The Empire Rising

Adventure Log #31
Fun with pods

The group is back on the ship after completing the successful negotiation of the tabana gas contract by Rhia (and the subsequent battle in the arena). They ponder if they can turn the situation around with Gavin Spince and see if we can work with him in the future (as opposed to against him). Perhaps they could help him with his Kashyyk problem as a consolation prize for losing the Tabana gas business. They need to deliver the tabana gas to a contact of Shug’s in Bothan space on Bothwi. The group will wait for their friend Alana to arrive and then head out for the two week trip. Rhia sends our her conciliatory note to Spince offering help with his Kashyyk problem. He responds positively that they should meet on neutral ground (at the pod races in a fancy box).

Thane asks Duncan to broker his particpation in the pod race through Mereel Speeders. He contacts her and discusses Thane’s wish to race for her. She sends over a short term contract for him to review. After a few passes, they agree, Thane signs it and it’s sent back to Mereel. $2500 + 65% of the purse (per race).

Duncan sends probes to watch the course and the competition. Thane gets ready to race the qualifying races. The rest of the group will be there to support Rhia as she meets Spince. Duncan hacks the sites cameras and computers. He notes that there is a section of the track that passes through a foundry that causes difficulty for droids (and is a great place for an ambush). Vekis goes to check out the foundry to see if there is any trouble. They check the site(s) and verify that no shenanigans are on tap. Thane and Duncan lay $1000 bets on Thane to win. With odds at 7:1, Thane wins the first heat, so each net $7000

The group sits down to wait for Spince and watch some of the other heats in the interim. Spince and his main thug arrive, and join the group. Spince apologizes, and he and Rhia discuss business, mutual consideration, and Kashyyk.

Thane is now up again, and both are letting the money ride, now at 3:1 ($7000 and $2000 from Rhia, $10000 for Daro). This race is much tougher. Two racers are colluding to block Thane, but something happens and one gets crushed in the Foundry, allowing Thane to rush forwards. On the last turn, he has a sudden burst of speed, along with a distinct lack of brakes. He wins, but can’t stop. Seconds before he dies, he is stopped by a tractor beam. Thane wins, and qualifies for the finals. No more races for Thane today, as the finals are tomorrow an Mereel needs to fix the pod racer. Duncan and Twilek Bob help to fix the pod racer.

Adventure Log #29
A Krayt Dragon? Where?

Star Wars: Session 29

In The Roche Asteroid Field

• The group returns from Nickel 1 to Shug’s shop
• Their space yacht, Flexible Demeanor, is ready to go
• As they leave the system, several imperial star destroyers enter the asteroid field
• They send out an order for all ships to prepare for scanning and/or boarding
• The group decides to submit to the process – an Imperial Lieutenant sends over a scanning ship
• Rhia tells her that they were in the system to get repairs on their ship – the lieutenant allows the ship to leave

At Hoth

• Flexible Demeanor arrives at the sixth planet in the Hoth system
• The Imperial drop ship that was present in orbit when last they were here seems to have a star destroyer as escort
• Duncan hacks into their communications – he finds out that the drop ship is being resupplied and that several probe droids are scanning the planet
• One of the droids seems to have picked up a heat signature on the surface
• Duncan hacks the droid’s video to put it on a loop of unremarkable terrain – this seems to have put the Imperials off the trail for now
• He figures that this will give the group 12 hours or so to get the Wampas off of the planet
• Thane and Daro take Zoe and the YT1300, Aint Misbehavin’, respectively, down to the surface
• Kaz, the wookiee, greets them – he seems upset at their late arrival
• Rin Alteen has the Wampa cages ready on repulsor skids – Thane and Daro each take a load of the creatures and return to the orbiting Flexible Demeanor
• The winds are heavy and Daro has trouble handling the ship – it slams into a cliff face before he regains control – Vekis, who came along for the ride, gets knocked around – he sees that one of the Wampa cages has been damaged and the creature inside is stirring – Vekis calls on Daro to increase the heat in the cargo bay – this seems to pacify the beast
• Back on Flexible Demeanor, Vekis and Daro help Shrelly, the Twi’ilek engineer, to get the Wampa cages set up in the cargo bays
• After two more trips and some fancy flying, Thane grabs the rest of the Wampa creatures, Kaz, and Rin from the holding facility
• Rin had the place rigged to blow just after they leave
• In orbit, Duncan notes that the Star Destroyer is making ready to leave – Rhia repositions the ship to keep it out of site
• Thane flies Zoe back to the space yacht – they unload the remaining Wampas and set off to Bespin
• On the way, Duncan and Rhia talk to Kaz about getting some tranquilizer for a Krayt dragon – Kaz is extremely interested and offers to help them capture the creature

