The Empire Rising

Session 50

well another planet we can't go back to

Session 50
Vekis, Ba Ob, and Duncan flee the ally, and are informed by Chiko that Rhia, is badly injured but getting medical attention, and Thane is in custody.
Thane is sitting in the Police station when a Very well dressed Bothan walks in and starts talking to the Desk Sargent.
Outside Vekis spots an imperial transport heading to the station, Duncan hacks the local street lights and sends them into haywire
The lawyer Solicitor Jarook arranges Thane’s release just before the imperials (now on foot) arrive and open fire on Thane as he gets into a waiting cab that has Thane, Vekis, and Duncan in it.
Jarook lets them know that he will be pressing charges against the imperials, Thane declines to press charges himself as “he wants the misunderstandings to end”

Vekis, Duncan, and Ba Ob go to the hospital, and wait for Rhia to be out of surgery. While waiting they see some of the Bothan security force come in and ask about Rhia, Ba Ob can convince them that she came in but left again, as Duncan creates fake footage showing her leaving the hospital
and Thane goes to see Chiko and find a trustworthy cybernetics company, his cousin rezeeki owns a company. So, he goes and gets the full works done to replace his cybernetics. The rest of the party fetch Rhia and head to a safe house.
They watch the nightly news, and it shows the imperials shooting up the street, but also the councillor, posts a picture of Thane in full imperial uniform and lists his crimes and the large bounty on his head. The group decides that it is time to leave.
Ba Ob heads off to his former boss, as the rest of the party hangs out at a spaceport in system waiting for him.
He meets with Leandra an aid to Mon Motha, (who is off world) And Garm Bel Iblis. He informs him of what was happening on Kiminno, the Battle droid factory and the imperial outpost in Hutt Space. He also offers to sale the spun Tibana gas.
Also Garm wanted to talk to Thane about Bis a planet in the inner core that the Emperor has a secret base and project and only a few pilots can make the trip, Thane being one of them.
Ba Ob is dropped back off to the party via Captain Antilles

They send a message to Nogba asking if he knew where their ship is, and he says it is at Bespin currently, and that Nogba has work for the party too. On route to Bespin Duncan checks out Thane’s new hardware and is able to fixes the firmware and firewall on then, but something goes amiss and Thane smells waffles at times and has problems sitting and standing…
They get to Bespin and greet the rest of the party,
Garm messages them saying they can pay 1.1 million per load of gas, and to offset the lower amount they can have free docking at any rebel base and discount on military hardware.

Nogba invites them to dinner in a fancy restaurant in the upper levels to which he has reserved the whole place, Nogba is talking to a Sauvé well dressed man, he introduces you to as the new administrator Lando Calrissian
Nogba tells them, that the force user that Rhia had seen, at the murder of the past administrator was spotted on the lower levels a few weeks ago, the party agrees to keep looking for him and the fake jedi’s


Rathburn Yousna

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