The Empire Rising

Adventure log 55

no simple task

Voss and Vekis decide to go and acquire a transport via Chiko and the company to transport plasateel and smuggle out the prisoners then go and meet up with Alana and Iko
Duncan pours over the records and discover at least 10 prisoners died being questioned and 3 were executed all signed off by Talos
They set the rescued prisoners up in another safehouse awaiting the transport and the party spend several day going over the data

Voss studies the holocrom it was found in the Mandalorian sector, on planet Ord Mantel , “the previous owner lived a solitary life in the mountains, is a moon of vast despair, and a mountain of starships, look for the grand peak on the biggest continuant “

Duncan tracks down some messages sent from the base one including a vid of Thane cutting down troopers with his saber.
The groups surmise it will be only a couple of day till a javelin team shows up.
Duncan also discovers that the Empire has several hidden bases on the planet including a imperial operative base. They decide to try and break into that base and lure Talos to it.

Rhia contacts Nova, and gets contact info on Nova’s nephew Fredrick, who works for imperial intelligence.
They wait close to his home to meet up with him on his way home from work, Rhia meets up with him he informs them that Grant and Physer take care of the Bespin sector they work on the 6th floor
Entrances to the building are from the roof, the machine shop, and the front door. Talos is rarely in the building. Also that the building hoses a small garrison, 3 AT-ST one of which is under repair, and lighter ground craft. Also several drones are flying around the base


Rathburn Yousna

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