up out the ground and start blasting the speeder apart
As a bunch of scout troopers exit out of a hidden tunnel heading towards Ba Ob , Thane is able to crush one with a chunk of debris, then cuts several down as Ba Ob shoots two down
Duncan rushes the door to a control panel in hopes of hacking the turrets, as the door opens and more surprised troopers are ready to exit, Rhia not sure Duncan was there shoots the panel causing it to explode knocking Duncan flat but crushing 4 troopers as the door slams down on them, they try to take Duncan alive by stunning him, but he is able to cut one down before he is knocked out. Rhia is able to gun down the last 3 troopers

Adventure Log 52

Thane, and Voss decide to go back to the ship to finish the conversation with the rest of the party
They bring the party up to speed, and convince him to talk to Nogba, to clear up things
Voss gives Duncan a recording of the previous Administrator making a deal with the Empire to remove Nogba and company. Duncan verifies the data then sends it to Nogba

Duncan Talks to Voss and asks for advice, on using the Force, Voss tells him that it is not a tool and not to be taken lightly. Duncan lets slip that he had met Yoda to which he was surprised.
They are all invited over to Nogba’s for dinner, Lando is there along with his assistant Lobot
Also around the table are several of his “new” lieutenants. he explains about the empire problem, he also makes the party members of his family
He then shows them videos of the teams exploits and the stuff they didn’t tell him about
Then explains that he wants “Family” to remove the imperial threats on Eriadu

After Nogba leaves the rest of the group mingle a bit and Lando is able to convince Rhia to go on a tour with him
She tries to get some info on Nogba but is charmed by him, and decides to stay the night. In the morning, Rhia searches Lando’s room she finds a small safe in his closest she decides to leave it for now.
The team decide to go to Eriadu and find the agent, Pollack’s gives them a few contacts on planet and general info
When they arrive in system they notice that there is a large amount of repair and rebuilding happening they are hailed by a squadron of tie fighters, they give the story about picking up ore and are allowed to land
They drop Vekis off to secure the ore as they head into the city, and go in search of the contacts Nika Chro at the holonet news and Nova-aron who runs the Ivex syndicate on planet.
They call Nova who is going by another name on planet, and arrange a meeting

Session 51
Back on Bespin

The party decide to try and find the force users that crashed Nogba’s party, and see if can lure them or someone that knows them

They head over to the shirking Mynock Bar
The bar is dominated by Ugnaughts but several other races make up the bar. In the back corner is a fighting ring with a bareknuckle fight going on.

Thane goes to the bar as Ba Ob and Duncan grabs a table, Vekis tries to strike up a conversation with some Ugnaughts, (to no avail) as Rhia goes to watch the fights
Rhia notices one of the names on the board as “Ricardo the Flyer” similar as one of the fake Jedi
They decide to wait and let his match run its course, as Rhia goes out and around to the back of the building to see if a way to sneak into his changeroom, it also looks like is either a residence or hotel attached to the bar.

Duncan hacks into the system to try and pull up some blueprints, but has some problem from a drunk Rodian woman until Thane, misdirects her.
The next fight ends rather quickly as the Togoian bites the throat out of the human competition.
With plans in hand Rhia sneaks into the back of the building, with some interesting failures,

The next fight begins, and it is the Human that they were looking for. Also, Vekis and Thane make the other guy they were looking for but they are made even though Thane tries to use the force to hide himself
The man turns and pulls several dancers into Thane, blocking his way and trapping him as the man ducks out the door, right into the ally that Rhia is above. He jumps past Rhia straight above her, Ba Ob lands a solid stun attack but it hardly fazes him.
Thane runs out of the building and force jumps onto the roof as he sees Rhia being force pushed off the building, Ba Ob shoves a garbage bin under her but is knocked cold

Thane and the man stand across from each other on the roof, Thane tells him He knows Master Loonre and begins to meditate and calms his emotions as he senses conflict in the man
The man begins talking to himself “Ventress’s sacrifice is my salvation, Ventress’s sacrifice is my salvation”
Now looking at him he recognizes him as Master Voss, they settle into conversation about Vader and the fall of the Jedi, and His story. he wants to gather the remaining Jedi to confront Vader once and for all.

