• Alana Ving

    Alana Ving

    Tall, beautiful and sharp. The leader of Javelin team 3 is the kind of woman that can convey how many ways she can kill you with a glare.
  • Dex Tanik

    Dex Tanik

    Well known human bounty hunter from the Corporate Sector
  • Duru Chi

    Duru Chi

    Twilek Slicer and member of Javlin team 3
  • Ren Lassiter

    Ren Lassiter

    Admiral Lassiter Is a former special ops clone trooper
  • Roy Chance

    Roy Chance

    With a strong jawline and perfect teeth, Roy exudes confidence carries himself in the manner of one that has never wanted for anything in his life.
  • Shug Nix

    Shug Nix

    Owner and operator of the Spacebarn
  • Snoga Kase

    Snoga Kase

    Bounty Hunter, apprentice to Dex