The Empire Rising

adventure log 37

After dropping off the Ambassador the party asks the Bothan’s to find out what happened to Thane, and as a reward some property for a company head office.

Chiiko mentions to the party going over Thanes books that over quarter of a million credits missing all of which are physical…..The party begins searching the ship, Vekis finds a hidden area in the main rotunda under the tile floor by sheer accident

The Bothan spy network contacts the party to inform them, that the Y Wing was damaged and including the astromech but he made the jump anyways…

Caz, Rin Cavra arrive on the ship, Caz is glad for a change in company
They meet to discus plans to take down the dragon, and try to figure out the poison the Noghri used, Caz remembers the smell but cant place it.

Daro decides to leave the party, taking his share they drop him off at Naboo and head to the Roche asteroid field

The Party arrive in the asteroid field, to see new construction of the imperial presence kind
Not having a real plan, of approach Duncan scans the asteroid and discovers a lot of Imperial presence on it, and they are hailed and a wing of tie fighters approach the ship they decide to go to another berth that is open and not under imperial control

Ba’ob contact Lt commander Doha and convinces him to let the party hunt a wild monster from the asteroid
Caz, Cavra, Rin, Vekis (in disguise), Rhia (in disguise), Duncan, Ba’op exit the ship and is greeted by the officer and some troopers greet the party and says the “paint” of the ship is in theory is not allowed
but will be overlooked if they can clear out the critters causing the power problems and gain a reward but the party realizes that he is lying about the reward.

Ba’op questions several officers and comes away with that the empire wont be compensating the Verpine for use of their facilities.

Alana, and Duru take the YT 2400 around to the far side of the asteroid

The party heads down the tunnel but find evidence of the dragon sooner then before, Caz sets up several electro snares as a fall back site (4 success, 3 advantage)

at a minor ledge, Vekis and Rhia sneak ahead but have trouble finding the dragon, until they find a new-ish dragon tunnel, at the entrance and set up second trap point (5,2)

Session 36
hoping each time, that his next leap will be the leap home.

Chiiko Ordono suggests that the Group set up a real Corporation in Bothan space as less imperial influence and low taxes. The party agrees, and has him set up, and names him as CEO,

The Party decides to hunt dragons, they call up Caz, Rin and Cavra on Bespin and ask if they want to help take it alive. The plan is they get the dragon and the rep the party gets the crystal.

The decide to go via Eriadu to see if they can find Mon Motha and pick up Lomite

In system, are several Imperial ships, not as many as before, but they are circling a moon in blockade pattern. Duncan decides to hack their com link and hear what they are doing, it seems to be a major battle involving droids.

They decide that it is most likely where Mon Motha is so Duncan and Thane decide that “fuck it we are going in.”

As they are descending a solar flares happens and causes havoc on the imperial ships allowing Thane to take the ship in. On the surface the see lots of ground troops many of which are not proving effective due to terrain.

The Flexible Demuner hits the ground, and Vekis grabs the body of a battle droid for Duncan to hack to send out a communication to alert Mon Motha, that they are here to rescue her

They get hold of Motha, but Imperials are on route, Thane scrambles in a Y wing to distract and lure away the imperials

Vekis, Daro and Alana rush to help the Ambassador but come across storm troopers Vekis pretends to surrender to lure them in.

Daro opens fire and kills two ,as Alana cuts a third, and the storm trooper sgt, tries to flee but the trio kills all the troopers as the ambassador run down the tunnel towards them,

Duncan picks up the Sgt’s comm signal “mercenary troops…..”

Thane launches his Y-Wing and blasts several imperial troops and walkers as he sends out a signal “I have her, fleeing systems” and draws the capital ships to the far side of the moon He is unable to dodge one and they briefly lock on with a tractor beam. Zoe worrying about Thane tries to fly Flexible Demeanour to his aid but Duncan locks her out and the Party jumps to hyper space.
Thane is able to break free of the beam but not without damaging his sensor array, ion cannon and losing his astromech droid. The imperials feeling confident that he can’t escape to hyperspace without his droid move in to capture him. with little choices Thane makes the jump to hyperspace blindly…

The party arrive in the per-determined system, and wait for Thane…Minutes turn into hours and the party agrees if he isn’t here yet something has happened to him, and the risk of waiting is too great so they jump out of system heading to Bothan space to deliver Mon Motha, and hope Thane can meet up there…

Thane arrives is empty space, nowhere near any systems or jump points, with no point of reference he tries to jump again, still no luck, and again… days pass, with very limited supplies and less and less chances for lucking out on a system, panic sets in, he meditates to try and calm himself and keeps making jumps in part to find anything that will help, or if anything a quick death, which is better then the very slow one that looms ever closer….