Back In the fight Vekis bets against the human, and is soon proved to be a good bet as the Flyer is stomped to the ground and kicked from the ring. The guards pull the unconscious man out of the ring to the back room, Vekis bribes his way to the back and grabs him and takes him to a safehouse

Session 50
well another planet we can't go back to

Session 50
Vekis, Ba Ob, and Duncan flee the ally, and are informed by Chiko that Rhia, is badly injured but getting medical attention, and Thane is in custody.
Thane is sitting in the Police station when a Very well dressed Bothan walks in and starts talking to the Desk Sargent.
Outside Vekis spots an imperial transport heading to the station, Duncan hacks the local street lights and sends them into haywire
The lawyer Solicitor Jarook arranges Thane’s release just before the imperials (now on foot) arrive and open fire on Thane as he gets into a waiting cab that has Thane, Vekis, and Duncan in it.
Jarook lets them know that he will be pressing charges against the imperials, Thane declines to press charges himself as “he wants the misunderstandings to end”

Vekis, Duncan, and Ba Ob go to the hospital, and wait for Rhia to be out of surgery. While waiting they see some of the Bothan security force come in and ask about Rhia, Ba Ob can convince them that she came in but left again, as Duncan creates fake footage showing her leaving the hospital
and Thane goes to see Chiko and find a trustworthy cybernetics company, his cousin rezeeki owns a company. So, he goes and gets the full works done to replace his cybernetics. The rest of the party fetch Rhia and head to a safe house.
They watch the nightly news, and it shows the imperials shooting up the street, but also the councillor, posts a picture of Thane in full imperial uniform and lists his crimes and the large bounty on his head. The group decides that it is time to leave.
Ba Ob heads off to his former boss, as the rest of the party hangs out at a spaceport in system waiting for him.
He meets with Leandra an aid to Mon Motha, (who is off world) And Garm Bel Iblis. He informs him of what was happening on Kiminno, the Battle droid factory and the imperial outpost in Hutt Space. He also offers to sale the spun Tibana gas.
Also Garm wanted to talk to Thane about Bis a planet in the inner core that the Emperor has a secret base and project and only a few pilots can make the trip, Thane being one of them.
Ba Ob is dropped back off to the party via Captain Antilles

They send a message to Nogba asking if he knew where their ship is, and he says it is at Bespin currently, and that Nogba has work for the party too. On route to Bespin Duncan checks out Thane’s new hardware and is able to fixes the firmware and firewall on then, but something goes amiss and Thane smells waffles at times and has problems sitting and standing…
They get to Bespin and greet the rest of the party,
Garm messages them saying they can pay 1.1 million per load of gas, and to offset the lower amount they can have free docking at any rebel base and discount on military hardware.

Nogba invites them to dinner in a fancy restaurant in the upper levels to which he has reserved the whole place, Nogba is talking to a Sauvé well dressed man, he introduces you to as the new administrator Lando Calrissian
Nogba tells them, that the force user that Rhia had seen, at the murder of the past administrator was spotted on the lower levels a few weeks ago, the party agrees to keep looking for him and the fake jedi’s

Adventure log 49
That is information that could have been brought to our attention sooner.

On the ship the party is fixed up as best as possible Thane’s cybernetics are pretty much fries and as such is unable to fly or plot astrogation course.
They jump into Bothwai space just as a asteroid is about to explode, in a panic Rhia hit the hyperdrive, not knowing that Thane had removed safeties on it, they make an un plotted jump to hyperspace, they jump out into blackness of space between systems.
Duncan hacks the Navagation computer to reset it, and discovers a hidden imperial code that has removed several hyperspace lanes from the public maps. After many micro jumps the find a micro system around a brown dwarf star, Thane attempts to make another jump this time Thane uses the force and pulls to a disturbance in the force. They jump into the Kamino system that is filled with Imperial star destroyers and landing ships including a massive star destroyer they Duncan and Thane can feel has Vader on it. They quickly jump out, and make several stops along the way.
The Party calls Chico and informs him they are in system, he says the capitol ship went out looking for them.
They arrive in the capital city and split up Vekis, Duncan and BaOb go to see what they can learn anything as Rhia and Thane go and get fixed up.

