The Empire Rising

Adventure log 49

That is information that could have been brought to our attention sooner.

On the ship the party is fixed up as best as possible Thane’s cybernetics are pretty much fries and as such is unable to fly or plot astrogation course.
They jump into Bothwai space just as a asteroid is about to explode, in a panic Rhia hit the hyperdrive, not knowing that Thane had removed safeties on it, they make an un plotted jump to hyperspace, they jump out into blackness of space between systems.
Duncan hacks the Navagation computer to reset it, and discovers a hidden imperial code that has removed several hyperspace lanes from the public maps. After many micro jumps the find a micro system around a brown dwarf star, Thane attempts to make another jump this time Thane uses the force and pulls to a disturbance in the force. They jump into the Kamino system that is filled with Imperial star destroyers and landing ships including a massive star destroyer they Duncan and Thane can feel has Vader on it. They quickly jump out, and make several stops along the way.
The Party calls Chico and informs him they are in system, he says the capitol ship went out looking for them.
They arrive in the capital city and split up Vekis, Duncan and BaOb go to see what they can learn anything as Rhia and Thane go and get fixed up.

In a seedy spaceport Vekis overhear someone bitching about the “Imperials” and an embassy
Vekis gets the attention of one of them and strikes up a conversation
They learn that the Imperials have installed a Consular general Dandamont Pring and a detachment of troopers. After an hour of bitching Vekis spots a Bothan get up to leave just as the conversation ends, and notices he is packing an imperial weapon. The party excuses themselves and follows him out. On way Duncan bangs into a Gamorian and starts a kerfuffle, as he tries to flee, but turns down an ally to find Vekis waiting for him, before he can strike shoots Vekis, to which Vekis cuts his arm off and orders him to sit. BaOb soothes things over to for Duncan as he rushes off to find Vekis.
As he approaches Duncan notices he has wrist computers active, realizing that people are watching Vekis kills the man and the two flee

Rhia, and Thane go to get themselves repaired they check in and sit and wait for a long time, until Rhia notices that 4 large Bothans enter and move towards them, Thane secretly pulls a window free from up high to distract them.
Thane moves to far end as they chase him, Rhia grapples to the catwalk and takes up firing position Thane tries to bullshit his way out, but learns that this is an imperial company, he dodges free of them and moves closer to Rhia and uses the force to protect her, only stopping one of the vicious wounds to her.
Thane Continues to protect Rhia, as she escapes, but as he tries to jump out the window a metal shutter closes and traps him in the building. He doesn’t resist arrest but explains that this is all a misunderstanding
Rhia flees the building as she is badly bleeding out, she calls Chico and lets him know and he arranges a place she can go and get fixed up and gets the company’s legal team working to release Thane.


Rathburn Yousna

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