The Empire Rising

Session 46

more than just a prison

Session 46

Rhia uses her contacts to find some gear, and the location of her mother. They discover she has been moved to a hut prison camp, Verdant Grove, on Nal Hutta. They ask Shug if they can borrow a ship for the trip.
The ship is a “custom” Shug vessel that he put together from three other ships, as Thane flies them to Nal Hutta, Duncan, Vekis, and Rhia check out the ship, Vekis finds a hidden compartment inside another compartment but it was trapped, and Vekis is cooked….
As they descend they see what a hole that the planet has become, they are directed to a landing pad
They make there way into the bar and Thane distracts the bartender so Duncan can plug into the network to hack into it

The group spots the “security “for the place getting drunk and ogling the women
Duncan fails to hack the system and an alarm goes up, then security begin to search the room and question the patrons
They come up to the table, and spots Duncan’s wrist computer, but mistakes it for a bomb and calls out alerting the rest of security, Thane “convinces him that it is cheap cybernetics”
They wait a bit and take a stripper and go downstairs, Rhia changes her look to look more like a stripper, as they go down Duncan again tries to hack the system again and fails, the stripper realizes what they are doing and sees an opportunity “I can help, if you can get me out of here” they agree and hide in her room, she explains that there may be a way down from the kitchen,
They head down to the kitchen, just before they make the kitchen she is spotted by some guards, but is able to bullshit them, as the party hides in a stairwell, but they decided to go up the way they were hiding, they rush up and hide a floor above, then rush down when they enter a floor, and meet the stripper in the kitchen, she waves them in and into another elevator that is loaded with food, and they head down to
Leadra introduced herself and her friend Veahra who tells them about the operations level, a good section of it is underwater
. With that in hand, they head down to the operations level.

The elevator opens and several people look puzzled but not concerned Vekis pushes a cart loaded with Rhia and Duncan over to the coms pistol and as the tech comes for food, Vekis shoots him in the head.
Thane leaps out of the cart and force pushes one of the guards hard into the wall smashing the elevator controls
As Rhia tumbles out she shoots the man working at the coms panels, in the head taking it clean off, as his body falls it knocks the droid away from the panel, Duncan scurries out of the cart and deactivates the droid. Vekis looks to the Quarren and motions for him to exit the underwater room. He agrees to make a deal, as one of the guards lands a deep gash onto Thane. Rhia runs over and aids Thane vaporizing the barabells head, as Thane engages his lightsaber and cuts the arm off his opponent, the Quarren raises his hands a bit higher and looks nervously at Thane approaching
They offer him a new job opportunity with them, if they help them find Tillya Killdarn, he says she was on the upper level but was moved down to the prison and “forgotten” she is also outfitted with a short-range tracking collar with explosive charge that can’t be deactivated from this area.
Vekis, Rhia, Thane, and Leadra, use the carts yet again to infiltrate deep into the prison mine level, as they emerge from the lift, all the cell doors open suddenly and the prisoners begin to riot, Jarik the Quarren, alerts them that he provided a distraction. As they go down in the lift, it is quite a bit of a bloodbath on both sides
At the bottom, they exit the lift and approach a large scar covered man named Grom Delmard greets Vekis “so you have the elevator codes” Vekis agrees, that they were there to get them out. And will help any off world, if they help them find Tillya. He says that they have never seen anyone come back, the beasts seem to kill them. Rhia convinces Gromm and his friend Towan Talon will come with them
They head through the gate and head down after some time the group is slightly separated in a honeycomb of tunnels when suddenly the ground gives out under Rhia and Thane and they both fall for some great time and end up into the same room full of bones and shells some of which look like they could be geonosians shells.
When Rhia lets Vekis knows what is going on he stumbles and falls down the same hole.
The check the scanner they see that they are closer to Rhia’s mother. They hear some noise and light as they approach
Rhia tries to sneak up on them, but they soon realize that they know that the party is there, and a swarm of them gathers around them, and ushers them into the room ahead that is a buzz with technology from computers to manufacturing and many geonosians and several other races
Vekis enters the room, and in a loud voice “if anyone can understand me, please raise your hand, tentacle, or other appendage”
Most of the non- geonosians look at him with a wtf look but clearly, they understand him, Rhia asks one if they have seen her mother, and is directed to another room, in the room are more races, including Rhia’s mother
Tillya recants that she almost died until the geonosians found her and brought her here, and that the music is so soothing, the party does not hear anything.
Thane reaches out in the force and feels a strange binding and rhythm throughout the area..
They ask a Celestin how to remove the collar, “through work we are freed” but doesn’t know anything else.
Thane tries to locate the centre of the force manipulation but starts getting pulled into the “rhythm of the song” they fallow the flow and come to a room full of battle droids.
They decide to head back and climb out, after a while they make the top they see Towan is Dead and Gromm is hurt. They race back and grab, Duncan, Leadra, Veahra, and Jarik and board the shuttle and blast off for Nar Shada


Rathburn Yousna

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