In a seedy spaceport Vekis overhear someone bitching about the “Imperials” and an embassy
Vekis gets the attention of one of them and strikes up a conversation
They learn that the Imperials have installed a Consular general Dandamont Pring and a detachment of troopers. After an hour of bitching Vekis spots a Bothan get up to leave just as the conversation ends, and notices he is packing an imperial weapon. The party excuses themselves and follows him out. On way Duncan bangs into a Gamorian and starts a kerfuffle, as he tries to flee, but turns down an ally to find Vekis waiting for him, before he can strike shoots Vekis, to which Vekis cuts his arm off and orders him to sit. BaOb soothes things over to for Duncan as he rushes off to find Vekis.
As he approaches Duncan notices he has wrist computers active, realizing that people are watching Vekis kills the man and the two flee

Rhia, and Thane go to get themselves repaired they check in and sit and wait for a long time, until Rhia notices that 4 large Bothans enter and move towards them, Thane secretly pulls a window free from up high to distract them.
Thane moves to far end as they chase him, Rhia grapples to the catwalk and takes up firing position Thane tries to bullshit his way out, but learns that this is an imperial company, he dodges free of them and moves closer to Rhia and uses the force to protect her, only stopping one of the vicious wounds to her.
Thane Continues to protect Rhia, as she escapes, but as he tries to jump out the window a metal shutter closes and traps him in the building. He doesn’t resist arrest but explains that this is all a misunderstanding
Rhia flees the building as she is badly bleeding out, she calls Chico and lets him know and he arranges a place she can go and get fixed up and gets the company’s legal team working to release Thane.

Session 48
A dish best served hot…

At Shug’s Barn

With the imperials outside the tech parts shop being distracted by locals, Vekis and Gromm sneak in the back. They meet up with Shug and two of his employees, who are hiding inside. They endeavor to acquire some knock-out gas to take out the traitorous worm, Dex Tanik, and his imperial cronies below. Shug arranges for the gas and calls in another of his men to help retake his barn. Rhia and Thane are alive and in the custody of Dex.

In the room that houses the elevator to the levels below, they get the drop on some imperials guarding the way down. They easily take out most of them, although the slicer manages to hide behind some equipment nearby the elevator doors. Always relentless, Vekis pursues, blasting the coward to particles with his disruptor rifle. The last surviving imperial tries to escape back out the front door of the shop. He is blocked by a small riot that is taking place outside. Gromm and Shug’s wookiee companion catch up to him and finish the job.

With the imperials no longer an obstacle, the group hops in the elevator and quickly descends to the machine shop. Already there, Duncan manages to send a message to Thane via his cybernetic implants. Although his implants have been fried following the first encounter with Dex, he’s able to send a message back to Duncan – he’s conscious but Rhia is still out.

In a large central lounge outside the security room, Thane uses a small jolt of force lightning to wake Rhia. He is successful in waking her, but overloads his cybernetic circuits and falls unconscious himself. Dex notices that Rhia has awoken – he gives her a rather insincere apology for attacking them, claiming that the bounty was just too good for him to resist. Rhia realizes that Thane’s zap has disabled her binders. She yells at Dex, demanding to know where her mother is. Occupied with the doors to the security room, he shrugs his shoulders and says that she must have been a casualty. Seething with anger, she restrains herself, choosing to wait for her moment. Just then, she notices that the elevator has come back on line.

One of Dex’s imperial friends also notices that the elevator is now operational and tells the others. Duncan relays this development to the rest of the group. They all rush toward the lounge to head off the traitor before he can escape with his hostages. The appetizer is several stun grenades, served up by a droid (pre-loaded by Vekis) coming into the lounge from the elevator. Dex moves to intercept and fires at it. The droid’s circuits explode, then ceases to function before it’s payload can detonate. By this time, Vekis and Duncan have made it to the lounge via the hanger bay doors. Vekis fires his disruptor at Dex, blasting through his armour and cooking him slightly. Rhia sees that Dex has moved very close to her. No longer restrained by the binders, she lunges at him. She manages to wrest his disruptor rifle from his hands. In the struggle, the weapon goes off, frying him a little more. With Dex’s attention trained on getting his weapon back, Duncan rushes up from behind and impales him through the chest with his lightsaber. Dex falls to the floor, dead. The group then proceeds to mop up the rest of the imperials.

Duncan tends to Thane. He stirs, muttering something about seeking out the Verpine. As they survey the scene, death and destruction abound. There are only a few survivors of the imperial attack. Rhia gathers herself and goes looking for her mother. At the spot where the initial battle with Dex took place, she finds her mother’s lifeless body. Numb, Rhia calls for Duncan and Vekis to take her away.

