The Empire Rising

Session 48
A dish best served hot…

At Shug’s Barn

With the imperials outside the tech parts shop being distracted by locals, Vekis and Gromm sneak in the back. They meet up with Shug and two of his employees, who are hiding inside. They endeavor to acquire some knock-out gas to take out the traitorous worm, Dex Tanik, and his imperial cronies below. Shug arranges for the gas and calls in another of his men to help retake his barn. Rhia and Thane are alive and in the custody of Dex.

In the room that houses the elevator to the levels below, they get the drop on some imperials guarding the way down. They easily take out most of them, although the slicer manages to hide behind some equipment nearby the elevator doors. Always relentless, Vekis pursues, blasting the coward to particles with his disruptor rifle. The last surviving imperial tries to escape back out the front door of the shop. He is blocked by a small riot that is taking place outside. Gromm and Shug’s wookiee companion catch up to him and finish the job.

With the imperials no longer an obstacle, the group hops in the elevator and quickly descends to the machine shop. Already there, Duncan manages to send a message to Thane via his cybernetic implants. Although his implants have been fried following the first encounter with Dex, he’s able to send a message back to Duncan – he’s conscious but Rhia is still out.

In a large central lounge outside the security room, Thane uses a small jolt of force lightning to wake Rhia. He is successful in waking her, but overloads his cybernetic circuits and falls unconscious himself. Dex notices that Rhia has awoken – he gives her a rather insincere apology for attacking them, claiming that the bounty was just too good for him to resist. Rhia realizes that Thane’s zap has disabled her binders. She yells at Dex, demanding to know where her mother is. Occupied with the doors to the security room, he shrugs his shoulders and says that she must have been a casualty. Seething with anger, she restrains herself, choosing to wait for her moment. Just then, she notices that the elevator has come back on line.

One of Dex’s imperial friends also notices that the elevator is now operational and tells the others. Duncan relays this development to the rest of the group. They all rush toward the lounge to head off the traitor before he can escape with his hostages. The appetizer is several stun grenades, served up by a droid (pre-loaded by Vekis) coming into the lounge from the elevator. Dex moves to intercept and fires at it. The droid’s circuits explode, then ceases to function before it’s payload can detonate. By this time, Vekis and Duncan have made it to the lounge via the hanger bay doors. Vekis fires his disruptor at Dex, blasting through his armour and cooking him slightly. Rhia sees that Dex has moved very close to her. No longer restrained by the binders, she lunges at him. She manages to wrest his disruptor rifle from his hands. In the struggle, the weapon goes off, frying him a little more. With Dex’s attention trained on getting his weapon back, Duncan rushes up from behind and impales him through the chest with his lightsaber. Dex falls to the floor, dead. The group then proceeds to mop up the rest of the imperials.

Duncan tends to Thane. He stirs, muttering something about seeking out the Verpine. As they survey the scene, death and destruction abound. There are only a few survivors of the imperial attack. Rhia gathers herself and goes looking for her mother. At the spot where the initial battle with Dex took place, she finds her mother’s lifeless body. Numb, Rhia calls for Duncan and Vekis to take her away.

In his office, Shug curses Dex’s dead body and makes several calls to try to deal with the aftermath. Duncan searches the logs of Dex’s ship. He learns that the empire has a secret staging post in the Nal Hutta system. They consider selling the co-ordinates of the station to the Hutts who should be very interested in such information. After some discussion, another choice comes to light – to give the information about the station to the fledgling rebellion. Rhia and Duncan are in favour of this second option.

They also find out that the imperial bounty on each member of the original Javelin 6 team (Thane, Vekis, Duncan, and Daro) is substantial – 250,000 credits a head, alive, and 100,000 credits dead. Anyone aiding or abetting the group is worth 50, 000 credits dead or alive. The ship’s logs also seem to suggest that it was Dex that told the empire that the group is alive and operating near Nar Shadaa. He seems to have contacted someone in the office of Imperial Intelligence, named Inspector General Globoc, to provide the information.

