The Empire Rising

Adventure Log 53

Well that was more complicated then it should have been

Vekis heads off to secure the ore, as the party heads to see the contact.
Rhia checks out the building as Thane goes in to look and buy a suit from the store front.
They are directed to the rear of the building, to a loading dock, to see a well-dressed man who leads them inside to a large lavish office where a even more lavish man awaits
They gain some info on what is happening. A major hub for the news network was destroyed by rebels
They also ask for info on getting close to Director Keian Tallos, he says wont be easy or cheap. He also arranges a safe house for them, along with basic passes to get around the city.
They head to the safehouse and give it the once over, they discover that it only has access from the roof, and has a minor armoury and some credits
Rhia calls Nika, the other contact to arrange a meeting, she directs them to a site outside the city in an off season resort
They arrive early and walk around the area checking it out, Rhia spots a cybernetic bird that eyes glow then flies off, as they discover this Thane feels no life around them and head back to the ship
Rhia shoots the bird, as a loud humming noise starts up and turrets pop up out the ground and start blasting the speeder apart
As a bunch of scout troopers exit out of a hidden tunnel heading towards Ba Ob , Thane is able to crush one with a chunk of debris, then cuts several down as Ba Ob shoots two down
Duncan rushes the door to a control panel in hopes of hacking the turrets, as the door opens and more surprised troopers are ready to exit, Rhia not sure Duncan was there shoots the panel causing it to explode knocking Duncan flat but crushing 4 troopers as the door slams down on them, they try to take Duncan alive by stunning him, but he is able to cut one down before he is knocked out. Rhia is able to gun down the last 3 troopers


Rathburn Yousna

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