Adventure Log 35
What this ship needs is, more ships!

Zach Kreel (who appears to be a competitor of Shug) hands Rhia data pad with info from Shug.

On the data pad, “Rhia, this is a concerning message, some info came across my desk, it seems some thing are happening on Nar Shada, he links a video to what looks like Virgo the Hut’s chamber, on the floor it is Rhia’s mother, he says that Rhia’s debt is to be paid by her mother, he looks to the camera “though I am sure you are dead, but if you are not, you can buy her freedom or maybe i will just keep her and play with her”
Rhia excuses herself saying “I have to deal with some things” Vekis follows her out to ask what’s going on, she explains to Vekis about Virgo holding her mother hostage.
Rhia sends a message to Shug asking if he could help negotiate a exchange and make it look like it’s from a another family member

Thane, Vekis, Rhia, Duncan Daro and the Ambassador head to the planet, and decide to take the YT-1300 to the surface.

They are given coordinates to a private estate with a landing pad by the ambassador
They are notified that lethal weapons are not allowed off ships

A Bothan comes over and greets Garm. Garm asks if the others have made it, to which the Bothan responds yes, but not yet, but should be within the week. He turns and greets himself as Of Fey’stran and welcomes them to his home.

Duncan recognizes the name as someone important. Garm excuses himself and goes for a walk as Duncan asks about a good place to purchase ships. He recommends Nova Star or Consair Manufacturing.

The Bothan asks the party for aid, one of the transports they are expecting is late and has not called in and he worries. They were last seen in the system that the party was just in and that, was a large Imperial garrison. The party says they will look into the missing transports. He sends a data burst about the people who are on the transport one is Mon Moffa a senator of the republic

at the shipyards they meet with a Bothan salesman and are looking at Y wings they haggle a bit, the salesman goes to talk to his “boss” as Duncan hacks his system and digs up some info on the ships and use it to broker a better deal

The Party buys two Y-Wings with R5 Astromech droids for 200,000 credits but will have to go elsewhere to buy the blastboats for Naboo, after some tough negotiations they find one for 195000 credits + the cost to rearm

Vekis finds a well dressed Bothan named Chiiko Ordono, Duncan does a background check on him, but doesn’t find anything negative on him.

The Party flies back to Naboo with Thane leading the way in Zoe, as they didn’t have enough space in the main ship.
The Gungans are happy with the new blast boat and buy it for 290000 credits.

On the ship the Party try and decide on where to go next as the next shipment of gas wont be ready for another month at least, and Thane issues the 4 current crew, their pay, and a extra 250 credit bonus each.

Adventure Log #34
The deal is done.

On Aint Misbehavin’

Thane goes through the pack of one of the Noghri assassins. He finds a large vial of some clear, gel-like substance. Moda Parat, their new Ithorian botanist, identifies the substance as a potent neuro-paralytic that contains some plant extract which has been irradiated. This has seemingly increased the potency of the extract. He is unable to identify this substance, other than that it is very unusual. Thus, he is unable, at the moment, to duplicate it. However, at Duncan’s request, he starts working on an antidote. He needs one of the eight doses to do so.

Thane also finds several bleached and worn digit bones of various sizes and shapes in the Noghri’s pouch. He gets an uneasy feeling from them – similar to how he felt with Kel Prost’s light saber gem – but not as intense.

By this point, the group has picked up the tabana gas from Bespin and plans to sell it on Bothawui. They agree to give Garm Iblis a lift there. They will sell their gunboat, which may be carrying a tracking device, at Eriadu on the way.

The group discusses various ways of using the neuro-paralytic toxin to incapacitate a certain Krayt dragon in the Roche asteroid field.