They manage to get the Barn’s outer bay doors unlocked. Snogga returns with their ship to the docking bay. The group offers to give him Dex’s ship in return for his good work in saving their own ship. He is touched by the offer. As a token of gratitude, he tells them about a hide-out that Dex had been using for some time. It’s on the jungle planet of Denga. Perhaps, even more information (and loot) can be gathered there…

Session 47

Session 47
On route back to Nar Shaddaa the vex out the people they rescued from Nal Hutta, then drop off most of the people off at a bar, and Thane, Rhia, and Duncan head back to the Barn, as they arrive they don’t see their ship but a bunch of ships that are used by imperial intelligence they turn around and floor it to get out as the doors start to close. They make the first door, and learn that the second is already sealed, Duncan tries to hack the door, but is unable to open the doors, but does get access to the system to and can control the turrets and the security systems they decide to exit the ship and flee down a tunnel system and try and escape on foot.
In the security footage they see the imperials clearing the base, among the imperials is Dex Tanik.
They message Vekis to warn him and to meet at the exit, as the jump out of the ship and head for an access port
Duncan discovered that the imperials tried to set a slow auto destruct but fucked up and is going up at a rapid pace, they decide to try and stop it.
Vekis arrives at the top of the lift and see three guards outside, he has the cabbie go to a local bar to find some locals that don’t like the imperials
The party makes it into the storage level and begin working the way down to the habitat level they go down a stairwell and open the door and toss in several stun grenades then Thane pulls the disrupter from Dex’s hand as Rhia shoots him
He shakes off the attack and tosses a thermal detonator at the party in the stairwell knocking out Vekis and Rhia and her mom causing grievous wounds
Duncan cuts the floor out of the elevator and climbs down the shaft to the bottom floor cuts open the door but is face to face with a pair of imperials he cuts one down right away and the other runs as Duncan disables the auto destruct. He Signals to Vekis for back-up and reaches out to find Shug who is on the surface and near by. And brings him up to date
While waiting for Shug and Vekis to coordinate, he looks back to see what happened to the party’s ship, and sees that Snogga slinks away in it once he realizes what Dex is doing. Duncan calls the ship and talks to Snogga and informs him they are taking back the barn and that he should return

Session 46
more than just a prison

Session 46

Rhia uses her contacts to find some gear, and the location of her mother. They discover she has been moved to a hut prison camp, Verdant Grove, on Nal Hutta. They ask Shug if they can borrow a ship for the trip.
The ship is a “custom” Shug vessel that he put together from three other ships, as Thane flies them to Nal Hutta, Duncan, Vekis, and Rhia check out the ship, Vekis finds a hidden compartment inside another compartment but it was trapped, and Vekis is cooked….
As they descend they see what a hole that the planet has become, they are directed to a landing pad
They make there way into the bar and Thane distracts the bartender so Duncan can plug into the network to hack into it

The group spots the “security “for the place getting drunk and ogling the women
Duncan fails to hack the system and an alarm goes up, then security begin to search the room and question the patrons
They come up to the table, and spots Duncan’s wrist computer, but mistakes it for a bomb and calls out alerting the rest of security, Thane “convinces him that it is cheap cybernetics”
They wait a bit and take a stripper and go downstairs, Rhia changes her look to look more like a stripper, as they go down Duncan again tries to hack the system again and fails, the stripper realizes what they are doing and sees an opportunity “I can help, if you can get me out of here” they agree and hide in her room, she explains that there may be a way down from the kitchen,
They head down to the kitchen, just before they make the kitchen she is spotted by some guards, but is able to bullshit them, as the party hides in a stairwell, but they decided to go up the way they were hiding, they rush up and hide a floor above, then rush down when they enter a floor, and meet the stripper in the kitchen, she waves them in and into another elevator that is loaded with food, and they head down to
Leadra introduced herself and her friend Veahra who tells them about the operations level, a good section of it is underwater
. With that in hand, they head down to the operations level.

