The Empire Rising

Session 51

Back on Bespin

The party decide to try and find the force users that crashed Nogba’s party, and see if can lure them or someone that knows them

They head over to the shirking Mynock Bar
The bar is dominated by Ugnaughts but several other races make up the bar. In the back corner is a fighting ring with a bareknuckle fight going on.

Thane goes to the bar as Ba Ob and Duncan grabs a table, Vekis tries to strike up a conversation with some Ugnaughts, (to no avail) as Rhia goes to watch the fights
Rhia notices one of the names on the board as “Ricardo the Flyer” similar as one of the fake Jedi
They decide to wait and let his match run its course, as Rhia goes out and around to the back of the building to see if a way to sneak into his changeroom, it also looks like is either a residence or hotel attached to the bar.

Duncan hacks into the system to try and pull up some blueprints, but has some problem from a drunk Rodian woman until Thane, misdirects her.
The next fight ends rather quickly as the Togoian bites the throat out of the human competition.
With plans in hand Rhia sneaks into the back of the building, with some interesting failures,

The next fight begins, and it is the Human that they were looking for. Also, Vekis and Thane make the other guy they were looking for but they are made even though Thane tries to use the force to hide himself
The man turns and pulls several dancers into Thane, blocking his way and trapping him as the man ducks out the door, right into the ally that Rhia is above. He jumps past Rhia straight above her, Ba Ob lands a solid stun attack but it hardly fazes him.
Thane runs out of the building and force jumps onto the roof as he sees Rhia being force pushed off the building, Ba Ob shoves a garbage bin under her but is knocked cold

Thane and the man stand across from each other on the roof, Thane tells him He knows Master Loonre and begins to meditate and calms his emotions as he senses conflict in the man
The man begins talking to himself “Ventress’s sacrifice is my salvation, Ventress’s sacrifice is my salvation”
Now looking at him he recognizes him as Master Voss, they settle into conversation about Vader and the fall of the Jedi, and His story. he wants to gather the remaining Jedi to confront Vader once and for all.

Back In the fight Vekis bets against the human, and is soon proved to be a good bet as the Flyer is stomped to the ground and kicked from the ring. The guards pull the unconscious man out of the ring to the back room, Vekis bribes his way to the back and grabs him and takes him to a safehouse


Rathburn Yousna

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