Duncan attempts to hone his light saber skills with Alanna. Rhia chats with Garm Iblis about the Empire and the various pockets of resistance throughout the galaxy. He has reason to believe that the Empire is targeting various non-human worlds for gaining greater control.

As it happens, on their journey to Eriadu, they learn that Moda Parat is quite a good vegetarian cook.

At Eriadu

According to Iblis, Eriadu is the home of Holonet News, a sort of propaganda arm of the Empire. The Tarkin family seems to get a lot of air time – they seem to be heavily invested in the planet’s economy. The name of Wilhuf Tarkin is mentioned – Daro remembers serving under his command on a Republic ship during the Clone Wars. He understands him to be a ruthless, power-seeking man and is on the fast track to becoming an Imperial Moff.

The planet is also known for its production of lomite, an ore needed for transpara-steel. The main city is Phelar.

As they pass into orbit, they notice Sentinel base, a military base, housing Sienar Systems’ products, like the TIE fighter.

The whole group gets a bad feeling about this planet and they decide to head out of system. Like clockwork, an Imperial corvette approaches their vessel. It hails them. Rhia responds. The Imperial officer identifies herself as Lt. Raybor. She asks for credentials and their business in the system – Rhia gives the ship’s registration to her and explains that they are seeking replacement parts for some of its systems. She says that they are unable to find the parts on Eriadu and are moving on. Raybor seems to grudgingly buy the story and allows them to leave.

The group decides to go to Naboo instead, since it is also in the way to Bothawui and is not as obviously pro-Empire.

At Naboo

The imperial presence here is less pronounced, but there are Imperial vessels in orbit. They do not seem interested in their ship at the moment. The group takes Zoe and the gunboat down to the planet. They head toward Theed, the main human capitol.

Duncan does some digging to find a suitable buyer in the city. He is unable to do so, but comes across some information that suggests that the Gungans on the planet are trying to acquire space-faring vessels. He tells the rest of the group this and they decide to sell to the Gungans instead. Duncan contacts them and arranges a meeting with a buyer on the surface.

They meet two Gungans. Rhia gives them a tour of the ship, talking up its many merits. They seem enthused – so much so that one of the Gungans takes it upon himself to test out one of the missile launchers. The missile fires and completely destroys their submersible. They cheer this development. They offer full value (165, 000 credits) for the ship but demand that the group provides them with three more of these vessels within the next 6 months. Rhia reluctantly agrees. They complete the transaction and leave before the Gungans can cause any damage with their new ship.

They do a bit of shopping in Theed (and spend 750 credits) and head back to Aint Misbehavin’ in orbit. They hit the hyperspace lanes, making for Bothawui.

At Bothawui

They arrive at the planet, the confluence point of four space lanes. It is a terrestrial planet, but has not been completely developed. It has a high level of technology. The largest population is Bothan, although there is a sizable human population. Although the Bothans do not have much in the way of a space fleet, the planet is well protected by energy-based and physical shields. Several gates exist for admitting traffic through the shields.

They are aware of a station on a nearby moon for the transfer of the tibanna gas. They contact Zak Kreel on the moon. He has been expecting them. Zak is confused that their ship reads to him as smaller than what she is. The ship will not fit into the hanger bay that he has offered to them. He begrudgingly agrees to send up two of his ships to offload the cargo.

The ships are lightly armed and arrive shortly in the hanger bay of Aint Misbehavin’. Several Bothans and a human walk down onto the bay. The human, Zak Kreel, looks around the ship, expressing how impressed he is with Shug’s work on the ship.

They talk deal – Rhia offers to sell the tibanna gas to him for 1.8 times what they paid for it. Kreel acts surprised at the figure, but Rhia and Thane sense that it is somewhat of a ruse. They take him to see the goods, tour the ship, and have a few drinks. Thane seems to be having a positive influence on his mood. After all is said and done, Kreel agrees to pay 1, 080, 000 credits for the gas, a net profit of 480, 000 credits. This is shaping up to be a pretty sweet operation…

Adventure log #33
Vader wants us alive?

