The Empire Rising

Session 56

Well that went better then expected

Session 56
The team suits up and prepares to make the drop, Ba Ob flies them up 25k and Duncan, Thane, and Rhia jump out and begin the glide to the base, as some clouds clear the party spots a pair of Tie fighters approaching Ba Ob.
They Hail Ba Ob and ask him name and purpose for being in restricted space he says this isn’t his ship, at which point they order him to the spaceport for inspection and escort him to the spaceport, Ba Ob complies and is greeted by the pilot who is not happy with Ba Ob’s lack of ownership, but he is able to bullshit into not arresting him if he can get proof of ownership
The trio line up towards the building getting ready to pull their shoots Rhia catches a glimpse of what looks like a force field on the roof of the building
Rhia warns the others, but in doing so, fails to pull her Shute in time, she uses her grappling hook to catch the building but has to cut her shoot off and it tangles in a antenna, Thane uses the force to help Duncan hit the platform.
They open the door and proceed downwards, they notice that the building is heavily fortified Duncan hacks the first locked door, it seems to be a command and control room with 10+ people working, on the screens they see is live video and reports of assault teams
Thane spots a tech writing a report about Javelin team 2 taking care of a “dissident “ on Planet Kabal, and sees a picture of Mustafar that he recognizes Javalin team 1 has captured someone and going to Mustafar with them

They move back to stairwell and go down to level 7, they can tell that this is Tallo’s “Office” but is more of a luxury area then a regular office Duncan hacks the secretary’s computer
They notice on a vid screen a platoon of troopers suiting up in the hanger
They take the elevator down a level and find a secretary looking at them, Thane convinces them that they are IT support and she lets them pass to the operating office of Tallos,
Duncan hacks his computer starts downloading everything as Thane notices that the troopers have entered the building and heading up the stairs.
Thane discovers a mechanical floor safe, using his lightsaber he is able to open the safe, they find 60,000 credits and two lightsabers one is black with silver spikes, and the crystal is very red, the other is very sleek, with a yellow crystal
Thane tosses Duncan the red lightsaber, and keeps the yellow one, and a code book
Duncan intercepts a message that the troopers inform Tallos that they have had security issue to his private floor, the trio decide to frame the two other marks that they are hacking Tallos system

Thane and Rhia sneak down a missile clip to the office and rdy a second to bring down further, they are in the office and hear two troopers try to get into the office but to Duncan’s quick thinking he changes to code so their master code doesn’t work.
As Duncan is downloading, he realizes he is running out of space so he connects Thane into the system for storage system
A shuttle lands and 4 men exit, one being Tallos, as they are about to enter they spot the chute Rhia lost, Tallos heads back to the shuttle and orders the building into lockdown
Rhia and Duncan use the buildings weapons to shoot the shuttle damaging it but it gets out of range, Thane uses Tallos’s computer order a tie fighter to attack the shuttle destroying it, and causing massive confusion, the trio set the missiles to explode and jump from the building they hit the ground very hard except for Thane. Ba Ob meets them at the landing site as a Tie fighter approaches and is able to bullshit the tie patrol into letting them pass “saying they are lifting wounded from the explosion


Rathburn Yousna

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