The Empire Rising

Session 39

sometimes you DO need to fight

The Kryat dragon is secured in the cargo bay, and well sedated Rin and Vekis are confined to med bay she has been crippled and Vekis has been blinded

Back on Bespin, the party is fixed up and congratulated for bringing in the dragon alive even if they lost Cavra

Rin and Caz decided to stay on with the party, during the conversation about gas, They let slip about Kashyyyk, to which Caz storms off to the lower levels and busted some heads. The next morning Vekis goes in to get new eyes as the others go to cut the dragon pearl. They go into Praxen’s Fine jewelry

in the store, a thin human greets the party warily and hits some keys on a keyboard

Duncan overhears a muffled struggle and asks what is going on, the man tries to flee to the back room and Caz tries to grab him, Bayob steps forward and deescalates the situation

they soon discover that the place is mid jewel heist, Duncan and the man behind the counter come to an agreement that the party will let them take the haul and leave to avoid a conflict, Caz disproves but has played the game long enough to not argue

they hear a small muted explosion , then two rough men come out looking confused the man behind the counter tells them in a guttertongue from Nar Shardar “it is ok, leave those and we will have a clean getaway” “but Gestur that is part of our bonus” but he ushers them out
they shoot the ceiling a bit and leave.

Bayob and Rhia go into the back as Duncan and Caz call security
in the back they notice that it has a wall full of security boxes one of which has been blasted open

Jarik Praxin introduces himself and is scared that some of the contents are missing, he is bit relived that the party “recovered” but still worried that security has been called and is nervous Duncan offers to wave them off, which relives him a bit.

The party successfully wave off security

After they leave, Duncan asks Jarik about cutting the gem, he takes them back into the back (they notice that the wall of safes are now hidden) to his shop he is amazed and at first thinks he has never seen before, but has a moment of reflection and recalls that his mentor used to have similar ones, but his master went back to Corellia and that he had links to the jedi order

he sends a vague message to his Master Jerc Ta’em, and tells them it may take a couple days to hear back, Duncan says he will call back in a couple days

when they get back, they have a message from Nogba Quush waiting for them saying he needs their assistance
Duncan goes back through the images of the scroll case and it is a dead-man switch for Nogba …..
Duncan figures out that it was his box…..

at the front entrance to the arranged building, a nervous Pollacks meets them and informs him that Nogba is upset and may have killed some people already…

They go upstairs, they see even more damage

Nogba says “Something was stolen from me, and you know something about it” Rhia tells Nogba the truth about what happened, and he thanks her for not trying to lie. He explains that it was the black sun that robbed the store, and was a complete ledger of all the gas production and all it’s clients including the party, they left in a small non-hyperdrive ship that may still be in system


Rathburn Yousna

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