Three Noghri move into the store, in a very quiet and graceful motion, Thane uses the Force to warn Vekis and spur him into action cutting the lead grey as the second slips past and jumps on Alana pinning her and digging it’s claws into her she is unable to throw him off, the other two attack vekis and Daro sundering Daro’s axe. Having the super heated head go flying off causing a shelf to catch fire Thane tries to attack the grew but misses and hurts Alana instead. Rhea shoots the one with her disrupter causing all of them to scream, Daro notes that the one that was shot should have died.

Duncan tries to put out the fire by triggering the fire control in the shop and ends up covering Alana and the grey to be covered in hardening foam

The leader bites Alana in rage, as a second goes and attack Reha she turns and shoots it as Thane hits Alana with a stimpack as Vekis cuts a grey in half as it hisses “we are suposed to take her alive, lord Vader will be angry”

The Leader turns and attacks Thane slashing him, as Thane surprises it with his arm blaster taking him down, as Reha kills the final Grey, but everyone but Duncan collapses from the poison on their claws, Duncan orders the shop keeper to help wake the party, but nicks himself with the poison and falls unconscious.

As Duncan picks up “ Surround the building, and move in” Duncan hacks their system and tricks them that they have moved locations as he get a Ping from Zoe, saying that Thane sent out a distress call, she says “stay put I’m sending aid” So Duncan drags them to the back storeroom awaiting aid .
Within minutes a robo cab arrives controlled by Zoe

as he is leaving Duncan, grabs pouches from the Greys, and scans there communicators and flees

as they are driving, the cab suddenly changes course, Duncan realizes that Zoe’s control has been jammed and another slicer has taken control, Duncan is able to out hack the imperial but loses temporary control of speed until Zoe reconnects and gets them to a elevator. Duncan manages to hack the traffic cams and causes an accident hitting the imperial vehicle the suits jump out and head towards them on foot.

Once in elevator the party all begin to regain control of their bodies Thane has Zoe monitor the agents and has their elevator misdirect to the gaming level and notifies the Ivax syndicate and they are gunned down once the doors open

Gavin Spines “Normally I would say you a solid you owe me, but as I dislike imperial agents this is a mutual benefit”

Back on the ship Rhea talks to Moda Parat the shop keeper and convince him that he is in danger if he goes back to cloud city, Rhea is so convincing that he is happy to stay on as a member of the crew

Duncan, Thane and Zoe go over Alana’s ship to try and find a tracking device but are unable to locate any

The Senator joins them and they discuss a bit about the Noghri and the background of Vader/Anakin

They agree to head to Celeste, to offload the gunboat

After Duncan takes the crystal he raises the concern that Thane was using an evil crystal in the lightsaber Duncan doesn’t approve of it’s use and doesn’t want it on the ship, Daro suggests throwing it out of the air lock

The Clothes make the man

The party goes to Daro’s tailor and get outfitted in some of the finest “suits”, and Duncan goes and looks for “crystals”

Daro goes to a medical clinic to find a way to extend his life, he is able to to get some drugs and a 3 month supply

Riha tries to track down a replacement gun and some poison she finds the gun in a high end store and Caz says his buddy, Zeb Scutu might be able to hook her up tomorrow
on a hunch, and a bit of research Duncan tracks down a gem dealer Desda Sair on level 90 who may have something.
Duncan, and the gang all decide to come along to the gem dealer, then go to the the poison dealer after. Just as the party was going to settle down for the evening they get a message from Alana, stating they are in system but having engine trouble, so the party goes to pick them up, they pull their ship into the hanger bay and Alana, Duru, Iko and another man disembark Thane recolonizes him as Garm Bel Iblis the senator from Corellia

Duncan welcomes the senator, and the senator explains that Alana has smuggled him out after the empire had his family killed because he spoke out against the empire, Duncan confirms this with some deep web searches. Alana fills them in that he is working Bail Organa from Alderaan
Vekkis says they need to talk to Alana before they talk to the senator, he takes offence and goes back to the ship

Alana informs them that the empire has been killing and enslaving races
Thane recalls that the man from his vision of a man being thrown from Bespin was the Senator. He catches iko’s eyes and pulls him aside and tells him of the vision. Iko says that Thane should trust his vision, and they agree that they should keep him away from Bespin to try and alter the vision

Alana informs the party of what has been happening off world

Thane invites the senator back to a conference room where the senator take the measure of the party
he then explains his plan.