Back on Bespin

• They contact Pollix Fiselli, the Ivax Syndicate contact, on Bespin
• He seems delighted that they were successful in rescuing the Wampas and directs them to Kavra, the beast master
• Fiselli asks to meet Rhia later on to discuss the terms of their business arrangement – she agrees
• At the loading dock, Kaz tells Kavra the story of the Krayt dragon – he is skeptical of Kaz’s story and questions Duncan and Rhia about it
• They confirm that they know where a Krayt Dragon is – they strike a deal with Kavra and Kaz to capture the creature
• Kavra mentions that the offer to Vekis to enter the games is still open
• Thane decides to look into swoop racing – he and Duncan visit “Mereel’s Speeders and Swoops” shop – they speak with the owner, Dara Mereel
• She agrees to let Thane do a try-out of sorts to see if he is fit to enter the races
• Her nephew, Zane Mereel is a swoop racer who seems to be both skeptical of Thane’s ability as a driver and jealous of his aunt’s favour
• Thane shows off his stuff with some test laps – he kills it with near record-level times
• Dara is impressed and offers to work up a contract to sponsor him in the races

Adventure log 28
A dragon......really.......

Vega Bona, (Shug’s assistant) meets the party, they get a glimpse of there ship and it looks amazing with a new paint scheme that makes the ship seem smaller to other ships

He informs them, that though the repairs went well, but the Verpine have heard rumours that the empire are on route, as they have heard that the Verpine are great tech experts.
Hence why the area is very empty.

A’int misbehaving seems to be having power issues due to the fact that the meteor keeps losing power

Rhia feels that Vega, is not telling the whole story, he confesses that they have sent droids, and they didn’t come back

The party agrees to check it out, and head out with some re breathers. Thane gets a uneasy feeling, and Vekkis sends his drone ahead and it picks up some life signs, then goes offline

They pass a face down, undamaged droid that was drained by Mynocks, Duncan calls Vega informing him of the Mynocks, and if they have a counter measures

Thane is able to jump start the droid, and sees a playback of it getting swarmed by Mynocks atleast 4 or so, and maybe something else

They discover a cave off of the bored tunnel that seems to have been broken through, Vekkis slips into the cave and finds a massive complex, and that something was living in here, not just Mynocks…
Duncan remembers tales of crate dragons and how they eat minerals and forms pearls in it’s gut that are near priceless

They determine that it is over 20 times as big as Vekkis’s pet…

they find the second droid, but it is destroyed…..
thane uploads the memory core and sees the monster that destroyed the droid and it scares him
suddenly a swarm of Mynocks (60+) come down the tunnel

Vekkis plants his shield and braces himself as Daro braces him, Rhia dodges down the hall towards the cave. Thane is less lucky and is hit by the rush and knocked down the ladder

Thane tries to throw a grenade but misses, Rhia engages her stealth suit and hides as the crate dragon enters the cave and begins eating some Mynocks after awhile it settles down and naps, Rhia thinks up a plan to drug it with similar stuff used on the whompa.

