The Empire Rising

You're working for who?! more thing to do first...
On Nar Shadaa

On the ship, Duncan seems to be unable to root out the AI that has infiltrated the ship and its droids. Thane attempts to communicate with it. It does not appear to be hostile, but is curious, and somewhat skeptical, as to the choices made with regard to the ship’s upgrades.

Iko seems to be keeping to himself, perhaps traumatized by recent events.

Vekis and Duncan look into fencing some of their goods. Duncan tracks down a buyer and negotiates what he thinks is a sweet price for the goods – they pack up the goods for delivery. Thane flies the ship to the warehouse, where the exchange is to be made. The warehouse sports the logo of Starlight Transport. Thane lands the ship on one of the many loading docks. Duncan meets his contact, Ree Salan, on the deck. She has several droids unload the goods from the ship. The agreed upon sum, a total of 73000 credits, is given to the group in hard currency. Luckily, Vekis is there to haul it onto the ship. The transaction complete, the ship takes off.

In the neighbourhoods of Nar Shadaa, Daro, Caelium, Alanna, and Duru follow the Black Sun agent, Markus, to an air speeder. They get inside and notice that it’s windows have been darkened. They travel for close to an hour. The door opens to a view of a large palatial looking facility. It’s difficult to tell if it is above or below ground. It seems to be undergoing some major upgrades. Markus leads the group inside a room.

A swath of aromas – food, spice and various bodily odours – greets them as they enter an antechamber. They are led down a long opulent hallway. It opens into a large, open room. Slaves seems to be at work. On a raised dais, sits a large slug-like creature – surely Virgo the Hutt. He is attended by various hangers-on. Daro notices that all of the exits from this room are equipped with heavy blast doors and that behind the Hutt’s platform is a curtain hiding gun installations.

Virgo is angry, listing the transgressions that they have made against him. He asks Caelium why they are here and why he shouldn’t have them killed. He explains that he is tired of being hunted and wishes to make a proposal to him. The group is offering to retrieve Virgo’s stolen yacht and to deal with Kel Prost for him. Virgo rumbles at the mention of Prost. Virgo does not appear too interested in the yacht at the moment. He says that there is a job that needs to be done with one of his operations. If they complete the job for him, he will let them live. Caelium tries to negotiate for credits but doesn’t get very far. Virgo mentions that, if they succeed in this mission, they may be useful to the Besadii, one of the most powerful Hutt families. On behalf of the group, Caelium agrees to the terms. A man in Mandalorian armour appears from behind the curtain, holding his helmet by his hip – it is Winston. Virgo and his dais disappear behind the curtain.

Winston leads them to a room to debrief them on their mission. The planet Ylesia houses one of Virgo’s spice operations. The family Desilek, is at odds with the Besadii family and may be threatening the operation. The group is to transport some cargo to the planet as a cover. They are to contact Roget Proja, a member of the Oneness of All religious group on the planet, to deliver the goods. Virgo wants the group to find out what is going on and find out if the Desilek family is involved. Winston takes his leave and the group returns to the ship.

Back on the ship, the rest of the group is debriefed on the discussion with Virgo and his man. Everyone agrees to take on the mission. They find out that the planet Ylesia is in Hutt space in the outer rim, on the Shag Pabol hyperlane. They have up to two and a half days to pick up the cargo on Nal Hutta.

Thane contacts Lev and invites him to meet at a tavern. The entirety of the former JT6 makes their way to the meeting place. They are met with some odd looks from the slightly upscale crowd. Lev is happy to see them. He informs them that Aruk, the head of the Besadii family, was recently poisoned and killed. His son, Derga, took over. He seems to have made a deal with Black Sun, possible through Virgo the Hutt, to protect him and take out his rivals. Lev also explains how, two years ago, Black Sun suffered an internecine conflict that caused the deaths of several Vigos. The Imperial senate has just passed a law that abolishes slavery – that is sure to upset the Hutts. Lev feels that the Desilek were involved in Aruk’s death, but is unsure. He suggests that the group finds a way to get out from underneath Virgo’s influence.

The group discusses their situation and decides to figure out a way to gain some leverage over Virgo, so he will release them from their obligation to him. Duncan asks about the mission to Ylesia. They decide to go ahead and get started.

Thane flies the ship toward the drop zone point on Nal Hutta where they are to pick up the cargo. They see the Black Sun fleet stand-off in orbit of Nar Shadaa. Thane tries to avoid it, but is stopped by an interdictor ship. Fighter ships, loyal to the Desilek family, approach – two Z95 headhunters and one modified and heavily armed YT model ship. Thane tries to talk them off, but fails. They fire on the ship and damage the nav computer. Vekis fires back with the cannons, slicing off the wing of one of the headhunters and blowing open its canopy. Duru hacks the weapons system on the other headhunter and temporarily disables it. Daro and Vekis shoot at the larger YT ship and stop it in its tracks.

With the enemy ships disabled, the group decides to commandeer the large vessel. Perhaps it’s time to pay a visit to Kel Prost…

So...what do we do now?

After the battle ends, the remaining group decides what to do next… Iko revives Daro and the group searches the bodies of the dead. Vekis goes around killing anyone still alive; Caelium stops him before he kills the last mook. Thane, Vekis, and Daro make their way to a new ship to allow for a getaway along with the last live Black Sun mook. They abandon the group and take off. The remaining group is stabilizing wounds and deciding on next steps. Meanwhile, Caelium picks up 6 lifeforms behind the secured door. The group begins to investigate. Thane starts to pilot this ship (it’s terrible) and he tries to make his way over to where Duncan came down. Daro works the sensors; or at least he thinks that’s what it is. Vekis goes into the hold and finds a box of explosives. He opens it, marvels at the lack of an explosion, puts it on his shoulder and heads back to the bridge. Meanwhile, the ship their on starts to crash. Duncan takes off to pickup the leftover people. Caelium and Co enter the door leading to the Central Control Tower. They make their way upstairs. Alana and Duru enter a room with bits of aliens all around the room. It’s a charnel house. They take pity on them and euthanize them. Duru downloads video from the site in order to confirm who did this horror. Duncan strafes the base and then lands on the same platform he took off from originally. They make their way towards the platform. Thane and Co also land close by and likewise converge on the ship.

