The Empire Rising

Session 47

Session 47
On route back to Nar Shaddaa the vex out the people they rescued from Nal Hutta, then drop off most of the people off at a bar, and Thane, Rhia, and Duncan head back to the Barn, as they arrive they don’t see their ship but a bunch of ships that are used by imperial intelligence they turn around and floor it to get out as the doors start to close. They make the first door, and learn that the second is already sealed, Duncan tries to hack the door, but is unable to open the doors, but does get access to the system to and can control the turrets and the security systems they decide to exit the ship and flee down a tunnel system and try and escape on foot.
In the security footage they see the imperials clearing the base, among the imperials is Dex Tanik.
They message Vekis to warn him and to meet at the exit, as the jump out of the ship and head for an access port
Duncan discovered that the imperials tried to set a slow auto destruct but fucked up and is going up at a rapid pace, they decide to try and stop it.
Vekis arrives at the top of the lift and see three guards outside, he has the cabbie go to a local bar to find some locals that don’t like the imperials
The party makes it into the storage level and begin working the way down to the habitat level they go down a stairwell and open the door and toss in several stun grenades then Thane pulls the disrupter from Dex’s hand as Rhia shoots him
He shakes off the attack and tosses a thermal detonator at the party in the stairwell knocking out Vekis and Rhia and her mom causing grievous wounds
Duncan cuts the floor out of the elevator and climbs down the shaft to the bottom floor cuts open the door but is face to face with a pair of imperials he cuts one down right away and the other runs as Duncan disables the auto destruct. He Signals to Vekis for back-up and reaches out to find Shug who is on the surface and near by. And brings him up to date
While waiting for Shug and Vekis to coordinate, he looks back to see what happened to the party’s ship, and sees that Snogga slinks away in it once he realizes what Dex is doing. Duncan calls the ship and talks to Snogga and informs him they are taking back the barn and that he should return


Rathburn Yousna

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