They get back to the shop area, and inform Vega about the crate dragon and that they will deal with it but need some special tech to do it. Rhia looks into poisons as Duncan and Thane look into lightsaber parts

Thane has Zoe, upload to the capital ship and do system check

On Nickel one, Duncan discovers that the Verpine use radio waves to communicate, instead of verbal
They find a stall and inquire about a lightsaber or parts for one, the conversation goes on for quite sometime, going back and forth, Thane and Rhia do realize that quite a lot of Verpine are in on the hive mind conversation, at one point Duncan shows them a short vid of Vader and Corso in battle to which, they decide to hack into Duncan’s pad, and Thane’s head gear to get more info.

The Verpine agree to proved the parts for a lightsaber, but not how to fully make it work. They request a service to be paid later of the tech, to which Duncan agrees.

Rhia, then negotiates to get a Verpine scatter gun with 150 rounds of ammo and Duncan get a sexy datapad upgrade

They head back to Shug’s office

Adventure log #27
How did Thane do that?

Leaving Hoth with 3 caged wompas
Rhea suggests that they keep a close look at a dropship in orbit.  No active communication detected
Leaving the system without incident, Thane managed to shave some time on the way back to Bespin with everyone giving the wompas giving a wide berth, except the helpers, Vekis and Daro who kept them under a close eye the entire time.  Duncan watched the power levels in their cages.
Rhea gets in contact with Pollux to inform that the first part of the delivery (3 of 16) is in system and where they want their pets dropped off.  The response is in the 200 level of the city.
Thane gives Shug a call for a status update on a secure channel. 
Coming into the berth, a number of ‘rougher looking individuals’ are ready to receive the crates.  Rhea heads out with Vekis and Daro.  A large man approaches (Kavra, a big game hunter type), spends a few minutes talking about how amazing his gun Bertha is, and Rhea tries to flirt her way into getting a gun like his.  Soon enough the wompas are unloaded and our intrepid crew head to Verpine after collecting Vekis’ armour.
In a display of triumphant astrogation, Thane manages to plot a course to Verpine in excellent time.  Mid transit, alarms start going off in the cockpit.  It appears that a motivator has blown somewhere in the ship and they can’t get back to hyperspace …but Rhea detects something in near space on the sensor system but hard to pin down.  Duncan works on the scan while Daro and Vekis man the turrets.
In front of the ship is an asteroid field while behind the sensors keep bouncing around showing something mid-to large size which soon resolves itself to be a swarm of 4-6 grey painted stealth fighters that arrived attached to a hyperdrive ring that they have since left in order to attack.  Daro makes short work of one before the others can fire.  The remaining 3 get missile lock and fire.  A total of 3 missiles hit in the first salvo.  Before they can fire again Vekis manages to send another one spinning off into the black.  Despite best efforts, a wing is blown off sending Zoe into a tailspin.
Using the force, Thane helps Duncan to focus and feel an unnatural calm, and he manages to fix the hyperdrive and Thane immediately punches it and the ship enters hyperdrive – without a target in the astrogation computer.  Embracing the force, Thane realized that he has manually managed to pilot past multiple mass shadows, something that should be borderline impossible. 

They come out of hyperspace still in a tail spin, Zoe informs Thane that they have a hull breach in engineering area, it is later discovered that vekkis armour was in the area and was badly damaged

Thane is able to bring the ship under control to begin repairs, but do not know where they are, Thane makes a micro jump to try to figure out where they are, Thane uses the force to gain some in site, barley missing a sun. Thane is able to do the impossible again, and pilots them without astrogation computer.
They make it back to the Roche asteroid field and are informed Shug is away but the ship is ready

Adventure Log #26
You want us to transport what?
Still in Cloud City

Having survived the Black Sun attack in the city’s underbelly, the group returns to the hotel. Vekis thanks the group for saving his ass then hops in a Bacta Tank. While getting medical attention from the hotel’s doctor, Thane ponders how to build a light saber.

