The Empire Rising

Adventure Log 52

Thane, and Voss decide to go back to the ship to finish the conversation with the rest of the party
They bring the party up to speed, and convince him to talk to Nogba, to clear up things
Voss gives Duncan a recording of the previous Administrator making a deal with the Empire to remove Nogba and company. Duncan verifies the data then sends it to Nogba

Duncan Talks to Voss and asks for advice, on using the Force, Voss tells him that it is not a tool and not to be taken lightly. Duncan lets slip that he had met Yoda to which he was surprised.
They are all invited over to Nogba’s for dinner, Lando is there along with his assistant Lobot
Also around the table are several of his “new” lieutenants. he explains about the empire problem, he also makes the party members of his family
He then shows them videos of the teams exploits and the stuff they didn’t tell him about
Then explains that he wants “Family” to remove the imperial threats on Eriadu

After Nogba leaves the rest of the group mingle a bit and Lando is able to convince Rhia to go on a tour with him
She tries to get some info on Nogba but is charmed by him, and decides to stay the night. In the morning, Rhia searches Lando’s room she finds a small safe in his closest she decides to leave it for now.
The team decide to go to Eriadu and find the agent, Pollack’s gives them a few contacts on planet and general info
When they arrive in system they notice that there is a large amount of repair and rebuilding happening they are hailed by a squadron of tie fighters, they give the story about picking up ore and are allowed to land
They drop Vekis off to secure the ore as they head into the city, and go in search of the contacts Nika Chro at the holonet news and Nova-aron who runs the Ivex syndicate on planet.
They call Nova who is going by another name on planet, and arrange a meeting


Rathburn Yousna

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