The Empire Rising

Session 44

That who was lost, is found

The ground team slowly moves towards the sound of battle; they see a small green creature with a light saber fending off 7 other humanoids and some other creature fly away carrying someone or thing.
The short creature is doing a very good job defending against them and disarming
As the ground party approaches a lucky shot hits the green creature’s lightsaber causing it to go out
Vekis splits off and follows the flying creature who is moving in ways that don’t seem possible, Vekis yells out “Thane” causing the figure to stop turn and engages a lightsaber not knowing that it is him until he takes off his mask. He orders Vekis to protect the girl as he rushes off to help his Master.

Rhia decides to help the green guy and takes aim at one guy and blasts him, as Caz rushes out growling and sucker punches a Barabel in the back of the head, this causes the little green alien smile and jump backwards and makes some motions and the Barabel gets confused and opens fire on his friends, killing one get mad and then gun him down
In a series of bad luck, Rhia misse and hits Caz, then Duncan catches Caz in fire from the ship, then his shock gauntlets malfunction hurting him
The Twilik runs off into the cave, then some rumbling, then a sound of a light saber and part of the Twilik flies out, and Darth Vader steps out of the cave
Thane breaks into the opening in time to see his ship getting ready to fire at the cave he is now standing on, so he leaps sideways out of the way as Yoda tells him to centre himself, when Duncan fires at the cave and the people die the feeling of dread increase
Caz heals himself and chases after the Rodain who fled back to the ship, but doesn’t reach him in
Rhia tries to shoot Vader but he deflects it back at her knocking her out.
The force sensitive members all calm their emotions and meditate, once the bad feeling subsides they open there eyes to see all the other javelin team are dead
Thane has everyone meet at Yoda’s house, the young girl Thane and Yoda rescued is walking with Vekis, and looks like she has been captive for quite some time.
Yoda looks at the reminder of the party, says “much fear in you” to Duncan Thane says “was much fear in me too” they need guidance Yoda nods and looks at Thane “wrong about cave, I was about you, you are ready”
After some conversation Yoda agrees to train Alana and Iko but not Duncan
The Party agrees to take the Girl back to her father and leave the second YT 2400 for Alana and Iko when they need it
They fix up Thanes Y Wing to get it back to the main ship for further repairs, Duncan also tries to open the smuggler compartment, after some messing around they find a small box containing a Duncan pockets it immediately holacron (not that he knows what it is) Thane goes to inform Yoda about it as he is worried about Duncan’s behaviour. They also find 70 000 credits

As they go back to Zoe, Yoda is waiting and asks to see the box Duncan has, Duncan shows him and taps the box a few times and an image appears of a lady, Yoda is concerned and tells Thane that he needs to track the other Javelin team’s movements and learn where they found this, as that it is important. Thane promises to look into where it came from.
As they are leaving the girl recognizes Yoda and let’s slip he taught the Jedi, to which Duncan asks where to he can get the crystal cut, Yoda doesn’t give a direct answer which upsets Duncan and he storms off.


Rathburn Yousna

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