The elevator opens and several people look puzzled but not concerned Vekis pushes a cart loaded with Rhia and Duncan over to the coms pistol and as the tech comes for food, Vekis shoots him in the head.
Thane leaps out of the cart and force pushes one of the guards hard into the wall smashing the elevator controls
As Rhia tumbles out she shoots the man working at the coms panels, in the head taking it clean off, as his body falls it knocks the droid away from the panel, Duncan scurries out of the cart and deactivates the droid. Vekis looks to the Quarren and motions for him to exit the underwater room. He agrees to make a deal, as one of the guards lands a deep gash onto Thane. Rhia runs over and aids Thane vaporizing the barabells head, as Thane engages his lightsaber and cuts the arm off his opponent, the Quarren raises his hands a bit higher and looks nervously at Thane approaching
They offer him a new job opportunity with them, if they help them find Tillya Killdarn, he says she was on the upper level but was moved down to the prison and “forgotten” she is also outfitted with a short-range tracking collar with explosive charge that can’t be deactivated from this area.
Vekis, Rhia, Thane, and Leadra, use the carts yet again to infiltrate deep into the prison mine level, as they emerge from the lift, all the cell doors open suddenly and the prisoners begin to riot, Jarik the Quarren, alerts them that he provided a distraction. As they go down in the lift, it is quite a bit of a bloodbath on both sides
At the bottom, they exit the lift and approach a large scar covered man named Grom Delmard greets Vekis “so you have the elevator codes” Vekis agrees, that they were there to get them out. And will help any off world, if they help them find Tillya. He says that they have never seen anyone come back, the beasts seem to kill them. Rhia convinces Gromm and his friend Towan Talon will come with them
They head through the gate and head down after some time the group is slightly separated in a honeycomb of tunnels when suddenly the ground gives out under Rhia and Thane and they both fall for some great time and end up into the same room full of bones and shells some of which look like they could be geonosians shells.
When Rhia lets Vekis knows what is going on he stumbles and falls down the same hole.
The check the scanner they see that they are closer to Rhia’s mother. They hear some noise and light as they approach
Rhia tries to sneak up on them, but they soon realize that they know that the party is there, and a swarm of them gathers around them, and ushers them into the room ahead that is a buzz with technology from computers to manufacturing and many geonosians and several other races
Vekis enters the room, and in a loud voice “if anyone can understand me, please raise your hand, tentacle, or other appendage”
Most of the non- geonosians look at him with a wtf look but clearly, they understand him, Rhia asks one if they have seen her mother, and is directed to another room, in the room are more races, including Rhia’s mother
Tillya recants that she almost died until the geonosians found her and brought her here, and that the music is so soothing, the party does not hear anything.
Thane reaches out in the force and feels a strange binding and rhythm throughout the area..
They ask a Celestin how to remove the collar, “through work we are freed” but doesn’t know anything else.
Thane tries to locate the centre of the force manipulation but starts getting pulled into the “rhythm of the song” they fallow the flow and come to a room full of battle droids.
They decide to head back and climb out, after a while they make the top they see Towan is Dead and Gromm is hurt. They race back and grab, Duncan, Leadra, Veahra, and Jarik and board the shuttle and blast off for Nar Shada

Session 45

Vekis sits with Yoda and asks him about the force, Yoda gives him a brief explanation of what it is, and his peoples history with the Sith
The party decides to head to Bothan space to reunite the girl to her Father
On route Duncan and Thane work together to form light sabers, from the Krayt crystal
On route Duncan also gets a message from the Huts he owes money to messages him demanding his money, but he wires them the money right away to there surprize.
In system, the party takes the YT 2400 down to the planet to the corporate sector, Thane has a sense of loss. They make there way to the tower, Duncan hacks the system and discovers that the system a) very shoddy, and b)the company seems to be set up, and that the main financials are not kept online. Also that he is having many meeting with government officials and agents from the ministry of the interior i.e secret service.
They make there up to the office and Thane convinces the staff that they don’t need to tell Chiiko that they are there. The walk into the office and discover Him having sex, she runs into the next room and he explains that they are working with the ministry, and transporting supplies for them he shows a data pad with the info just as it springs to life they notice that the pad is hacked and all the info has been uploaded. The party breaks down the door and sees that the window is gone and someone in a flight suit flying away, the suit is a standard issue to imperial agents…
Chiiko feels that he can turn the situation around, the companies benefit, he agrees to make the delivery to the Gungdens, and to order a new astromech droid
They then head over to the Botham ambassador’s compound to return the girl to her father
On the Ground The ambassador Sala Krin and a Human Who Is Mon Motha’s top aid Dori
Ba’Ob greets Dori and informs them about the Imperial presence and that They rescued the ambassador’s daughter,
As they are leaving they get to see a new Starfighter run through a test flight
Duro, takes the Capital ship to Bespin to do a gas run, and the rest of the Party head off to Hutt space to try and find Rhia’s mother
The make Nar Shada and make contact with Shug, and they arrive at the Barn

Session 44
That who was lost, is found

The ground team slowly moves towards the sound of battle; they see a small green creature with a light saber fending off 7 other humanoids and some other creature fly away carrying someone or thing.
The short creature is doing a very good job defending against them and disarming
As the ground party approaches a lucky shot hits the green creature’s lightsaber causing it to go out
Vekis splits off and follows the flying creature who is moving in ways that don’t seem possible, Vekis yells out “Thane” causing the figure to stop turn and engages a lightsaber not knowing that it is him until he takes off his mask. He orders Vekis to protect the girl as he rushes off to help his Master.