After the group hug, they take off while Duncan goes to check the Medical Droid and to fix himself up. Thane shoots up the place and they take off while the group start to clean up the ship. Vekis finds his pet is okay. Thane and Duncan start to work on the ship, but decide that they need to put down to purge the computers of any dangerous influences. Duncan suggests a casino parking lot. Vekis gives Alana a lightsaber. Duncan fixes the Medical Droid and uses it on himself. He feels much better thanks :) Caelium switches the droid to its interrogation function and uses it on the prisoner. He interrogates the prisoner and gets lots of information of note. The ship lands and advertising screens surround it. The group discusses what to do next.

The group agrees to:

- Keep funds common and to ensure that the group agrees on any spend.
- Eliminate the danger to Caelium / Vekis in the person of Kal Prost.
- Pick up some jobs for money.
- Investigate the secret Empire program.

Some of the group watch the video recording from the chopshop. The video depicts horrible acts. They decide to go after the 2MM Credit Minstrel-class yacht.

They discuss how the yacht would be worth a lot to Vergo the Hutt. Alana suggests that they make a deal with Vergo to retrieve the ship for him and take care of Kel Prost, in exchange for credits and the lifting of the Black Sun warrant on Caelium and Vekis’ heads. At the suggestion of working with the Black Sun, Vekis storms out of the room.

Daro, Alana, and Duru accompany Caelium to the Meltdown Cafe. After inquiring at the bar, they learn that some of Vergo’s men are gambling in the Sabacc room. They find that one of the tables is populated with four players with Black Sun tattoos. Caelium notices that the dealer also has the markings of the syndicate on his neck. One of the non-Black Sun players accuses the other players of cheating. A fight ensues – someone knocks over the table, severely injuring one of the thugs. The other three chase after the accuser, who flees for the door.

Caelium uses this opportunity to approach the dealer, who is cleaning up his table. He tells the dealer that he wants to set up a meeting with Vergo. The man seems to recognize Caelium and calls for back-up. Soon after, the three thugs return with another, less-muscle, more business-like man. The man acknowledges that Caleium is wanted by Black Sun. He seems to be deciding whether or not to have the group beaten up. Caelium tells him that they have an offer to make to Vergo and wish to speak with him. The man decides to postpone the attack and commands the group to follow him…

It's a Trap!

Caelium informs the party, he talked to a contact in the corporate sector to put pressure on the man who put the bounty on them, to lift it or eliminate the man.

Kel Prost was a mid level Black Sun Lieutenant but then transferred to Teemu Corse. Rumor was he was transferred because he had a knack at acquiring new ships

As the door opens Vekkis sees a group of men and a human Man Kel Prost

Prost looks at Vekkis “Well it seems the fates have smiled upon me, I get to collect the reward for a new ship and collect the bounty on you, is your little cripple with you?”
and shoots at Vekkis. He misses and drops to the gantry for cover. As Vekkis charges up the ladders to get to him

Caelium warns Thane about a droid damaging the ship. He warns Thane and tries to shoot it. Just as Duncan chimes in saying the droid has cut main engines and power to the main weapons platform as he hacks the system and closes the doors preventing more guys from entering

Dewson Dom continues to flee to the main office. As the Transdoshans drop stun grenade and shoot with stun at Vekkis

Thane orders Alana and Daro to the gangplank and for Duru to stop the Droid damaging the ship
Daro runs out and spots the droid tries to shoot it,but misses and the shots ricochets up and pins down the Transdoshans and another hits the door controls for the adjoining bay preventing them from opening.

Prost decides Daro is greater threat, with his trick shots and moves to shoot at him with a stun weapon, As Vekkis tosses a grenade at the Transdoshans and continues to climb after Prost but the grenade blast damages the ladder he was climbing but is able to just catch himself.

Caelium is enraged upon hearing Prost, orders him to drop his weapon.

Duncan after sealing the doors tries to hack the droid damaging the ship but finds its not on the network and maybe sentient, but he is able to disable all other droids in the complex
The Transdoshans are able to stun Vekkis and he falls but is caught by Alana who somehow managed to move super fast and jump 15feet in the air.

Thane tries to reroute power in the ship he is able to regain power to main guns but loses power to shields, life support, and the commns system cutting Duncan and Duru’s network connection

Prost becomes enraged and orders his men to kill everyone and destroy the ship, as the droid moves to a control panel on the ship, then he jumps down and shoots at Caelium
as Duncan gets to a gun turret and vaporizes one of the Transdoshans as the other one flees down out of the arc of the ships cannon

Alana Drags Vekkis into the ship as Duru tries to hack the droid but then cries out and collapses with smoke coming out her ears, Thane runs out of the ship and shoots at the Droid not hurting it but giving Daro perfect tracer fire for him to level it to nothing.
Meanwhile Duncan notices ship fire above, not directed at them.

Thane spots a Corellion Mk6 repair platform that is the same type his family uses in it’s docks right under the ship he flies up to make repairs and sees more fire and a very large explosion above somewhere
Daro closes with the Transdoshan and stabs him grievously wounds him
Duncan tries to heal/fix Duru, he discovers that the droid hacked her too and won. But is able to reset her and wakes her up.
She is scared and says “where is the droid” and is very scared

As the Transdoshan tries to punch Daro he over extends and Alana kills him.

