The Empire Rising

Session 64
And they walk

Over next couple months the party splits up and tackles several tasks
Rhia trains with the rebellion, and interns her mothers’ body on Alderran, she also learns about the Phoenix squadron led by Satto, who has been working with the rebellion
They make repairs to Ain’t Misbehaving, and get the new capital ship ready to make the gas shipments
The Rebellion is eager to learn about the new Imperial ships
Thane and Captain Antillies go and meets with Shug to setup an upgrade deal for the Rebellion with the Barn (and Thane upgrades his X-Wing)
They also help the Rebellion to relocate to Dantooie
They are asked to either meet with the Hutts to encourage them to oppose the Empire, the other is run the imperial blockade of Verpine space to help develop a new heavy class of fighter
They decide to go to Verpine space, under the cover of delivering a load of Cheese and other food stuffs
They arrive in system to see a star destroyer and an interdictor ship in system and are hailed immediately by Lieutenant Jaek Marrel (formally Commander) who they met last time they were here, (and they left holding the bag of them blowing up one of the asteroids
They make for Nickel 1, and their contact Xaina, in the market square at the Lusty Roadian
They have been authorized to pay up to 2.5 Million credits to help with the design

Session 62
Carrion Spike

Session 62
Duncan begins to setup the command codes for the new ship, while the new crew comes aboard
Also Duncan and Thane plot an astrogation course to where they believe their friends are located
They first jump into Tosste system, they are warned that the Iska Pirates work out of that area
The system is very busy, until they jump in then a bunch of ships begin to jump out
Believing they are Imperials the local space station hails, Rhia disguised as an Imperial Officer, responds they are looking for ain’t misbehaving and is willing to offer a reward for information
Not getting any information, they jump to next point they believe they jumped to, they do find some debris from there ship also background radiation from a very large ship that jumped to hyperspace
Thane has a realization that they had the fighter that could jump and get help, they do a U turn and head back to Tosste
They don’t detect the x-wing but do see a bunch of tiny vessels around the moon then they begin to disappear into the other ship. that is very large ship, made to look like a smaller one
They realize it is Tarkin’s stolen ship, the Carrion Spike and seems to be guarding the moon, They hail the ship, a rugged handsome man answers, Thane recognize him a former republic intelligence captain Berch Teller, who Thane had met before on several missions
He recognizes Thane and greets him, they let him know they are not imperials and in fact were on Eridu at the same time “blowing shit up”
They decide to meet on the moon to talk on route they get a com burst from the moon on their frequency but all static
The moon looks like it is a mining base, but on the inside, is a pirate base and repair centre, inside is the teams X-Wing with Voss making repairs
Teller lands in an imperial shuttle and they all catch up until they get a bad feeling that Vader has made the system they quickly tell Berch to meet them in Naboo in a weeks time and they can chat further.
The Imperials hail Higher Ground, and Daro stalls them until Rhia can make the command deck to bluff them further
Rhia is able to bluff them into thinking they are imperial vessel and are ordered to stop the Carrion spike they fire across the nose but not trying to hit them but look like they are until they can jump out, to their surprise Vader’s ship jumps onto their location nearly destroying their ship, but thanks to Thane’s quick reflexes they are able to dodge out of the way, and make the jump into hyperspace.

They take a round about way to get to Ain’t Misbehaving, seeing it is not flyable they take all the crew and Zoe off the ship and hide it on a asteroid till they can get parts and make repairs, and then head off to meet up with the rebellion

Session 61
a New Ship

Session 61
On route to Bespin, Vekis is very unhappy that the Black Sun member is onboard, he goes to “chat” with the man, to see why he should let him live
The party reaches Bespin, and finds that the capital ship has not made it here, but Duncan and Thane doesn’t feel the death of his friends
They arrive in system and They call Pollaks and let him know that they had Pax Andron and information for Nogba, Pollacks says Nogba is very happy with their work and wants to have dinner and give them a gift
Thane rents a suite for all the rescues, and another for the party he also gets medical service and new clothes for them he also orders new armour for Daro
Vekis with Pollaks and Pax to a barracks with confinement cells
When they all get to Nogba’s house a small party is in swing, and they are greeted to applause, Nogba greets them and asks them to relate the story of Eradu, and how the work they did have benefited the syndicate, they are wined and dined through the evening
They learn that Nogba has been elevated in the syndicate to controlling the outer rim, as his former boss was “found” to be working for imperial intelligence
Also that they have doubled the production of Tabana gas
One of the guests is Marel Valaraa high up VP in Kuat Drive yards Nogba has purchased 20 million credits worth of ships including 4 Corvettes, and a Frigate.
Nogba tells the crowd that he is giving the party a corvette to better transport the Tabana gas
The next day Vekis and Ba ‘Ob goes on a recruitment drive for crew, as Thane and Duncan looks at the new ship

Session 60
And to think, things were going so well...