Rhia decides to help the green guy and takes aim at one guy and blasts him, as Caz rushes out growling and sucker punches a Barabel in the back of the head, this causes the little green alien smile and jump backwards and makes some motions and the Barabel gets confused and opens fire on his friends, killing one get mad and then gun him down
In a series of bad luck, Rhia misse and hits Caz, then Duncan catches Caz in fire from the ship, then his shock gauntlets malfunction hurting him
The Twilik runs off into the cave, then some rumbling, then a sound of a light saber and part of the Twilik flies out, and Darth Vader steps out of the cave
Thane breaks into the opening in time to see his ship getting ready to fire at the cave he is now standing on, so he leaps sideways out of the way as Yoda tells him to centre himself, when Duncan fires at the cave and the people die the feeling of dread increase
Caz heals himself and chases after the Rodain who fled back to the ship, but doesn’t reach him in
Rhia tries to shoot Vader but he deflects it back at her knocking her out.
The force sensitive members all calm their emotions and meditate, once the bad feeling subsides they open there eyes to see all the other javelin team are dead
Thane has everyone meet at Yoda’s house, the young girl Thane and Yoda rescued is walking with Vekis, and looks like she has been captive for quite some time.
Yoda looks at the reminder of the party, says “much fear in you” to Duncan Thane says “was much fear in me too” they need guidance Yoda nods and looks at Thane “wrong about cave, I was about you, you are ready”
After some conversation Yoda agrees to train Alana and Iko but not Duncan
The Party agrees to take the Girl back to her father and leave the second YT 2400 for Alana and Iko when they need it
They fix up Thanes Y Wing to get it back to the main ship for further repairs, Duncan also tries to open the smuggler compartment, after some messing around they find a small box containing a Duncan pockets it immediately holacron (not that he knows what it is) Thane goes to inform Yoda about it as he is worried about Duncan’s behaviour. They also find 70 000 credits

As they go back to Zoe, Yoda is waiting and asks to see the box Duncan has, Duncan shows him and taps the box a few times and an image appears of a lady, Yoda is concerned and tells Thane that he needs to track the other Javelin team’s movements and learn where they found this, as that it is important. Thane promises to look into where it came from.
As they are leaving the girl recognizes Yoda and let’s slip he taught the Jedi, to which Duncan asks where to he can get the crystal cut, Yoda doesn’t give a direct answer which upsets Duncan and he storms off.

Session 43

Duncan goes over his footage of the “Jedi battle” and he notices the force powers they use, are in fact faking it and they are being controlled by a cloaked man on the 3rd balcony the same man Rhia confronted.
They also get a message from Vekis, asking for help with something in regards to Thane

The Next Morning Caz and Duncan go to Nogba to show the video to him and let him decide what to do, he asks them to track down the fake Jedi, to question them

Vekis, Alana, and Iko begin the search where they last saw Thane after a week, Iko feels something but isn’t certain it is Thane, unless he has fallen to the dark side.
They enter the Dagoba system and scan the planet, but they do get readings on a ship, it is a modified YT2400 like Zoe, but not, and could be part of another Javelin Team.
Vekis decides to go down to the Planet, and check out what is going on, while Alana and Iko maintain a low orbit. He straps a probe to his pet and sends it off ahead
After some time, he spots a small house, with blaster holes in it, inside two bodies, killed by lightsaber.
The remainder of the party, enters the Dagoba system and hails Alana and is brought up to speed

They decide to head to the planet and steal the other teams ship, then find Vekis.

The party disembarks and head to the ship, Duncan hacks it with ease, Caz and Rhia discover in a room on the ship with trophies and a necklace/choker that belonged to Garm Bel Iblis and a broken light saber amongst the trophies. Rhia looks for the smuggling compartments, Duncan told her about, but triggers a trap and is zapped but Caz, can fix her up
They try and send the ship back to the capital ship, but it has sunk too far into the swamp, and can’t take off. So Duncan locks and traps the ship and disables the communications and head off to find Vekis.