They rest, awaiting the next day’s meeting with Pollix Faselli, who is the purported contact for a Tibana gas-mining outfit. They are to meet him at the Paradise Atrium. It’s a restaurant built as a series of terraces onto the outer layer of Cloud City. Faselli is a middle-ranking member of the Ivax Syndicate, a criminal ring operating in this area – the Anoat Sector of the Outer Rim. They have a large interest in gambling and blood sports. To Vekis’ and Rhia’s knowledge, they do not seem to be connected to the Hutts in any important way.

The next day, the entire group takes an air speeder to their scheduled meeting at the Paradise Atrium. On the way, Vekis, Thane, and Duncan discuss possible ways to locate additional Jedi temples. Duncan, Thane, and Daro arrive early, finding a suitable table. They note that the serving staff are quite attractive. A half an hour later, a squat and rather homely man wearing a red sash enters the restaurant with three companions, who appear to be security escort. He sits at a table that has obviously been reserved for him.

A little later, Rhia and Vekis enter the place and notice the man with the red sash. Vekis offers Rhia a chair at Faselli’s table. She introduces herself as Kyra Siln, a trader. Pollix seems to be smitten by her. She says that she may be interested in distributing the Tibana gas that his company supplies. She also informs him of the fate of his previous buyer, Kel Prost. He seems very interested in the gossip and is pleased that the Black Sun has taken a hit. He does express concern of the Black Sun presence in the lower levels of Cloud City. Vekis mentions that he should check his sources – he may not need to worry about the Black Sun down there any more.

One of Faselli’s men, a rather large one, steps away from the table to make a call. Duncan hacks into his communications. He contacts Nogba Quush, a red Nikto. He is an operative for the Ivax Syndicate. Duncan learns that the organization doesn’t particularly like the Black Sun, as they are trying to muscle into their swoop racing territory. He also learns that half of the Black Sun’s swoop gang has been taken out in some “accident”. Duncan gets the impression that this Nikto may be the real person in charge.

Faselli, enamoured with Rhia, decides that they should be able to do business with her. He expresses concern that they will have to deal with a certain warehouse issue that they have, before this deal can get underway. Rhia asks what the problem is and offers to help. Just before he goes on to tell her, he stops himself. He thanks Rhia and takes his leave.

Duncan continues to monitor their communications. They seem to be checking into Rhia’s credentials. They also mention that Faselli almost let slip some business about a planet in the nearby Hoth system. There are reports that Imperial personel have been spotted on the icy planet.

Later that day, Pollix contacts Rhia, agreeing to sell her the Tibana gas. The Ivax Syndicate is willing to waive the usual buy-in, in exchange for a job. They own an exotic animal holding facility on the sixth planet of the Hoth system. The Empire has recently sent a scouting team to the surface – they are not sure for what purpose. He needs them to rescue the animals without attracting Imperial attention. Should they agree, they must transport sixteen Wampa creatures from their holding facility on Hoth to Bespin. Rhia says that she will consider it but needs to talk to her associates first. After some deliberation, the group agrees to do it.

As the space yacht will need another week or so to be ready, the group uses the time to get environmental gear. Duncan digs up more on the Ivax Syndicate. It seems that the organization is controlled by someone named Voras (a Hutt name).

The group decides to undertake a recon mission to Hoth. They arrive at the Hoth system and head toward the 6th planet. It is a blue planet with 3 moons and a nearby asteroid field. Thane detects a ship in orbit – it is a large drop ship with Imperial markings. He notes that this ship does not have a hyper-drive and is used to launch landing craft and personel.

Thane flies the ship down to the surface. They land next to the Ivax holding facility in the midst of a snow storm. Rhia and Daro don enviro gear and head into the storm. They are greeted by a snow-encrusted Wookiee by the name of Kaz. He takes them down a lift and inside the building. There, they meet a middle-aged woman, named Rin Alteen. She says that the Imperial detachment is several miles away. If they follow standard Imperial scouting protocol, they shouldn’t get close to the facility for another 1.5 to 2 weeks.