he mentions about the empire moving equipment into the deep core, to which Thane confirms and that if all astrogation data has been acquired and controlled by the empire, it would be suicide to try to get into the core
Rhea asks Thane if he could find the fleet, Thane replies “if they put the fleet in the core, would be near impossible to get to, but I have flown through hyperspace blind before” to which the senator seems shocked for an instant

He says that he has to go to Bothan space, but the party says they are going that way and can give him a lift

Alana, and Duncan discus lightsaber creation and try to figure out how to work them

during the conversation the ships engineer comes up with a part from Alana’s ship showing that the ship was sabotaged and they are lucky that the ship didn’t blow up as planed, the senator and Duncan send a secret message to war the Organa household of a traitor

Thane has a dream of impending doom, when he wakes he seeks out Iko and calls Alana to join them, Duncan tags along, Thane and Iko, inform them that they both have a feeling of dread coming but not sure of what or when. Trying to figuring out what it may be, Duncan find out that Senator Garm had put out a message stating that the empire had his family killed and includes footage of the alien assassins.

The party head to get the suits, all goes well and then the party head to Reha’s contact

Duncan gets a data burst that was meant for someone else “they are in the store, attack now”
Thane spots three small grew aliens, similar to that from the video move from the back of the store

Adventure Log #31
Fun with pods

The group is back on the ship after completing the successful negotiation of the tabana gas contract by Rhia (and the subsequent battle in the arena). They ponder if they can turn the situation around with Gavin Spince and see if we can work with him in the future (as opposed to against him). Perhaps they could help him with his Kashyyk problem as a consolation prize for losing the Tabana gas business. They need to deliver the tabana gas to a contact of Shug’s in Bothan space on Bothwi. The group will wait for their friend Alana to arrive and then head out for the two week trip. Rhia sends our her conciliatory note to Spince offering help with his Kashyyk problem. He responds positively that they should meet on neutral ground (at the pod races in a fancy box).

Thane asks Duncan to broker his particpation in the pod race through Mereel Speeders. He contacts her and discusses Thane’s wish to race for her. She sends over a short term contract for him to review. After a few passes, they agree, Thane signs it and it’s sent back to Mereel. $2500 + 65% of the purse (per race).

Duncan sends probes to watch the course and the competition. Thane gets ready to race the qualifying races. The rest of the group will be there to support Rhia as she meets Spince. Duncan hacks the sites cameras and computers. He notes that there is a section of the track that passes through a foundry that causes difficulty for droids (and is a great place for an ambush). Vekis goes to check out the foundry to see if there is any trouble. They check the site(s) and verify that no shenanigans are on tap. Thane and Duncan lay $1000 bets on Thane to win. With odds at 7:1, Thane wins the first heat, so each net $7000

The group sits down to wait for Spince and watch some of the other heats in the interim. Spince and his main thug arrive, and join the group. Spince apologizes, and he and Rhia discuss business, mutual consideration, and Kashyyk.

Thane is now up again, and both are letting the money ride, now at 3:1 ($7000 and $2000 from Rhia, $10000 for Daro). This race is much tougher. Two racers are colluding to block Thane, but something happens and one gets crushed in the Foundry, allowing Thane to rush forwards. On the last turn, he has a sudden burst of speed, along with a distinct lack of brakes. He wins, but can’t stop. Seconds before he dies, he is stopped by a tractor beam. Thane wins, and qualifies for the finals. No more races for Thane today, as the finals are tomorrow an Mereel needs to fix the pod racer. Duncan and Twilek Bob help to fix the pod racer.

Adventure Log #29
A Krayt Dragon? Where?