In the small hut, other than the bodies, Duncan and Iko find parts of an environmental suit that Thane had been wearing, which Iko confirms Thane was wearing it.
Duncan pulls up the data pad the Human had, and discover that, the team had a lead, to force use on this planet, also that Garm Bel Iblis’s oldest daughter was in fact not killed but taken by Javelin team 2 as “she showed presence in tracking”
Caz, Rhia, and Vekis head on foot, to where they think Thane’s ship may be, along the way they are attacked by a tentacle creature, that grabs Rhia but Caz easily stops the creature.
They Find Thane’s ship, Caz figures out that about a week and a half ago, somehow the ship had been lifted and set back down again. Also, that some type of obstacle course has been set up.
Further along, the three hear battle on a mound ahead, and move to investigate

Session 42
Here a Jedi, there a Jedi, everywhere a Jedi

after the dust settles the last two members of the other party enter the kitchen
I am Quint Praxon, Svent and Carien why are you here.
Duncan informs him that the need the ledger

Quint tries to negotiate a price for the ledge, quint does explain he set the bases auto destruct to help press his point

a deal is made the party will pay them 20k credits for there trouble and they will both destroy the base so the black sun cant use it in the future

while everyone is prepping to leave Duncan and Caz go and check out the crystal cave.
Duncan gets a mild uneasy feeling from the cave but decides to harvest several different colours first (two large orange and a large red) as he tries the second orange the room starts to collapsing so the party flees Caz grabs another crystal on the way out
Rhia decides to go over the Assassin’s ship but isn’t able to gleam any info

they clear out a bit of useful gear including 1 medical droid, 2 protocol, and two cleaning droids. Caz also takes the old black sun banner to give to Nogba

Pollacs is happy they were successful, they head up to see Nogba, with the disk. He is in a far better mood, they give him

Caz notices that the women that is with Nogba had a light saber, and unintentional says “is she wearing a lightsaber, on her him” at which point she turns and hides it, and leaves the room. Nogba informs them that he is very happy with how things have turned out, and that to celebrate will be a great pit fight and that the party will be the honored guests

Rhia contacts Shug, to find out what is happening with her mother and about the assassin lets her know that Virgo knows that she is and the others are alive and increased the bounty on them. Also that Virgo has moved Rhia’s mom has been moved into a more secure area

Rhia asks the party to ask for aid in saving her mother and to get funds to pay Shug for info on the place she is being kept. Only to find out that all the party’s money is tied up with Chico so she borrowed it from Duncan to pay Shug

They arrive at Nogba’s party right on time and keep a low profile except Ba’Ob who mingles, and meets Cloud city Administrator Figg,

They have a conversation regarding the empire, and how Cloud city wants to avoid the empire and to stay under the radar

Eventually Nogba, and the mousy women with the lightsaber and a Touguta descend in the lift both of which are wearing lightsabers out in the open

they move to the stage and light there lightsabers and engage each other and battle at one point the women kicks the mans light saber out of his hand and it spins off and cuts into the administrator killing him instantly
Rhia spots someone in dark robes on the dark railing and had made a gesture then faded back into the shadows

Rhia warns Pollacs and uses a grappling hook to rocket up to where he is. The crowd panics at this point, as Caz pockets the lightsaber

Rhia chases him down a hall to a locked door and orders him to stand down, the man has a large yellow band of tattoos over the eyes as he backs towards a large window and convincing Rhia to flee, as she flees she hears a crash

Back on the ground Caz reaches the body first, with the Jedi who’s lightsaber killed the man, fast behind, Nogba comes over and orders the Jedi to wait upstairs he thanks Caz and gives him a large bag of money for getting the ledger back

as Rhia is getting off the lift she see the two “Jedi” get on, Rhia describes the man and Bevel doesn’t really answer the question about if she knows the man.

Caz, collects Rhia, Duncan, and Ba’Ob and chases them out of the building and back to the ship


Just before the meeting with Nogba, Alana says she never felt Thane’s death her, Iko, Duro, and Vekkis decide to go and try and find Thane

pollacks greets the party in the lift down, and lets them know they will help anyway they can, he gives them a run down on what ship they left in, headed towards a moon of planet Phemis, Duncan detects a energy signature on the moon that is shield generators, and that there is a secret underground base.
Duncan is able to jam any signal they send out.