Rin takes them to the area where the Wampas are caged. They see several cages housing large, white, bear-like creatures. The group decides to take three of the Wampas now. Kaz expresses some misgivings about the containment field holding up. Rin reassures Rhia that they have everything under control.

They load up three cages onto a repulsor-skid. Kaz accompanies Rhia, Daro, and the cages to the ship. As soon as they get outside in the cold, the Wampas start to stir. Once they get inside the ship, they seem to calm down. Rhia hooks the cages up to a power supply to keep them fed with the cages’ built-in auto-feeders. Thane takes the ship back into space, seemingly undetected. So far, so good…

Adventure Log #25
Wait... where is my armour?

In Cloud City

Down in the lower, shady levels of Cloud City, Vekis escorts Thane and Rhia to the lift that will take them back to more respectable locales. Vekis returns to the shop where his armour is being upgraded. He learns that some Black Sun toughs had paid a visit to the shop in his absence.

Rhia and Thane meet Daro at an armour shop on the edge of the respectable zone. Daro seems to frighten and offend an employee who alerts the authorities. With sirens in the distance, the group leaves the shop. Rhia returns to the hotel. Thane gets a haircut and Daro hangs around.

At the shop, Vekis gets a bad feeling. He checks the security cameras, scanning the area outside of the shop. At the same time, Thane sees a vision of a bloodied Vekis, with the Black Sun symbol surrounding him. Thane alerts Rhia and Duncan at the hotel. He rushes off with Daro down to the shop. Rhia grabs Daro’s weapons as she and Duncan use an air speeder to head to the lower levels.

Vekis asks the shopkeeper’s daughter to come with him to the back of the shop so he can protect her and the shopkeeper. When he gets to the back, no one is there. His armour is gone. He turns back to the daughter to see the door locked behind him. He is alone in the room.

Daro and Thane get to the level of the shop. They find the streets deserted. A Twi’lek shopkeeper tells them to get off the street and scurries into his shop. They hear the booming sound of swoops in the distance, as they run toward the armour shop.

Vekis takes a defensive position with his deflector shield in the small room. The back door bursts open. Vekis and the assailants exchange grenade fire. A large Gamorean, who Vekis recognizes as a Black Sun commander, enters the room. Vekis insults the creature, who proceeds to attack him with his large axe. Vekis is heavily wounded.

Some of the Gamorean’s companions blow open the front door. Vekis fires at his opponent with his disruptor rifle, taking a chunk of his face off. Daro and Thane get to the building that houses the shop. They see a group of thugs on speeder bikes entering the building from the alley behind the shop. They lob some grenades, taking many of them out.

Rhia uses the map info given to her by Duncan, and finds a quicker route to the shop. Duncan looks for a position to use technology to aid the group.

Some of the thugs shoot at Daro. They hit him, but manage to damage one of their own speeder bikes in the process.
In the adjacent room, Vekis shoots at the Gamorean, grievously wounding him. The Gamorean strikes again at Vekis with his vibro-axe, imbedding it in his side.

In the roof of the building, Rhia finds an access tunnel into the shop. At the end of the tunnel, she sees the wounded Gamorean and targets him with her disruptor pistol. The creature, bleeding heavily, is knocked to the ground.

Duncan uses his datapad to find a local medic. Not having any luck, he runs toward the shop to aid Vekis in some way.

In the loading bay, Daro runs to Vekis, grabs a Blaster Pistol from him, and runs into the shop. He lobs a grenade into the living quarters, which creates some splatty noises in the other room. Rhia crouches at the edge of the access hatch. The enemy group in the living quarters lobs several grenades into the shop. Daro is damaged by the explosion. The impact blows the ceiling – Rhia manages to jump safely to the floor, but lands in a vulnerable position.

In the loading bay, more Black Sun members flip grenades at Vekis and Thane. This causes Vekis, already badly wounded, to black out. Duncan gets to the bay and hits Vekis with a stimpack. He stirs back to consciousness.

