The Empire Rising

Session 58

What's the worst that can happen

Session 58
The next day Thane gets to tryout the new T-65 X-wing fighter, and Ba’ Ob is able to convince the rebellion, to swap the two Y Wings for one of the x -wings fighters as the rest of the party catch up with Iko and Alana.
The rebellion gives the group a list of imperial agents with bounties
Vekis learn that Mustafar used to be a main base for the black sun until Vader and the empire moved in to claim it for themselves
Thane learns from the data dump, an infiltration plan into Hut space, they forward it to Virgo, as a “Gift” to smooth things over with him, he also learns that they plan to discredit the ambassador of Celeste to the senate.
Duncan learns everything the empire had on Nogba and Bespin including stuff that could bring down the Ivex syndicate and expose his family. Duncan sends this info to Nogba so he can protect them
He also learns about a shipping manifest from Kaminio and a detailed file about what happened, including killing anyone with knowledge of cloning and a bunch of the tech, and a bunch of clone troopers who were still being produced. And the tech is being sent to Biss
Also on a place calld Dathomere, that has force sensitives but not Jedi, Voss is aware of the planet and a Sith who was from the planet. Voss tells a story about her
When Ahsoka Tano was falsely accused of bombing the Jedi Temple. Near the end of the Clone Wars, she encountered Quinlan Vos, a Jedi Master tasked with assassinating Count Dooku to end the war. Vos partnered with Ventress under the guise of a fellow bounty hunter but ultimately revealed his identity and purpose after the two fell in love. Ventress trained Vos in Nightsister culture and dark side skills to prepare for a strike against Dooku, but their attempt to kill the Count failed and strike against Dooku, but their attempt to kill the Count failed and she was forced to flee while he was taken into Confederate custody. She eventually worked with Kenobi and Skywalker to rescue Vos, but months of torture at Dooku’s hand had turned him to the dark side. Although Ventress sensed his fall, Vos refused to believe his own darkness and was again sent to kill Dooku by the Jedi Council. She joined him on this final mission, but it was met with failure when Vos gave himself fully to the dark side. Ventress reluctantly helped Vos and Dooku in fleeing from Jedi pursuit but refused to embrace the dark side once more. Instead, she sacrificed herself when Dooku attempted to kill Vos with Force lightning by absorbing the blast to protect her lover. Her death finally motivated Vos to renounce the dark side and she was honored for her sacrifice by the Jedi Council. Ventress’ body was later laid to rest in the waters of her clan’s village on Dathomir.
Also a report from Koribon, about a powerful Zabrax force user, that is not believed to be a Jedi, Thane and Ba’Ob send Vader a missive using imperial intelligence codes about him in hopes to draw him away.
Lastly it appears that Imperial intelligence, has terminated Mandalore, the leader on the planet of Mandalore, who has resisted imperial influence, in hopes of bringing them into line
Just as they are entering system, Duncan see a recent file of a prisoner transferred to Mustafar several weeks ago a Captain 1st class Daro Dixneuf


Rathburn Yousna

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