Star Wars: Session 29

In The Roche Asteroid Field

• The group returns from Nickel 1 to Shug’s shop
• Their space yacht, Flexible Demeanor, is ready to go
• As they leave the system, several imperial star destroyers enter the asteroid field
• They send out an order for all ships to prepare for scanning and/or boarding
• The group decides to submit to the process – an Imperial Lieutenant sends over a scanning ship
• Rhia tells her that they were in the system to get repairs on their ship – the lieutenant allows the ship to leave

At Hoth

• Flexible Demeanor arrives at the sixth planet in the Hoth system
• The Imperial drop ship that was present in orbit when last they were here seems to have a star destroyer as escort
• Duncan hacks into their communications – he finds out that the drop ship is being resupplied and that several probe droids are scanning the planet
• One of the droids seems to have picked up a heat signature on the surface
• Duncan hacks the droid’s video to put it on a loop of unremarkable terrain – this seems to have put the Imperials off the trail for now
• He figures that this will give the group 12 hours or so to get the Wampas off of the planet
• Thane and Daro take Zoe and the YT1300, Aint Misbehavin’, respectively, down to the surface
• Kaz, the wookiee, greets them – he seems upset at their late arrival
• Rin Alteen has the Wampa cages ready on repulsor skids – Thane and Daro each take a load of the creatures and return to the orbiting Flexible Demeanor
• The winds are heavy and Daro has trouble handling the ship – it slams into a cliff face before he regains control – Vekis, who came along for the ride, gets knocked around – he sees that one of the Wampa cages has been damaged and the creature inside is stirring – Vekis calls on Daro to increase the heat in the cargo bay – this seems to pacify the beast
• Back on Flexible Demeanor, Vekis and Daro help Shrelly, the Twi’ilek engineer, to get the Wampa cages set up in the cargo bays
• After two more trips and some fancy flying, Thane grabs the rest of the Wampa creatures, Kaz, and Rin from the holding facility
• Rin had the place rigged to blow just after they leave
• In orbit, Duncan notes that the Star Destroyer is making ready to leave – Rhia repositions the ship to keep it out of site
• Thane flies Zoe back to the space yacht – they unload the remaining Wampas and set off to Bespin
• On the way, Duncan and Rhia talk to Kaz about getting some tranquilizer for a Krayt dragon – Kaz is extremely interested and offers to help them capture the creature

Back on Bespin

• They contact Pollix Fiselli, the Ivax Syndicate contact, on Bespin
• He seems delighted that they were successful in rescuing the Wampas and directs them to Kavra, the beast master
• Fiselli asks to meet Rhia later on to discuss the terms of their business arrangement – she agrees
• At the loading dock, Kaz tells Kavra the story of the Krayt dragon – he is skeptical of Kaz’s story and questions Duncan and Rhia about it
• They confirm that they know where a Krayt Dragon is – they strike a deal with Kavra and Kaz to capture the creature
• Kavra mentions that the offer to Vekis to enter the games is still open
• Thane decides to look into swoop racing – he and Duncan visit “Mereel’s Speeders and Swoops” shop – they speak with the owner, Dara Mereel
• She agrees to let Thane do a try-out of sorts to see if he is fit to enter the races
• Her nephew, Zane Mereel is a swoop racer who seems to be both skeptical of Thane’s ability as a driver and jealous of his aunt’s favour
• Thane shows off his stuff with some test laps – he kills it with near record-level times
• Dara is impressed and offers to work up a contract to sponsor him in the races

Adventure log 28
A dragon......really.......

Vega Bona, (Shug’s assistant) meets the party, they get a glimpse of there ship and it looks amazing with a new paint scheme that makes the ship seem smaller to other ships

He informs them, that though the repairs went well, but the Verpine have heard rumours that the empire are on route, as they have heard that the Verpine are great tech experts.
Hence why the area is very empty.

A’int misbehaving seems to be having power issues due to the fact that the meteor keeps losing power

Rhia feels that Vega, is not telling the whole story, he confesses that they have sent droids, and they didn’t come back

The party agrees to check it out, and head out with some re breathers. Thane gets a uneasy feeling, and Vekkis sends his drone ahead and it picks up some life signs, then goes offline

They pass a face down, undamaged droid that was drained by Mynocks, Duncan calls Vega informing him of the Mynocks, and if they have a counter measures

Thane is able to jump start the droid, and sees a playback of it getting swarmed by Mynocks atleast 4 or so, and maybe something else

They discover a cave off of the bored tunnel that seems to have been broken through, Vekkis slips into the cave and finds a massive complex, and that something was living in here, not just Mynocks…
Duncan remembers tales of crate dragons and how they eat minerals and forms pearls in it’s gut that are near priceless

They determine that it is over 20 times as big as Vekkis’s pet…

they find the second droid, but it is destroyed…..
thane uploads the memory core and sees the monster that destroyed the droid and it scares him
suddenly a swarm of Mynocks (60+) come down the tunnel

Vekkis plants his shield and braces himself as Daro braces him, Rhia dodges down the hall towards the cave. Thane is less lucky and is hit by the rush and knocked down the ladder

Thane tries to throw a grenade but misses, Rhia engages her stealth suit and hides as the crate dragon enters the cave and begins eating some Mynocks after awhile it settles down and naps, Rhia thinks up a plan to drug it with similar stuff used on the whompa.