Thane makes some repairs but suddenly the engines roar to life and he barely avoids being incinerated and he realizes that the enemy droid has taken control and trying to leave he scrams to the party “kill the engines there is no life support!”
A metallic voice says “This ship now belongs to me, you have 3 seconds to get off the ship” at which point everyone but Duncan flee the ship, Thane tries to get back on the ship but just misses and falls into a broken crate, as one of the sealed doors blows in.

On the ship. It raises up and the AI taunts Duncan and its clear it has no regard for human life
there is less and less oxygen, and no gravity. He is able to grab an oxygen mask, and makes it to the cockpit and seals the door. Just before the AI opens the hatch. As he tries to regains control of the ship. After a fair bit of fighting with the AI he figures out that the AI is in the astromech brain he disconnects it and takes full control and tries to land the ship

Back on the ground 7 aliens and human barge into the area and demand them to surrender. Caelium tries to influence the men and seems to have worked they begin ordering the men to leave, but then Daro opens fire upon the men killing two outright as Alana moves and shoots another of the men as Iko tries to revive Vekkis.
Daro drops as they open fire on him stunning him. As Alana tosses a stun grenade in there midst stunning them.
After a few second Vekkis awakens and attacks the stunned men cutting them apart as the rest of the party stuns the rest of them and Thane orders the team to grab usable equipment as Caelium spots there ship hurtling towards the ground.

Next time we'll go to the second vendor we find...

After the battle ends, the remaining group decides what to do next… Iko revives Daro and the group searches the bodies of the dead. Vekis goes around killing anyone still alive; Caelium stops him before he kills the last mook. Thane, Vekis, and Daro make their way to a new ship to allow for a getaway along with the last live Black Sun mook. They abandon the group and take off. The remaining group is stabilizing wounds and deciding on next steps. Meanwhile, Caelium picks up 6 lifeforms behind the secured door. The group begins to investigate. Thane starts to pilot this ship (it’s terrible) and he tries to make his way over to where Duncan came down. Daro works the sensors; or at least he thinks that’s what it is. Vekis goes into the hold and finds a box of explosives. He opens it, marvels at the lack of an explosion, puts it on his shoulder and heads back to the bridge. Meanwhile, the ship their on starts to crash. Duncan takes off to pickup the leftover people. Caelium and Co enter the door leading to the Central Control Tower. They make their way upstairs. Alana and Duru enter a room with bits of aliens all around the room. It’s a charnel house. They take pity on them and euthanize them. Duru downloads video from the site in order to confirm who did this horror. Duncan strafes the base and then lands on the same platform he took off from originally. They make their way towards the platform. Thane and Co also land close by and likewise converge on the ship.

After the group hug, they take off while Duncan goes to check the Medical Droid and to fix himself up. Thane shoots up the place and they take off while the group start to clean up the ship. Vekis finds his pet is okay. Thane and Duncan start to work on the ship, but decide that they need to put down to purge the computers of any dangerous influences. Duncan suggests a casino parking lot. Vekis gives Alana a lightsaber. Duncan fixes the Medical Droid and uses it on himself. He feels much better thanks :) Caelium switches the droid to its interrogation function and uses it on the prisoner. He interrogates the prisoner and gets lots of information of note. The ship lands and advertising screens surround it. The group discusses what to do next.

The group agrees to:

- Keep funds common and to ensure that the group agrees on any spend.
- Eliminate the danger to Caelium / Vekis in the person of Kal Prost.
- Pick up some jobs for money.
- Investigate the secret Empire program.

Some of the group watch the video recording from the chopshop. The video depicts horrible acts. They decide to go after the 2MM Credit Minstrel-class yacht.

Back to the vile pit of villainy

As the party figures out what to do next, Duncan picks up communication on imperial channels ordering security system upgrade to all systems and the party has been black listed and a burn notice issued. also someone in the corporate sector (Victor Aiden) has placed a large bounty on Caelium (20000 credits) with a minor bounty on Vekis (15000 credits) with about 10 000 each for the rest of the party. Duncan gets the name of the man who placed the bounty and him and Doroo will look into him (the man’s family owns the third largest weapons manufacturer and he wanted a position with the empire that Caelium was given
The party debates getting a new ship either by stealing, buying, or finding Javlin team 3’s Gat12 Blastboat
Caelium says he left “clues” for Winston to “find” the team at the meltdown cafe and they might be able to get information on what happened to Javalin 3’s ship.
Thane Says he doesn’t want to park the ship at the Space Barn without Shug’s OK,
They figure that they have 35-40 thousand credits in supplies and the very hot ship
Thane inquires from Alana where she had her cosmetic surgery for her team done.
Alana says that Alderan has a lot of political discord with the empire and may have an underground that could aid them
Caelium decides to try and contact someone in the corprate sector (Jakar Guerrin) who can provide information and maybe lift the bounty on them
Nar Shada is closest so the Group decideds to head there, On route Caelium talks to Iko about the wound he sustained which he is able to help with. Alana is feeling uncertain about what the group is going to do, to which Duncan tried to comfort the group that nar shada is a good place to make money and money helps make problems go away…even if just for a short length of time.
The Party drops out of hyperspace and moves into a position behind a freighter and its escort, at first the escort moved to attack, but Thane is able to talk his way into letting them tail them to the planet. the sensors ping with many ships in two huge fleets which look to be all from Black Suns but in a hostile position to each other in one group though their is several Imperial vessels
Viggo the Hut has been accused of skimming profits from the Black Suns spice trade and a civil war is brewing as the other Virgos are not happy and have sent their fleet to deal with him.
Calium surmises that his message may have been a catalyst in whats happening here now.
They find the Barn is sealed tight and not answering so the head to the place referred by the escort pilot “smugglers paradise” in the Duros sector. a fast talking man comes on and says yes they have a bay free.
They land and Caelium, Vekis, and Daro greets a small well dressed Duros who is excited about working on such a new ship….
but before the party can relax, two ships descend on the flanking pads, and a group of thugs start rushing the ship…..

