The Empire Rising

Session 48

A dish best served hot…

At Shug’s Barn

With the imperials outside the tech parts shop being distracted by locals, Vekis and Gromm sneak in the back. They meet up with Shug and two of his employees, who are hiding inside. They endeavor to acquire some knock-out gas to take out the traitorous worm, Dex Tanik, and his imperial cronies below. Shug arranges for the gas and calls in another of his men to help retake his barn. Rhia and Thane are alive and in the custody of Dex.

In the room that houses the elevator to the levels below, they get the drop on some imperials guarding the way down. They easily take out most of them, although the slicer manages to hide behind some equipment nearby the elevator doors. Always relentless, Vekis pursues, blasting the coward to particles with his disruptor rifle. The last surviving imperial tries to escape back out the front door of the shop. He is blocked by a small riot that is taking place outside. Gromm and Shug’s wookiee companion catch up to him and finish the job.

With the imperials no longer an obstacle, the group hops in the elevator and quickly descends to the machine shop. Already there, Duncan manages to send a message to Thane via his cybernetic implants. Although his implants have been fried following the first encounter with Dex, he’s able to send a message back to Duncan – he’s conscious but Rhia is still out.

In a large central lounge outside the security room, Thane uses a small jolt of force lightning to wake Rhia. He is successful in waking her, but overloads his cybernetic circuits and falls unconscious himself. Dex notices that Rhia has awoken – he gives her a rather insincere apology for attacking them, claiming that the bounty was just too good for him to resist. Rhia realizes that Thane’s zap has disabled her binders. She yells at Dex, demanding to know where her mother is. Occupied with the doors to the security room, he shrugs his shoulders and says that she must have been a casualty. Seething with anger, she restrains herself, choosing to wait for her moment. Just then, she notices that the elevator has come back on line.

One of Dex’s imperial friends also notices that the elevator is now operational and tells the others. Duncan relays this development to the rest of the group. They all rush toward the lounge to head off the traitor before he can escape with his hostages. The appetizer is several stun grenades, served up by a droid (pre-loaded by Vekis) coming into the lounge from the elevator. Dex moves to intercept and fires at it. The droid’s circuits explode, then ceases to function before it’s payload can detonate. By this time, Vekis and Duncan have made it to the lounge via the hanger bay doors. Vekis fires his disruptor at Dex, blasting through his armour and cooking him slightly. Rhia sees that Dex has moved very close to her. No longer restrained by the binders, she lunges at him. She manages to wrest his disruptor rifle from his hands. In the struggle, the weapon goes off, frying him a little more. With Dex’s attention trained on getting his weapon back, Duncan rushes up from behind and impales him through the chest with his lightsaber. Dex falls to the floor, dead. The group then proceeds to mop up the rest of the imperials.

Duncan tends to Thane. He stirs, muttering something about seeking out the Verpine. As they survey the scene, death and destruction abound. There are only a few survivors of the imperial attack. Rhia gathers herself and goes looking for her mother. At the spot where the initial battle with Dex took place, she finds her mother’s lifeless body. Numb, Rhia calls for Duncan and Vekis to take her away.

In his office, Shug curses Dex’s dead body and makes several calls to try to deal with the aftermath. Duncan searches the logs of Dex’s ship. He learns that the empire has a secret staging post in the Nal Hutta system. They consider selling the co-ordinates of the station to the Hutts who should be very interested in such information. After some discussion, another choice comes to light – to give the information about the station to the fledgling rebellion. Rhia and Duncan are in favour of this second option.

They also find out that the imperial bounty on each member of the original Javelin 6 team (Thane, Vekis, Duncan, and Daro) is substantial – 250,000 credits a head, alive, and 100,000 credits dead. Anyone aiding or abetting the group is worth 50, 000 credits dead or alive. The ship’s logs also seem to suggest that it was Dex that told the empire that the group is alive and operating near Nar Shadaa. He seems to have contacted someone in the office of Imperial Intelligence, named Inspector General Globoc, to provide the information.

They manage to get the Barn’s outer bay doors unlocked. Snogga returns with their ship to the docking bay. The group offers to give him Dex’s ship in return for his good work in saving their own ship. He is touched by the offer. As a token of gratitude, he tells them about a hide-out that Dex had been using for some time. It’s on the jungle planet of Denga. Perhaps, even more information (and loot) can be gathered there…


Rathburn hypericum

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