They get back to the shop area, and inform Vega about the crate dragon and that they will deal with it but need some special tech to do it. Rhia looks into poisons as Duncan and Thane look into lightsaber parts

Thane has Zoe, upload to the capital ship and do system check

On Nickel one, Duncan discovers that the Verpine use radio waves to communicate, instead of verbal
They find a stall and inquire about a lightsaber or parts for one, the conversation goes on for quite sometime, going back and forth, Thane and Rhia do realize that quite a lot of Verpine are in on the hive mind conversation, at one point Duncan shows them a short vid of Vader and Corso in battle to which, they decide to hack into Duncan’s pad, and Thane’s head gear to get more info.

The Verpine agree to proved the parts for a lightsaber, but not how to fully make it work. They request a service to be paid later of the tech, to which Duncan agrees.

Rhia, then negotiates to get a Verpine scatter gun with 150 rounds of ammo and Duncan get a sexy datapad upgrade

They head back to Shug’s office

Adventure log #27
How did Thane do that?

Leaving Hoth with 3 caged wompas
Rhea suggests that they keep a close look at a dropship in orbit.  No active communication detected
Leaving the system without incident, Thane managed to shave some time on the way back to Bespin with everyone giving the wompas giving a wide berth, except the helpers, Vekis and Daro who kept them under a close eye the entire time.  Duncan watched the power levels in their cages.
Rhea gets in contact with Pollux to inform that the first part of the delivery (3 of 16) is in system and where they want their pets dropped off.  The response is in the 200 level of the city.
Thane gives Shug a call for a status update on a secure channel. 
Coming into the berth, a number of ‘rougher looking individuals’ are ready to receive the crates.  Rhea heads out with Vekis and Daro.  A large man approaches (Kavra, a big game hunter type), spends a few minutes talking about how amazing his gun Bertha is, and Rhea tries to flirt her way into getting a gun like his.  Soon enough the wompas are unloaded and our intrepid crew head to Verpine after collecting Vekis’ armour.
In a display of triumphant astrogation, Thane manages to plot a course to Verpine in excellent time.  Mid transit, alarms start going off in the cockpit.  It appears that a motivator has blown somewhere in the ship and they can’t get back to hyperspace …but Rhea detects something in near space on the sensor system but hard to pin down.  Duncan works on the scan while Daro and Vekis man the turrets.
In front of the ship is an asteroid field while behind the sensors keep bouncing around showing something mid-to large size which soon resolves itself to be a swarm of 4-6 grey painted stealth fighters that arrived attached to a hyperdrive ring that they have since left in order to attack.  Daro makes short work of one before the others can fire.  The remaining 3 get missile lock and fire.  A total of 3 missiles hit in the first salvo.  Before they can fire again Vekis manages to send another one spinning off into the black.  Despite best efforts, a wing is blown off sending Zoe into a tailspin.
Using the force, Thane helps Duncan to focus and feel an unnatural calm, and he manages to fix the hyperdrive and Thane immediately punches it and the ship enters hyperdrive – without a target in the astrogation computer.  Embracing the force, Thane realized that he has manually managed to pilot past multiple mass shadows, something that should be borderline impossible. 

They come out of hyperspace still in a tail spin, Zoe informs Thane that they have a hull breach in engineering area, it is later discovered that vekkis armour was in the area and was badly damaged

Thane is able to bring the ship under control to begin repairs, but do not know where they are, Thane makes a micro jump to try to figure out where they are, Thane uses the force to gain some in site, barley missing a sun. Thane is able to do the impossible again, and pilots them without astrogation computer.
They make it back to the Roche asteroid field and are informed Shug is away but the ship is ready


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