The cancer's in the plants!
It's nod ah's ah darth!

The group descends to the forest floor. Duncan (still on the ship) continues to monitor the life forms that are keeping a 1km diameter circle around the area. Alana is leading the group towards the triangular structure up ahead. They reach the foot of the building; the group notices that it is taller and bigger then they originally thought; the trees skew the perspective a bit. In fact, since some of the trees are growing on top of the building, the group figures out that the structure might be 8,000 years old (or more). As Alana tries to clear rocks from the entrance, the groups feels various levels of unease and tension drawing them to structure (with the exception of Daro). Eventually, with Vekis’ help, they clear the entrance. As the door opens, the group hears the sound of a low, joyful chuckle. A dark hallway beckons ahead, with a green / red glow emanating from somewhere around the corner. Alana enters the corridor with strange purpose…

The corridor begins to show bas-reliefs of the last battle and extermination of Sith. Alana continues forward and enters a room where a giant stone cylinder floats above the floor surrounded by a field of blue and green energy. The voice speaks again and welcomes the group; it asks what they are seeking for. Alana responds with ‘my destiny’. Caelium responds ‘with Who is my enemy?’. The voice chuckles again from the stone and responds ‘Interesting – you all seak the same thing.. A red glow surrounds Caelium, Thane, Alana. Meanwhile – Vekis blasts the stone; the bolt shreds the protective field and hits the rock, blowing open a hole. Inside the stone cylinder a red pulsing cube is exposed and the group suddenly feels worse. Duncan notices that the animal life is suddenly streaming toward the building, he shouts a warning over the coms to Daro who immediately tells the group to get out. Thane, Caelium, Vekis and Alana don’t move. An image appears before the group; he’s an older powerful looking man, yellow eyed, black scared, tattooed, and bald. He wears a black robe and carries a large lightsaber attached at his hip. He is both there and not there; a mental projection of this man. He chuckles seeming pleased with his release. Introducing himself as Darth Bane he informs the group that for the Sith to be strong the rule of 2 must be maintained and that there are too many of them there; the one remaining one will be trained. Emotions of rage, jealousy and hatred rush over the group as they all fall under Bane’s influence. Caelium attacks Alana with a stiletto. Alana attacks Caelium and disables his knife. Daro shoots Vekis twice knocking the bowcaster from his hands and blasting a large hole in his shoulder. Vekis jumps on Daro and slams him to the ground. Caelium feeling the rage fuel his will and control he uses his mind to force Alana to shoot herself…which she does – twice. Ouch. Darth Bane seems pleased with the resulting chaos. Duncan watches on with horror at the violence becomes out of control and sensing his teamates aggression. He decides to do the one thing he can to save them… He hacks Thane’s headware, using a trigger he implanted earlier to gain control and lock out his emotions. Then using a quick and dirty command algorithm Duncan triggers 3 of the 4 stun grenades in Thanes bag, it seems as though the force was with him as none of the frag grenades are triggered. The tremendous blast renders everyone unconscious, Darth Bane seems angry but his image dissipates.

Duncan contacts the Colonel and asks for assistance – a skif with a mobile droid that can help move the team, that are unconscious. The Colonel tells Duncan to return to the base and he’ll see what he can do. Meanwhile, the group in the temple have bad dreams. The dreams are feeding the raw emotions the team experiences around Darth Bane, he seems to be influencing them in their sleep.

On the ship, Duncan is landing at the base when Duru and Iko enter the room. Duncan chides Iko for being useless and sends a recording to Duru of what has occurred. He also charges them to figure out a way to help. The Colonel provides Duncan with a Skif and C&C Droid and a Bomber escort. Duncan tells them to be ready to bomb the place from orbit if Duncan stops transmitting regularly to them on an agreed upon frequency. The ship’s droid makes it back with some difficulty. The three of us (Duru, Iko, and Duncan) discuss metaphysics (which Duncan doesn’t grok) and then Duncan and Duru get the Med droid to douse them with Prozac.

The droid flies the skiff towards the group and Duncan sees Darth Bane flitting around them causing them to twich as he passes over/through them. The droid gets Thane first, Alana second, Vekis third, Darth Bane cannot seem to see the Droid; he senses his prizes leaving though and makes some motions, 2 forest creatures start to make their way toward the group. Luckily, the droid is able to get the full group back to the skiff before the creatures arrive.

As it takes off, the group start to thrash about less and less as the skiff gets further away. Duncan notes that the Wookie village has been abandoned. Duncan orders the bombers to level the structure. Iko tells Duncan that he feels that the evil seems to have disappeared. Duncan apologizes to Iko and thanks Colonel Jalek for his assistance. Duncan returns the skiff and droid (slightly enhanced) to the Colonel.

The group regains their consciousness while in the upper atmosphere. Caelium feels a little upset at having lost something that he almost had within his grasp. Overall, the group has been shown that the galaxy is a stranger place then they originally thought. The Admiral relays a message ordering the team to report to the Vindicator for debriefing. The cruisers are shadowing us in interim. Meanwhile, Vader’s ship jumps into the system. One of the hacks that Duncan left in the Imperial base triggers a message that Colonel Jalek has been detained and that the group are to be detained at all costs. The group realizes that Vader must have been on his way here for the temple since the colonel was not permitted to use orbital bombardment to clear the wookies out. Not only have they destroyed Vader’s prize but now they are force sensitives themselves. Daro changes his mind about the following orders and Thane fly’s casual right until the last possible moment when he punches it.