In the shop, Daro walks to the door and opens fire on a thug in the next room. Rhia also takes a shot and misses. One of the thugs commands the group to surrender or face certain death.

Duncan pulls the vibro-axe from Vekis’ flank and staunches the bleeding. Daro scoffs at the demand for surrender and shoots one of the thugs in the face. Rhia shoots the same guy and kills him. The last thug makes another empty threat, then makes a run for it. He takes off on a speeder bike. Thane shoots at the bike, which, after travelling a few hundred meters, explodes.

Knowing that reinforcements are likely to follow, the group quickly searches the building. The Bothan is nowhere in sight and his daughter is found dead.

They find a trap door in the floor of the shop. Vekis, frustrated that he cannot find his armour, opens the door. This sets off an explosion, damaging Thane and knocking Vekis back down. Looking down the hole, Thane sees Vekis’ smoking pile of armour and some other pulverized items. The hole appears to be an escape tunnel of some sort…

Adventure log #24
This is how the other half live.

Alana, Iko and Duru will wait with shug while the ships are repaired. The party goes to Bespin in hopes of sorting out a solid connection for spun Tibana gas.

They enter the system and as they descend into the atmosphere Thane gets a vision.
Thane feels danger and someone strong in the force here and a glimpse of a man in red being thrown from a window through clouds

Pollix Faselli The contact for the Tibana gas works out of cloud city

they land at cloud city on level 41 to track down the contact
they park at the grand Bespin hotel, and have the ship parked by droid

they put a 1000 credits down on two suites for a week they are given broaches to access rooms

the rooms split the whole floor between them with many amenities and an incredible view. They find there is no security recording them.

Daro gets some armoured clothing including a fancy suit, the local shops are used to dealing with high rollers and make the experience
easy and enjoyable

Thane downloads all the blueprints he can for this platform

in morning Thane,Reia and Vekkis goes “antiquing” as Daro goes off to find high end gear

vekkis and company go down to lower levels looking for gear, they spot a gang of ugnaughts heading towards them, and a another groop of swoop gangers behind them the party ducts down an ally and slip into a noodle shop as the gangs fight it out.

later they find Volan’s tech emporium and he goes over how to improve Vekis armour however since it will take time Vekis decides to stay until the upgrades are complete. Volan doesn’t seem to mind the company.

Thane gets an older deflector shield that has been discounted.

Duncan makes contact with tabana gas contact and gets a location and time for a meeting to get the next shipment of Gas sorted.

They then go to Karaus armoury, meeting up with Daro as Vekis heads back down to Volan shop.

Adventure log #23
This is a nice ship, I think we will keep it.

Duncan reroutes power bringing hyperdrive back up
Thane punches it (darkside fliped)

thane makes micro jumps away and has Duncan and Duro to ensure all tracking software is disabled

then debate what the group is doing

Vekkis goes and talks to Alana about the Jedi and the force she says that Vekkis has no force aura or it’s masked to her

the Shrelly the twillick engineer votes not to go back to the Hutts

Thane has Zoe connect to the capital ship and check for tracking software
as Reha checks out the other ships

Thane makes a manual hyperjump to Shug, then trains with Iko and Alana

Daro reads the captain’s journal

Reha talks to Alana about Alderran and to Vekkis about joining the party

Vekkis trains his pet and looks for leads on jedi’s and videos on them

they come out of hyper drive in the roche asteroid field and head towards a large hollowed out asteroid field in the Verpine system

Shug lets them know where to land, in the base is close to 35 to 40 ships, including several capital ships

he lets them know that the black sun, and the empire had at each other setting both back

Shug provides them with blueprints for the empires new fighter

they haggle a little, not very well. So he offer to repair the ship for a third of the spun tibana gas and happy is to buy more

Thane asks about who to talk to about upgrading his head ware and limbs

Reha looks into getting a device to mask what Vekkis looks like

and to find a dealer for Cyberwear, but it’s in Correlia

Adventure Log #22
The Real Housewives of Nal Hutta

The game begins with a Commander and pirate crew comming to check on the welfare of the ship after a disturbing report about Prost’s sanity.