In his office, Shug curses Dex’s dead body and makes several calls to try to deal with the aftermath. Duncan searches the logs of Dex’s ship. He learns that the empire has a secret staging post in the Nal Hutta system. They consider selling the co-ordinates of the station to the Hutts who should be very interested in such information. After some discussion, another choice comes to light – to give the information about the station to the fledgling rebellion. Rhia and Duncan are in favour of this second option.

They also find out that the imperial bounty on each member of the original Javelin 6 team (Thane, Vekis, Duncan, and Daro) is substantial – 250,000 credits a head, alive, and 100,000 credits dead. Anyone aiding or abetting the group is worth 50, 000 credits dead or alive. The ship’s logs also seem to suggest that it was Dex that told the empire that the group is alive and operating near Nar Shadaa. He seems to have contacted someone in the office of Imperial Intelligence, named Inspector General Globoc, to provide the information.

They manage to get the Barn’s outer bay doors unlocked. Snogga returns with their ship to the docking bay. The group offers to give him Dex’s ship in return for his good work in saving their own ship. He is touched by the offer. As a token of gratitude, he tells them about a hide-out that Dex had been using for some time. It’s on the jungle planet of Denga. Perhaps, even more information (and loot) can be gathered there…

Session 47

Session 47
On route back to Nar Shaddaa the vex out the people they rescued from Nal Hutta, then drop off most of the people off at a bar, and Thane, Rhia, and Duncan head back to the Barn, as they arrive they don’t see their ship but a bunch of ships that are used by imperial intelligence they turn around and floor it to get out as the doors start to close. They make the first door, and learn that the second is already sealed, Duncan tries to hack the door, but is unable to open the doors, but does get access to the system to and can control the turrets and the security systems they decide to exit the ship and flee down a tunnel system and try and escape on foot.
In the security footage they see the imperials clearing the base, among the imperials is Dex Tanik.
They message Vekis to warn him and to meet at the exit, as the jump out of the ship and head for an access port
Duncan discovered that the imperials tried to set a slow auto destruct but fucked up and is going up at a rapid pace, they decide to try and stop it.
Vekis arrives at the top of the lift and see three guards outside, he has the cabbie go to a local bar to find some locals that don’t like the imperials
The party makes it into the storage level and begin working the way down to the habitat level they go down a stairwell and open the door and toss in several stun grenades then Thane pulls the disrupter from Dex’s hand as Rhia shoots him
He shakes off the attack and tosses a thermal detonator at the party in the stairwell knocking out Vekis and Rhia and her mom causing grievous wounds
Duncan cuts the floor out of the elevator and climbs down the shaft to the bottom floor cuts open the door but is face to face with a pair of imperials he cuts one down right away and the other runs as Duncan disables the auto destruct. He Signals to Vekis for back-up and reaches out to find Shug who is on the surface and near by. And brings him up to date
While waiting for Shug and Vekis to coordinate, he looks back to see what happened to the party’s ship, and sees that Snogga slinks away in it once he realizes what Dex is doing. Duncan calls the ship and talks to Snogga and informs him they are taking back the barn and that he should return

Session 46
more than just a prison

Session 46

Rhia uses her contacts to find some gear, and the location of her mother. They discover she has been moved to a hut prison camp, Verdant Grove, on Nal Hutta. They ask Shug if they can borrow a ship for the trip.
The ship is a “custom” Shug vessel that he put together from three other ships, as Thane flies them to Nal Hutta, Duncan, Vekis, and Rhia check out the ship, Vekis finds a hidden compartment inside another compartment but it was trapped, and Vekis is cooked….
As they descend they see what a hole that the planet has become, they are directed to a landing pad
They make there way into the bar and Thane distracts the bartender so Duncan can plug into the network to hack into it

The group spots the “security “for the place getting drunk and ogling the women
Duncan fails to hack the system and an alarm goes up, then security begin to search the room and question the patrons
They come up to the table, and spots Duncan’s wrist computer, but mistakes it for a bomb and calls out alerting the rest of security, Thane “convinces him that it is cheap cybernetics”
They wait a bit and take a stripper and go downstairs, Rhia changes her look to look more like a stripper, as they go down Duncan again tries to hack the system again and fails, the stripper realizes what they are doing and sees an opportunity “I can help, if you can get me out of here” they agree and hide in her room, she explains that there may be a way down from the kitchen,
They head down to the kitchen, just before they make the kitchen she is spotted by some guards, but is able to bullshit them, as the party hides in a stairwell, but they decided to go up the way they were hiding, they rush up and hide a floor above, then rush down when they enter a floor, and meet the stripper in the kitchen, she waves them in and into another elevator that is loaded with food, and they head down to
Leadra introduced herself and her friend Veahra who tells them about the operations level, a good section of it is underwater
. With that in hand, they head down to the operations level.