Duncan and Duru hack the tractor beams on both ships advancing on them, but their hacks are rushed and messy… one of the tractor beams grabs the ship for a second as Thane punches it and some of the thrusters are damaged. However the force worked through Duncan and Duru as they found a backdoor and exploited it freeing the ship almost as soon as it was restrained. The rest of the crew in battle stations do what they can to help as Thane fly’s like a man possesed. They make it to light speed just in time… But where did Thane program the hyperdrive to take them…

The empire must now be aware of some of the security flaws and will work to eliminate them… especially since someone will have to explain to Lord Vader how Javelin team 6 escaped from one of the most heavily fortified systems in the galaxy at the moment. As bad as today has been… at least you don’t have to be present for that meeting.

We are from the empire and we're here to help you
And enter the forest of darkness.

When last we left, the group was headed to resupply down on the planet at the forward operating base. The shopping list included medical supplies, explosives, trauma kits, recon drones, and numerous other goodies that the Empire has access to.
On the way down to the planet, the repair droid glitches and is unable to save the pilot when the pilot starts to die (it started sending out astrogation data). It was clear that he knew a ‘secret’, but then chose to suicide somehow rather than reveal it.
The ship lies in a clearing among giant trees where a clearing has been made by heavy blaster fire. It is a heavily armed encampment: brand new tie fighters, tie bombers, At-Ats, and so on. Clearly there has been battle as there are multiple damaged ATSTs in the encampment. That the Empire is going to this level of effort rather than just carpet bombing the planet says that there is something important that the Wookies have.
Lots of activity, lots of troops, but some odd choices for deployments. Too much activity in the base and not enough on excursions. And that there are AT-ATs at all, which can’t fit in the trees, is very odd.
After landing, Thane checks the internal sensors and can’t find any external signals that could cause the medical droid to malfunction.
Thane (in dress uniform) and Daro are met outside the ship by an officer and 2 storm troopers. While Daro slowly changes and puts his makeup on, during the ensuing 15 minute wait, the waiting officer orders ATSTs and more storm troopers arrive, suspicious of the wait.
While debating what caused the droid glitch, the group start hearing the sound of music coming from the ship being played on the loudspeaker outside (courtesy of Thane). FINALLY, Daro heads outside while Duncan checks out both the medical and astromech droids. The lieutenant, seeing Daro, receives the lists from Daro, sends a runner for the base commander, and orders the ATSTs to stand down.
The base commander Colonel Jalek (human) arrives on a speeder from the base headquarters. He wears a cleanly pressed uniform, but also looks exhausted. Arm in arm, Daro and Jalek go for a stroll across the base where Jalek confides that his materiel is completely unsuited to being able to subdue the wookies, and some of the monstrous creatures living in the forest. Ultrasonics around the base keep the bigger monsters away, but inside the woods it’s a free for all. Plus the Wookies live in the trees, so they’re very difficult to get to. Recent assault attempts have led to little other than depleting resources. It seems clear to Daro, there’s no way that the Empire is going to win here.
Duncan builds a filter for Jalek. His hearing implant is picking up the ultrasonics, preventing him from sleeping properly.
Jalek heads with Daro to a command building. Jalek goes in then comes back out with a carved wooden box which he gives to Daro – it contains a crystalline bottle with an exotic brandy. Daro returns it and asks Jalek to save it and invite him back when he wins.
After a conversation filled with bonding, Jalek summons Lft. Helcosh to attend Daro and provide him with whatever help he needs.
Helcosh leads Daro to a prison large building where several Wookies are held captive. There is a modified bowcaster with a strapped on blaster rifle there that Daro ‘borrows’ for Vekis.
As Daro makes his way back to the ship, and all supplies are loaded on the ship, an imperial transport comes in for a landing. Vekis ‘takes in the view’ from the topside turret. When they land, technicians and resupply come off the ship.
Back on the ship, Ico points out that there is intense suffering on the planet, and also senses something else, something cold. Something doesn’t feel right, a hole in the life force in a specific direction (direction of the Wookie stronghold), and Alana seems uncomfortable but keeps her opinions to herself. In the ensuing discussions, the obvious was discussed, that the Empire want something from the Wookies.
The group discussed trying to speak with the Wookies. Duncan felt he could get access to Wookie communication but that he would need to get closer, so Thane flies the ship in that direction. Ico gets increasingly uncomfortable as they fly. Confident that the Empire is not being spied on, Duncan broadcasts a message in galactic common short range asking to parlay according to Caelium’s instructions.
The Wookie chatter went silent. Daro picks up on a message that ‘this place has nothing but death for you’. Not a threat, but a statement of fact. Alana also starts feeling fear, Caelium a moment of paranoia, Thane briefly despair and Duncan alone and abandoned.
A second message comes in ‘the darkness will consume those unprepared to fight it. Leave while you can’. Meanwhile Duncan keeps messing with the sensors and realizes that whatever is emitting the ‘bad feels’ is immediately below. Thermal imaging shows lots of heat signatures below, with likely trees growing over a structure.
Vekis, Daro, Caelium and Thane get in the air speeder with Alana and have a difficult flight down to the center of the bad feeling at the base of the tree canopy. The darkness surrounds the air speeder until they pass by Wookie village on the way down where they see what appears to be speeders and starships. As they go by the village, gunfire erupts toward the airspeeder. Thane begins evasive maneuvers in an attempt to avoid the worst of it. The Wookies look sad at their departure.
Once again, as they approach the ground, the feeling of sorrow overtakes most of the air speeder’s residents
At the base is a temple and large animal life but very little light and correspondingly little vegetation. Thane puts the air speeder down and cuts power.

