The Empire Rising

Session 36

hoping each time, that his next leap will be the leap home.

Chiiko Ordono suggests that the Group set up a real Corporation in Bothan space as less imperial influence and low taxes. The party agrees, and has him set up, and names him as CEO,

The Party decides to hunt dragons, they call up Caz, Rin and Cavra on Bespin and ask if they want to help take it alive. The plan is they get the dragon and the rep the party gets the crystal.

The decide to go via Eriadu to see if they can find Mon Motha and pick up Lomite

In system, are several Imperial ships, not as many as before, but they are circling a moon in blockade pattern. Duncan decides to hack their com link and hear what they are doing, it seems to be a major battle involving droids.

They decide that it is most likely where Mon Motha is so Duncan and Thane decide that “fuck it we are going in.”

As they are descending a solar flares happens and causes havoc on the imperial ships allowing Thane to take the ship in. On the surface the see lots of ground troops many of which are not proving effective due to terrain.

The Flexible Demuner hits the ground, and Vekis grabs the body of a battle droid for Duncan to hack to send out a communication to alert Mon Motha, that they are here to rescue her

They get hold of Motha, but Imperials are on route, Thane scrambles in a Y wing to distract and lure away the imperials

Vekis, Daro and Alana rush to help the Ambassador but come across storm troopers Vekis pretends to surrender to lure them in.

Daro opens fire and kills two ,as Alana cuts a third, and the storm trooper sgt, tries to flee but the trio kills all the troopers as the ambassador run down the tunnel towards them,

Duncan picks up the Sgt’s comm signal “mercenary troops…..”

Thane launches his Y-Wing and blasts several imperial troops and walkers as he sends out a signal “I have her, fleeing systems” and draws the capital ships to the far side of the moon He is unable to dodge one and they briefly lock on with a tractor beam. Zoe worrying about Thane tries to fly Flexible Demeanour to his aid but Duncan locks her out and the Party jumps to hyper space.
Thane is able to break free of the beam but not without damaging his sensor array, ion cannon and losing his astromech droid. The imperials feeling confident that he can’t escape to hyperspace without his droid move in to capture him. with little choices Thane makes the jump to hyperspace blindly…

The party arrive in the per-determined system, and wait for Thane…Minutes turn into hours and the party agrees if he isn’t here yet something has happened to him, and the risk of waiting is too great so they jump out of system heading to Bothan space to deliver Mon Motha, and hope Thane can meet up there…

Thane arrives is empty space, nowhere near any systems or jump points, with no point of reference he tries to jump again, still no luck, and again… days pass, with very limited supplies and less and less chances for lucking out on a system, panic sets in, he meditates to try and calm himself and keeps making jumps in part to find anything that will help, or if anything a quick death, which is better then the very slow one that looms ever closer….


Rathburn Yousna

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