The elevator opens and several people look puzzled but not concerned Vekis pushes a cart loaded with Rhia and Duncan over to the coms pistol and as the tech comes for food, Vekis shoots him in the head.
Thane leaps out of the cart and force pushes one of the guards hard into the wall smashing the elevator controls
As Rhia tumbles out she shoots the man working at the coms panels, in the head taking it clean off, as his body falls it knocks the droid away from the panel, Duncan scurries out of the cart and deactivates the droid. Vekis looks to the Quarren and motions for him to exit the underwater room. He agrees to make a deal, as one of the guards lands a deep gash onto Thane. Rhia runs over and aids Thane vaporizing the barabells head, as Thane engages his lightsaber and cuts the arm off his opponent, the Quarren raises his hands a bit higher and looks nervously at Thane approaching
They offer him a new job opportunity with them, if they help them find Tillya Killdarn, he says she was on the upper level but was moved down to the prison and “forgotten” she is also outfitted with a short-range tracking collar with explosive charge that can’t be deactivated from this area.
Vekis, Rhia, Thane, and Leadra, use the carts yet again to infiltrate deep into the prison mine level, as they emerge from the lift, all the cell doors open suddenly and the prisoners begin to riot, Jarik the Quarren, alerts them that he provided a distraction. As they go down in the lift, it is quite a bit of a bloodbath on both sides
At the bottom, they exit the lift and approach a large scar covered man named Grom Delmard greets Vekis “so you have the elevator codes” Vekis agrees, that they were there to get them out. And will help any off world, if they help them find Tillya. He says that they have never seen anyone come back, the beasts seem to kill them. Rhia convinces Gromm and his friend Towan Talon will come with them
They head through the gate and head down after some time the group is slightly separated in a honeycomb of tunnels when suddenly the ground gives out under Rhia and Thane and they both fall for some great time and end up into the same room full of bones and shells some of which look like they could be geonosians shells.
When Rhia lets Vekis knows what is going on he stumbles and falls down the same hole.
The check the scanner they see that they are closer to Rhia’s mother. They hear some noise and light as they approach
Rhia tries to sneak up on them, but they soon realize that they know that the party is there, and a swarm of them gathers around them, and ushers them into the room ahead that is a buzz with technology from computers to manufacturing and many geonosians and several other races
Vekis enters the room, and in a loud voice “if anyone can understand me, please raise your hand, tentacle, or other appendage”
Most of the non- geonosians look at him with a wtf look but clearly, they understand him, Rhia asks one if they have seen her mother, and is directed to another room, in the room are more races, including Rhia’s mother
Tillya recants that she almost died until the geonosians found her and brought her here, and that the music is so soothing, the party does not hear anything.
Thane reaches out in the force and feels a strange binding and rhythm throughout the area..
They ask a Celestin how to remove the collar, “through work we are freed” but doesn’t know anything else.
Thane tries to locate the centre of the force manipulation but starts getting pulled into the “rhythm of the song” they fallow the flow and come to a room full of battle droids.
They decide to head back and climb out, after a while they make the top they see Towan is Dead and Gromm is hurt. They race back and grab, Duncan, Leadra, Veahra, and Jarik and board the shuttle and blast off for Nar Shada