By the way, it's not your ship!
Never let a crush lead you into an airlock...

In the cockpit, Thane demands that the members of JT3 disarm before allowing them to enter the ship. Daro, outside, commands him to open the hatch. Caelium advises him to do the same. Thane relents and opens the doors. Inside, a confrontation ensues between Thane and Daro, who threatens to blow up the ship the next time Thane locks him out. Caelium seems to support Daro and Vekis, Thane. Before it can escalate further, Iko talks the group down.

As the ship leaves the Space Barn, Shug sends Thane a notice that two Black Sun interdictor class ships have been spotted in system. Duncan and Duru Chi attempt to hack the moon’s sensor network to discern the location of the ships, so that their blockade may be bypassed. In the meantime, Thane is flying casual. He takes the ship to a garbage scow that is leaving the system and hides it amongst the refuse.

Daro, Caelium, Alana, Roy and Iko retire to the lounge to converse. Thane listens in over the com, while Duncan and Duru sit nearby. Caelium mentions Alana’s special “training”, to which her eyes narrow. Alana asks Roy to fetch something for her. He obliges and leaves. She asks Daro and Caelium what they know of the Emperor. After they admit to know little, she asks if they have heard of the Emperor’s “Project Hand”. Still not knowing, the group listens to her explain about the Imperial Guards. Originally called the Chancellor’s Protectorate, then Chancellor Palpatine changed their title to the “Imperial Guard”, restricting them to human males only. Duncan and Thane recall that female members of the guard were re-tasked into a special forces group called “Project Hand”.

Alana explains that Vader’s plan to apprehend the Jedi may not be his only objective with this project. She also mentions that the Empire has recently enslaved the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk. She washed out of the Project Hand because her abilities with the force were insufficient. She was then re-assigned to Javelin Team 3. Caelium begins to explain their duty to report their findings. Before he can continue, Daro asks him to let him speak.

At this point, Roy returns with food for Alana. She clearly doesn’t wish to continue the discussion with him present. Thane, even over the com, picks up on this and calls him to the cockpit to perform some useless task. He recalls that Roy’s Aldaraanian family has been historically loyal to the Empire and has benefited immensely from it.

In the lounge, the group discusses what to do about their report to the Empire. Daro points out that, technically, they have not located any actual Jedi, and that they have not found all members of the JT3 team, so there is nothing yet to report.

The conversation turns to the Black Sun. At this point, Caelium calls Vekis to the lounge. He explains to everyone what he has learned about the Black Sun, specifically about their procurement of the interdictor class ships. Daro asks each member of the group whether or not they wish to continue working for the Empire. Everyone agrees, for partly different reasons, to not turn in JT3 and Iko and to stop working for the Empire. They all seem to be unhappy with the loss of innocent life and suspect that Black Sun has made an agreement with the Empire.

Just as Thane sends out a sensor sweep, four nearby Black Sun vessels detect it and close in on the garbage scow. They attack the scow, trying to get at Zoe within. Duncan and Duru work furiously to find the Black Sun interdictor ships. They locate one of them but are unable to find a second. They try to give the capitol ships a false signal so that they will misidentify the direction of their own ship’s escape.

The enemy fighters blast away at the scow, managing to damage Zoe’s hull. Thane punches the ship out of the scow. Caelium helps the gunners direct their fire to the enemy. Vekis fires a turbo laser, heavily damaging one of the enemy fighters. Daro fires the other gun at the same ship and hits its communications array, causing it to emit sensor noise. This effectively jams the communications of the fighter and that of its wingman.

Duncan uses his computer skills to jam one of the other two fighter’s communications. The enemy ships lightly damage Zoe. The heavy fire on both sides wreaks havoc with the nerves of the enemy pilots. One of the fighters manages to damage its own communications hardware and another does the same to its own weapons systems. Daro incapacitates one of the ships with turbo laser fire. Vekis blows the wing off of one of the other fighters, causing it to spiral uncontrollably. Zoe takes damage to her hull from enemy fire. Vekis hits one of the enemy ships and destroys its shield generator. Daro blasts away at the enemy doing much damage, but the gun overheats and ceases up.

Duru is busy repairing the ship. The remaining operational enemy fighter attempts to escape the fight. Thane turns their ship around to pursue. Daro fires his turbo laser at the fleeing fighter. Listing from the attack, it grinds to a halt. Duncan hacks the computers of the drifting fighters.

The group decides that they need to resupply and want to learn for themselves what Alana has been talking about. They plot a course for Kashyyyk. After discussing what to do with Roy, Alana volunteers to take care of it. She heads off to find him. A short time later, the ship warns the crew that the airlock has released something into space. Daro, in the laser turret, sees a man’s body floating out into the blackness. The man has been skewered through the heart and lungs. Daro fires a shot and vaporizes the body. After rescuing one of the unconscious enemy pilots to be interrogated later, the ship jumps into hyperspace.

They arrive at the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk. There is a heavy Imperial Navy presence here, including several capitol ships. Large amounts of debris, including that of destroyed ships, orbit the planet. An extremely large interdiction field prevents hyperspace travel. Alana tells the crew that she has contacts on the planet that may be able to help them.

They are hailed by an Imperial officer asking their business on the planet. Daro identifies himself as an officer in the Imperial Intelligence Bureau and that his business is of no concern to him. The officer requests that they stand by. A few minutes later he returns to the com, passing on the message that Admiral Neymar, on the nearby star destroyer Vindicator, would very much like to meet with him. Daro commands Thane to comply with the request.

