The Empire Rising

Session 60

And to think, things were going so well...

Session 60

Thane explains that he has been on special assignment for Lord Vader in wildspace for several years as Thane approaches the desk, they are able to bluff the commander into releasing Ba’ Ob as the guard are leaving the doors opens Vekis, Duncan and Rhia exit looking like two imperial intelligence officers and a suspect in custody Rhia says “I am Captain Lisbon Storm we captured this black sun agent down in the lower levels”
The officer is on edge but seems to believe them until Vekis and Rhia tense and he hits the alarm sealing the prison cells, Thane Cuts him down as all hell breaks loose around them
During the battle a stray shot hits the console and screams are heard down the hallways, as the last trooper hit a panel and jump down the corridor as a blast door slams down locking him in and he begins to kill the people in the cells
Duncan attempts to fix the console and kills the power feeding the electric floor that was blasted out, as Thane cuts open the door and kills the last trooper. Thane hears his name called again from one cell, he goes down and finds Daro, he releases him and gives him some weapons and says the reunion will have to wait as they have inbound hostiles
Rhia opens another cell and see a Man sitting in his cell with Black Sun tattoos he says his name in Pax, Vekis knows him as a high level under boss Vekis and Rhia want to kill him but Thane convinces them to let him leave as he could help smooth things over with Virgo and he know this base and as such could help them leave.
Among the prisoners is Master Shaak Ti from the Jedi Council
The group cuts down the first group of troopers to come down, then Vekis, Rhia, Duncan, Ba’Ob and 4 prisoners go down in first trip, and find the droids down here sealing doors. Duncan is able to override the commands as the rest of the part joins them
Pax says there is information in the old Black sun base that they should get and as they still need to get the doors open
As they make orbit they see the biggest star destroyer they have ever seen enter system
They tell ain’t misbehaving to jump out asap and rendezvous in a different system as the ship is jumping it take a massive hit to the engines and it looks like they were destroyed
As the YT drops the last Tie fighter, they jump to hyperspace realizing the loss of their friends and the ship, they decide to go to Bespin


Rathburn Yousna

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