Session 45

Vekis sits with Yoda and asks him about the force, Yoda gives him a brief explanation of what it is, and his peoples history with the Sith
The party decides to head to Bothan space to reunite the girl to her Father
On route Duncan and Thane work together to form light sabers, from the Krayt crystal
On route Duncan also gets a message from the Huts he owes money to messages him demanding his money, but he wires them the money right away to there surprize.
In system, the party takes the YT 2400 down to the planet to the corporate sector, Thane has a sense of loss. They make there way to the tower, Duncan hacks the system and discovers that the system a) very shoddy, and b)the company seems to be set up, and that the main financials are not kept online. Also that he is having many meeting with government officials and agents from the ministry of the interior i.e secret service.
They make there up to the office and Thane convinces the staff that they don’t need to tell Chiiko that they are there. The walk into the office and discover Him having sex, she runs into the next room and he explains that they are working with the ministry, and transporting supplies for them he shows a data pad with the info just as it springs to life they notice that the pad is hacked and all the info has been uploaded. The party breaks down the door and sees that the window is gone and someone in a flight suit flying away, the suit is a standard issue to imperial agents…
Chiiko feels that he can turn the situation around, the companies benefit, he agrees to make the delivery to the Gungdens, and to order a new astromech droid
They then head over to the Botham ambassador’s compound to return the girl to her father
On the Ground The ambassador Sala Krin and a Human Who Is Mon Motha’s top aid Dori
Ba’Ob greets Dori and informs them about the Imperial presence and that They rescued the ambassador’s daughter,
As they are leaving they get to see a new Starfighter run through a test flight
Duro, takes the Capital ship to Bespin to do a gas run, and the rest of the Party head off to Hutt space to try and find Rhia’s mother
The make Nar Shada and make contact with Shug, and they arrive at the Barn

Session 44
That who was lost, is found

The ground team slowly moves towards the sound of battle; they see a small green creature with a light saber fending off 7 other humanoids and some other creature fly away carrying someone or thing.
The short creature is doing a very good job defending against them and disarming
As the ground party approaches a lucky shot hits the green creature’s lightsaber causing it to go out
Vekis splits off and follows the flying creature who is moving in ways that don’t seem possible, Vekis yells out “Thane” causing the figure to stop turn and engages a lightsaber not knowing that it is him until he takes off his mask. He orders Vekis to protect the girl as he rushes off to help his Master.

Rhia decides to help the green guy and takes aim at one guy and blasts him, as Caz rushes out growling and sucker punches a Barabel in the back of the head, this causes the little green alien smile and jump backwards and makes some motions and the Barabel gets confused and opens fire on his friends, killing one get mad and then gun him down
In a series of bad luck, Rhia misse and hits Caz, then Duncan catches Caz in fire from the ship, then his shock gauntlets malfunction hurting him
The Twilik runs off into the cave, then some rumbling, then a sound of a light saber and part of the Twilik flies out, and Darth Vader steps out of the cave
Thane breaks into the opening in time to see his ship getting ready to fire at the cave he is now standing on, so he leaps sideways out of the way as Yoda tells him to centre himself, when Duncan fires at the cave and the people die the feeling of dread increase
Caz heals himself and chases after the Rodain who fled back to the ship, but doesn’t reach him in
Rhia tries to shoot Vader but he deflects it back at her knocking her out.
The force sensitive members all calm their emotions and meditate, once the bad feeling subsides they open there eyes to see all the other javelin team are dead
Thane has everyone meet at Yoda’s house, the young girl Thane and Yoda rescued is walking with Vekis, and looks like she has been captive for quite some time.
Yoda looks at the reminder of the party, says “much fear in you” to Duncan Thane says “was much fear in me too” they need guidance Yoda nods and looks at Thane “wrong about cave, I was about you, you are ready”
After some conversation Yoda agrees to train Alana and Iko but not Duncan
The Party agrees to take the Girl back to her father and leave the second YT 2400 for Alana and Iko when they need it
They fix up Thanes Y Wing to get it back to the main ship for further repairs, Duncan also tries to open the smuggler compartment, after some messing around they find a small box containing a Duncan pockets it immediately holacron (not that he knows what it is) Thane goes to inform Yoda about it as he is worried about Duncan’s behaviour. They also find 70 000 credits

As they go back to Zoe, Yoda is waiting and asks to see the box Duncan has, Duncan shows him and taps the box a few times and an image appears of a lady, Yoda is concerned and tells Thane that he needs to track the other Javelin team’s movements and learn where they found this, as that it is important. Thane promises to look into where it came from.
As they are leaving the girl recognizes Yoda and let’s slip he taught the Jedi, to which Duncan asks where to he can get the crystal cut, Yoda doesn’t give a direct answer which upsets Duncan and he storms off.


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