They approach Vindicator and are allowed to dock. Thane recalls rumours of Neymar that claim he sold out some of his comrades that were plotting a rebellion against the nascent Empire. He was consequently promoted. Daro meets Admiral Neymar on the deck of Vindicator. They retire to his office. He informs Daro about the plan to “repatriate” the Wookiees to work off planet. According to him, their efforts to capture the Wookiees, with the exception of a small group remaining in the jungle, has been smashingly successful. He asks Daro if he knows what the Wookiees are actually being used for. Daro says that he is unable to divulge anything on the subject.

Neymar asks what Daro’s business is in the system. He replies that they are here to resupply and are looking for a ship that is believed to have travelled to this planet. Daro gives him the description of JT3’s ship. He finds out that the ship was in this system about 2 months ago and was heading to Nar Shadaa. Neymar apologizes for not knowing more.

The Admiral warns Daro of a forested area of Kashyyyk that is being furiously defended by some remaining Wookiees. He says that the fleet may have to deal with the problem from orbit. Lord Vader seems to be against this for some reason. Admiral Neymar takes his leave. Daro finds the ship’s quartermaster to get supplies. He is given the location of a weapons supply depot on the surface of the planet.

Thane flies the ship down to the planet’s surface near the weapons depot. They see that the trees here are massive – 50-60 meters across and hundreds of meters tall. It is well known that that it would be insane to venture off into the forest alone. They see the damaged remnants of several imperial walkers nearby.

Caelium and Vekis visit their Black Sun pilot captive to interrogate him. Caelium learns that the Vigo, Teemu Corse, is in charge of the Black Sun interdictor fleet. He is a Barabel. Winston was likely involved in tipping off Teemu Corse about JT6’s whereabouts. The pilot has heard rumours that Winston’s Vigo, Vergo the Hutt, keeps promising him a promotion but never delivers. He mentions that some group was able to thwart Winston’s spicing operation. Caelium gives the pilot the hint that he was a member of that group. The pilot realizes this, then refuses to speak any further.

Caelium uses the interrogation droid to extract more information. The pilot begins to writhe, saying that he will never reveal the “secret”. He rams his neck into the droid’s syringe, killing himself. As blood spurts from the man, Caelium desperately tries to switch the droid to its medical functions. As the machine switches over, it pauses, spews out a bunch of astrogation data, then boots into medical mode. However, it is too late to save the man. Caelium sighs. Vekis shrugs.

May the 4th be with you

After the battle royale, the group picks up some gear and decides where to go next. Duncan notices that the Javelin 3 was not using the same comms setup as our team. One of the dead is clearly an important Black Sun group.

Meanwhile Vekis is off investigating some information of important from the Black Sun. He goes to a swoop bike aerodrome where nefarious gambling types abound. He speaks to a few of them and secures the information he requires. The Black Sun has recently secured 3 Republic Interdictor class cruisers that were supposed to be scrapped but were not. A series of blockades were placed around Nar Shadaa after one of Virgo’s Lieutenant’s (Winston) returned there.

Vekis ponders the fact that this information was secured too easily. At the same time he realises that there suddenly 20-25 Black Sun guys around Vekis. Vekis looks around him and suddenly makes a run for the railing at the edge of the racetrack. Two guys try to jump Vekis, but they aren’t very successful. The rest hold their fire as they want to take Vekis alive. Vekis drops a stun grenade at their feet and jumps over the railing to make his escape. One of them tumbles over with Vekis and they tussle down below. Vekis shoots him, uses him as cover, and runs for the exit. His opponent stays with him and the two start an intimate and deadly knife fight. Vekis emerges barely alive, and stumbles into a cab before he bleeds out. Vekis opens a Comm to Caelium and says to the Cabbie to take him someplace. He then passes out.

Caelium tells the team and they all make their way their ASAP.

Meanwhile, Roy goes up to Daro and thanks him for saving J3 and suggests that both groups leave. The Duros suggests that they go to deal with Alana’s severed arm. They exit the bar and they meet Thane who has hailed a cab. The group makes their way to Vekis.

When they arrive, they see a Cabbie hitting something in the back of his cab. Vekis is pushed out and the Cabbie drives away. Duncan rushes over and attempts to assist hiim; he helps a bit but doesn’t stabilize him. Iko offers to help and then gets to work. Vekis is healed and awakes to meet some new friends. Duncan suggests that they leave the street.

Thane checks with Shug to see if they can go back to his place. Shug tells him that he can do so only if Thane will take responsibility for the new group. Instead of going, Duncan arranges for private medical clinic between the Correlian and Duros sectors. The group exits the cab and heads in to the clinic. Alana is taken to an operating room and work begins immediately by a group of droids. Meanwhile, Vekis debriefs Caelium and then passes out on a chair. Caelium shares this info with the rest of the team. The group realises that the Black Sun knows that they are on Nar Shadaa…

Duncan and Duru test each other out via hacking. She messages him that they were betrayed by their pilot and their imperial contact. They have a detailed conversation regarding their disposition that she doesn’t want to share with the rest of Duncan’s team. (Iko was the mission, but he’s saved the team multiple times, Alana has gone off the reservation, Roy loves her but would likely turn her in if he wasn’t). Duncan temporarily agrees, but suggests that she needs to come up with a better strategy for the medium term. She thanks him and they share a smoke.

Meanwhile, Thane is watching Roy and Roy is watching the operation. The group is waiting to see what happens next. Duncan starts some hacking shenanigans but is easily blocked by Duru, who is not amused. The operation ends and is a success. Daro wants to debrief the J3 team. Caelium sits down by Duncan and asks him to record the conversation. Duncan suggests that Duru will know. Caelium talks to Roy and mentions that Roy seems to really care for Alana. Thane walks into the room with Daro and Alana.

