Shug Nix

Owner and operator of the Spacebarn


Shug Ninx owns and runs the Spacebarn, a popular ship yard for smugglers near the Corellian sector on Nar Shadda.

Ninx’s only rules in the Spacebarn are:
Anything is available to use, so long as whoever uses it puts it back or compensates him for damage.
Pay promptly for the use of his or his techs’ services.
No intoxicating substances of any kind are ever allowed.
Only Shug’s Laws matter at the Barn, Empire or Criminal interests are not permitted.
Any and all disputes are settled by him or his partner Kit

  • “He’s got that Corellian heart of gold… silver and spice, however a finer mechanic i have never seen.” Han Solo*

the son of a Human and a nonhuman: although his father was a Corellian, his mother was one of the last Theelin. This resulted in his mostly Human appearance except for blue and green mottling on his skin, and one thumb and two fingers on each of his hands.

Shug Nix

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