Duncan Bishto - Current

Kaiser Soze in Space


Like most Offshoots bred by some Arkanian gene lab, Duncan Bishto was purpose built for the task his creche/clade was made for. In his case, this meant that he clade/family was bred for information processing tasks. Duncan was sent onto a long-term contract that ended abruptly due to a Corporate takeover.

Duncan has never been a strong personality, and he took to the order of Corporate life that gave him the structure he craved. Once that structure collapsed, Duncan felt lost. In some odd way, Duncan solved that problem with another one; gambling. He soon found himself heavily in debt to a Hutt Cartel due to heavy debts. Since then, Duncan works for whoever pays the best, always passing funds back to “The House”, sadly also going back to sate his need to win one more time.

As a result, Duncan often takes missions on behalf of the Hutts, or the Imperials, or whoever.

Duncan Bishto - Current

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