Alana admits that Iko is a force user, that her Pilot and her contact abandoned them. Daro confesses that their mission didn’t go much better. The two commiserate and see if they can find a solution. Thane enters and reminds them that the Black Sun is still looking for the group. Alana says that her team has a big price on their head as well. Daro tells Alana that we should all go back to Shug’s (which gives her pause). They get up and go to the cab, which takes them to The Spacebarn.

Shug, Duru and Duncan have a quick virtual ‘hello’ where he tells Duru that no mention of Shug is to be made to any Imperial folks. Duru agrees. Shug also tells Thane that he can use the ‘shop’ whenever he needs to without cost. Caelium returns to the ship and tries to get fixed up by the ship’s medical droid. It heals him but is unable to fix the critical injury. Shortly after Thane returns to the ship and prepares to leave, as the others make their way back to the ship. Thane seals the ship and demands that all members of Javelin team 3 disarm and hand over all weapons before coming aboard, Daro orders Thane to open the door and Thane stubbornly refuses as the tension rises…

Nar Shaddaa
Shaddaa you mouth and start firing

As Shug Ninx began to repair and upgrade the ship, the search for the other Javelin team (three) began.
Caelium asked Shug about Kell Pryde and Warryk Gril and let Shug know of Warryk’s potential on the run status with the Black Sun and why. Shug gave his opinion that Warryk would appreciate knowing he missed his target and a possible location at the Meltdown Cafe. Hopefully, this exchange has curried favour with Shug and so when Dex asks about why his ship blew up, Shug won’t take it personally.
Vekkis, on a mission of his own, left without giving detail where.
The questioning continues, moving on to Winston. Shug seemed unhappy at the name as Winston owes him money and Shug has little regard for Black Sun and the Hutt.
Transit to the surface is arranged with Worb and the intrepid agents start their merry chase. They are told to let Nina at the shop know that they want return to the Barn.
On the way to the Meltdown Café, home of gambling opportunities, the team are given a lift to the surface in a speeder with blacked out windows. Duncan attempts to record the distance and directions travelled to gain insight into the Barn’s location within Nar Shaddaa and fails due to the fact they’re in a tunnel deep beneath the planet and there is a jamming system.
Arriving outside the Café on level 88, Duncan determines that they’re a short distance from the parts office where they need to go to get a return trip.
Inside the Café, the joint is jumping and the complete lack of obvious security is disturbing, although the bar shielding would survive a Star Destroyer assault. However, with the damaged condition of everything else, this is not a family restaurant or even a café. In fact, none of the 50-60 people in the bar brought their children… if they have any they’ll take responsibility for… and none are drinking espresso. An air of caution pervades as our intrepid heroes are scoped out by the clientele. They upend a table and a few chairs near the nearest human and order what passes for refreshment
Thane enters solo, sits at the bar and is viewed much like a side of beef in a lion’s den and orders a “Tattoine Sunburn”. The rest, sitting without Thane, order drinks and wait for Thane to thrown the first grenade.
Quickly Thane is greeted by new friends while Daro and gang ready their attack at their table. The Gamorrian (Slorg) and a Zabrak. Slorg offers a greeting in the traditional Gamorrian style, Daro checks the charge on his Vibroblade. The Zabrak shows a tattoo that may be a Black Sun, Duncan gets ready to hide. The Zabrak asks about Thane and Thane name drops Dex Tanic. Mostly, the Zabrak thinks Thane is not likely to be anything of Dex’s but doesn’t kill him immediately. Slorg considers the possibility of eating Thane, although the translation was not 100%.
Thane tries to act cool under the blinding disbelief of the two aliens, telling them that Dex is on his way, failing miserably. Thane executes a strategic withdrawal when the aliens get their drinks allowing the Zabrak to notice Daro’s blaster pointer their way.
Two humans walk into a bar… that happen to match the races of two of the Javelin team 3 members but not their looks. They could be the team members but don’t looks right and the Twi’lek’s skin is the wrong colour but Caelium’s inspection catches their notice. This doesn’t look good as Slorg moves toward Thane.
And that’s when things go down. Grenades, vibroweapons and other instruments of destruction go. Thane is quickly disoriented leaving him open for being a light snack. Alana Ving strikes Slorg down quickly with her Vibrosword, removing his arm. The Zabrak takes down Duru Chi non-fatally after taking cover. Slorg pulls out his blaster and tries to take down Alana Ving, shooting himself in the leg in the process, knocking himself unconscious.
Caelium adopts a hero defensive stance (under cover) and orates to get the Zabrak to surrender, unsuccessfully. Daro polishes blaster with his sleeve. Slorg is finished off by Ving and then shoots the Zabrak taking out a fair chunk of armour.
Caelium, emboldened by the fact he hasn’t been shot at, pulls out his blaster and shoots the Zabrak. For his attempt, he gets a critical wound and reduces VIng’s cover, getting her damaged.
Ving then gets shot by a random patron. Duncan drag’s Caelium behind cover and hits him with a stimpack while the JT3 members shoot randomly into the bar. Daro, after taking his time and aiming carefully with his blaster, accidentally vaporizes a random patron who chose the wrong moment to step between him and the Zabrak.
Alana Ving takes that moment to spear the Zabrak through the leg rendering it useless however he proceeds to then blow her arm off with his light repeating blaster. Finally, Duncan, with a shot worthy of a force master, bounces a blaster bolt off Caelium’s force pike and kills the Zabrak.
Daro collects the repeating blaster and goes to talk to Roy Chance the 3rd member of the Javelin team and tells him to come with him back to the ship. Thane is very suspicious of Roy Chance.


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