As they land and unload the Galak McConnel demands answers as to what is happening. Rhia manages to bluff convincingly spinning a tale about Prost attacking the remaining crew in engineering. Being an ex military man Galak immediately takes charge and orders all his men to follow him to engineering.

At this point Thane radios the ship that they are venting atmosphere and he needs help. Glalak dispatches Shrelly a twillik engenieer to help Thane top side. The rest of the group march quickly to the doors of the hanger bay leading into the ship.

as they reach the door Rhia gives the signal, Daro shoots Galak McConnel in the shoulder doing massive damages as Rhia shoots and stuns him, and then Vekis impales him to full effect while Alana engages a lightsaber and pirouettes in the middle of the group and cuts down eight of the men surrounding her. At this point Vekis says “Lower your weapons,unless you want to share his fate” The remaining 2 pirates throw their hands up and quake with fear.

Zoe uses the medical droid to sneak to the pirate ship and cuts power to the engines, but is not used to using the medical droid and cuts a bunch of wires doing more damage then planned.

The pilot sees the carnage out the cockpit window and immediately tries to sound the alarm to the fleet. Duro, while unable to kill communication, but was able to feed real housewives of Nal Hutta over it so the alert doesn’t get through.

Alana storms the ship she is shot by a battle droid on board

Rhia runs up , but ducks for cover as Vekis engages the droid

Alana though being badly injured finishes off The droid

Darro spots the pilot is doing something in the cockpit, so he takes a shot and in a fluke punches through the window killing him as Vekis and Rhia enter.
Rhia shoots the panel he is hiding under and sets him on fire. Vekis being helpful stomps out the fire and breaks his leg at the same time.
as Thane and Shrelly repair the dome.

At this point Daro orders the 2 surrendered pirates to clean up by throwing the bodies out the air lock, they rush to obey fearing eminent death themselves.

as Thane and the other pirate head back, to the airlock they see bodies floating out the airlock freaking them both out. so they head to another airlock

as they get back on board Thane bullshits Shelly the Twllik and they races towards the bridge, The rest of the crew having moved to the bridge after cleaning out the last remaining pirates in the hanger bay arrive just in time for Rhia to field a call from the admiral demanding to know what was going on. Apparently dissatisfied with her response several capital ships begin moving in their direction. By this point Duncan has managed to get controls restored to the bridge. Thane begins spooling up the hyperdrive doing some quick calculations based on the coordinates Shug gave him.

Duncan easily hacks the interdicter field as it is using old empire software that hasn’t been upgraded since the last time he exploited it.

Thane punches the hyper drive as soon as it goes down but the engines crash. The team is quickly trying to rerout power to reroute power when we Join them for the next part of the adventure.

Adventure log #21
Man Down

When last we left our intrepid heroes…
Jade Crystal takeover in progress, no real threats in the landing bay. However the ship is moving toward battle.
One worker (Gamorean) noticed the hole in the blast screen and is curious. He has to die. The gang takes care of that. Vekis dispatches the other two (human) labourers.
Discover hominid stew in the galley
Repairs are haphazard and there’s a battle on the bridge. Caelium and Thane go in through access tunnels and Daro and Vekkis wait by the blast doors.
Slith are fighting Kal Prost, eating his force lightning (who are the bad guys here?). Thane starts dropping stun grenades to slow them all down. Kal Prost speaks in a voice like Darth Plagus. Daro and Vekkis throw their grenades in to make it happier. The snakes take down Kal Prost/Darth Plagus.
Vekkis takes out the control console, transferring control to the engineering panels. Duncan takes the helm from there.
The Slith eat Kal Prost and start fighting our heroes
Caelium gets eaten by the snakes while Vekkis and Thane try to get them dead. Daro keeps shooting the Snakes to little avail. Eventually Caelium and all the snakes are dead.
Repairs to the huge ship start.


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