Caz, Duncan, Rhia , and Ba’Ob descend to the planet, as the moons defense engage , with a bunch of work, they dodge the incoming attacks, and land on the surface in a gully, below the ground defenses

They get, reading on some kind of “threads” so Caz and Rhia go to investigate and discover it is in fact some kind of crystal spider

Rhia pilots the ship down a tunnel, as close to the complex as she can, then the party

As they are walking along the cavern the ceiling collapses preventing the party from going back to the ship,

after some turns they stumble into a room with many giant spiders, the part slowly backs out, Caz tries to drop the ceiling, but is unsuccessful so the party falls back to an underground lake and dives under.

With Caz’s help Ba’Ob and Rhia make it through the lake

session 40

Just before the meeting with Nogba, Alana says she never felt Thane’s death her, Iko, Duro, and Vekkis decide to go and try and find Thane

pollacks greets the party in the lift down, and lets them know they will help anyway they can, he gives them a run down on what ship they left in, headed towards a moon of planet Phemis, Duncan detects a energy signature on the moon that is shield generators, and that there is a secret underground base.
Duncan is able to jam any signal they send out.

Caz, Duncan, Rhia , and Ba’Ob descend to the planet, as the moons defense engage , with a bunch of work, they dodge the incoming attacks, and land on the surface in a gully, below the ground defenses

They get, reading on some kind of “threads” so Caz and Rhia go to investigate and discover it is in fact some kind of crystal spider

Rhia pilots the ship down a tunnel, as close to the complex as she can, then the party

As they are walking along the cavern the ceiling collapses preventing the party from going back to the ship,

after some turns they stumble into a room with many giant spiders, the part slowly backs out, Caz tries to drop the ceiling, but is unsuccessful so the party falls back to an underground lake and dives under.

With Caz’s help Ba’Ob and Rhia make it through the lake

Session 39
sometimes you DO need to fight

The Kryat dragon is secured in the cargo bay, and well sedated Rin and Vekis are confined to med bay she has been crippled and Vekis has been blinded

Back on Bespin, the party is fixed up and congratulated for bringing in the dragon alive even if they lost Cavra

Rin and Caz decided to stay on with the party, during the conversation about gas, They let slip about Kashyyyk, to which Caz storms off to the lower levels and busted some heads. The next morning Vekis goes in to get new eyes as the others go to cut the dragon pearl. They go into Praxen’s Fine jewelry

in the store, a thin human greets the party warily and hits some keys on a keyboard

Duncan overhears a muffled struggle and asks what is going on, the man tries to flee to the back room and Caz tries to grab him, Bayob steps forward and deescalates the situation

they soon discover that the place is mid jewel heist, Duncan and the man behind the counter come to an agreement that the party will let them take the haul and leave to avoid a conflict, Caz disproves but has played the game long enough to not argue

they hear a small muted explosion , then two rough men come out looking confused the man behind the counter tells them in a guttertongue from Nar Shardar “it is ok, leave those and we will have a clean getaway” “but Gestur that is part of our bonus” but he ushers them out
they shoot the ceiling a bit and leave.

Bayob and Rhia go into the back as Duncan and Caz call security
in the back they notice that it has a wall full of security boxes one of which has been blasted open

Jarik Praxin introduces himself and is scared that some of the contents are missing, he is bit relived that the party “recovered” but still worried that security has been called and is nervous Duncan offers to wave them off, which relives him a bit.

The party successfully wave off security

After they leave, Duncan asks Jarik about cutting the gem, he takes them back into the back (they notice that the wall of safes are now hidden) to his shop he is amazed and at first thinks he has never seen before, but has a moment of reflection and recalls that his mentor used to have similar ones, but his master went back to Corellia and that he had links to the jedi order

he sends a vague message to his Master Jerc Ta’em, and tells them it may take a couple days to hear back, Duncan says he will call back in a couple days

when they get back, they have a message from Nogba Quush waiting for them saying he needs their assistance
Duncan goes back through the images of the scroll case and it is a dead-man switch for Nogba …..
Duncan figures out that it was his box…..

at the front entrance to the arranged building, a nervous Pollacks meets them and informs him that Nogba is upset and may have killed some people already…

They go upstairs, they see even more damage

Nogba says “Something was stolen from me, and you know something about it” Rhia tells Nogba the truth about what happened, and he thanks her for not trying to lie. He explains that it was the black sun that robbed the store, and was a complete ledger of all the gas production and all it’s clients including the party, they left in a small non-hyperdrive ship that may still be in system


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