Session 60

Thane explains that he has been on special assignment for Lord Vader in wildspace for several years as Thane approaches the desk, they are able to bluff the commander into releasing Ba’ Ob as the guard are leaving the doors opens Vekis, Duncan and Rhia exit looking like two imperial intelligence officers and a suspect in custody Rhia says “I am Captain Lisbon Storm we captured this black sun agent down in the lower levels”
The officer is on edge but seems to believe them until Vekis and Rhia tense and he hits the alarm sealing the prison cells, Thane Cuts him down as all hell breaks loose around them
During the battle a stray shot hits the console and screams are heard down the hallways, as the last trooper hit a panel and jump down the corridor as a blast door slams down locking him in and he begins to kill the people in the cells
Duncan attempts to fix the console and kills the power feeding the electric floor that was blasted out, as Thane cuts open the door and kills the last trooper. Thane hears his name called again from one cell, he goes down and finds Daro, he releases him and gives him some weapons and says the reunion will have to wait as they have inbound hostiles
Rhia opens another cell and see a Man sitting in his cell with Black Sun tattoos he says his name in Pax, Vekis knows him as a high level under boss Vekis and Rhia want to kill him but Thane convinces them to let him leave as he could help smooth things over with Virgo and he know this base and as such could help them leave.
Among the prisoners is Master Shaak Ti from the Jedi Council
The group cuts down the first group of troopers to come down, then Vekis, Rhia, Duncan, Ba’Ob and 4 prisoners go down in first trip, and find the droids down here sealing doors. Duncan is able to override the commands as the rest of the part joins them
Pax says there is information in the old Black sun base that they should get and as they still need to get the doors open
As they make orbit they see the biggest star destroyer they have ever seen enter system
They tell ain’t misbehaving to jump out asap and rendezvous in a different system as the ship is jumping it take a massive hit to the engines and it looks like they were destroyed
As the YT drops the last Tie fighter, they jump to hyperspace realizing the loss of their friends and the ship, they decide to go to Bespin

Session 59
Lost in transmission

Session 59

They drop out of hyperspace in system, a non-imperial frigate that is owned by the black sun is in system firing against imperial ships.
The planet hails the party, requesting aid. The party see they are in die straits, and Vekis surmises that they may be looking for Daro or something else in the old Black Sun base
They exchange some heavy fire until the tie Bombers land solid hits causing the Black sun ship to explode
They let them know that they are on special mission for Vader and not aproching the base, the lieutenant say, “we will let the personnel guard know of your arrival”
They approach a large black tower, with lava flowing around it Both Thane and Duncan get a bad feeling of the location,
They decide to send the small speeder in to meet face to face, and send the YT to sneak in the back door
Vekis, Rhia, and Duncan will go in the back door, and Ba’Ob and Thane will go in the front door
Ba’Ob and Thane in his old imperial uniform land, the pain and suffering is weighing heavily on Thane, a group of guard approach, Thane feels that they are force empty and heavily augmented with cyber tech and carrying disrupter rifles
They offer a code word, that they don’t know, until Duncan is able to feed him the code phrase, that seems to work as the guards turn and head inside just as the doors close Thane gets “fuck, fuck, fuck…….” And the signal cuts out, the guard lead them inside to a elevator and go down a long way
As the door open is a room with a desk in the middle with a very angry looking man not wearing a armour. Thane and Ba Ob realize that it is a detention level and they think Ba’ Ob is a prisoner
The two start to back peddle and say they are here to drop off the lightsaber not the alien, at which point the old man says to Thane “your uniform is wrong” and asks “what’s in the box?”
Duncan, Vekis, and Rhia discover a hidden entrance into the base, and Duncan hacks the code, to open it as they close the hatch it jams, Duncan is able to activate a repair droid to get to work fixing the door so they can escape later. The base seems abandoned, they explore a bunch mostly collapse tunnels they figure if they cut through a room they can connect to a blocked area
Duncan uses his lightsaber to cut through the wall into a recently used area, and is able to get a poor quality signal to Thane and figure out that Thane and Ba’ Ob are in trouble, Using the force, Duncan picks a floor he thinks Thane is on

Session 58
What's the worst that can happen

Session 58
The next day Thane gets to tryout the new T-65 X-wing fighter, and Ba’ Ob is able to convince the rebellion, to swap the two Y Wings for one of the x -wings fighters as the rest of the party catch up with Iko and Alana.
The rebellion gives the group a list of imperial agents with bounties
Vekis learn that Mustafar used to be a main base for the black sun until Vader and the empire moved in to claim it for themselves
Thane learns from the data dump, an infiltration plan into Hut space, they forward it to Virgo, as a “Gift” to smooth things over with him, he also learns that they plan to discredit the ambassador of Celeste to the senate.
Duncan learns everything the empire had on Nogba and Bespin including stuff that could bring down the Ivex syndicate and expose his family. Duncan sends this info to Nogba so he can protect them
He also learns about a shipping manifest from Kaminio and a detailed file about what happened, including killing anyone with knowledge of cloning and a bunch of the tech, and a bunch of clone troopers who were still being produced. And the tech is being sent to Biss
Also on a place calld Dathomere, that has force sensitives but not Jedi, Voss is aware of the planet and a Sith who was from the planet. Voss tells a story about her
When Ahsoka Tano was falsely accused of bombing the Jedi Temple. Near the end of the Clone Wars, she encountered Quinlan Vos, a Jedi Master tasked with assassinating Count Dooku to end the war. Vos partnered with Ventress under the guise of a fellow bounty hunter but ultimately revealed his identity and purpose after the two fell in love. Ventress trained Vos in Nightsister culture and dark side skills to prepare for a strike against Dooku, but their attempt to kill the Count failed and strike against Dooku, but their attempt to kill the Count failed and she was forced to flee while he was taken into Confederate custody. She eventually worked with Kenobi and Skywalker to rescue Vos, but months of torture at Dooku’s hand had turned him to the dark side. Although Ventress sensed his fall, Vos refused to believe his own darkness and was again sent to kill Dooku by the Jedi Council. She joined him on this final mission, but it was met with failure when Vos gave himself fully to the dark side. Ventress reluctantly helped Vos and Dooku in fleeing from Jedi pursuit but refused to embrace the dark side once more. Instead, she sacrificed herself when Dooku attempted to kill Vos with Force lightning by absorbing the blast to protect her lover. Her death finally motivated Vos to renounce the dark side and she was honored for her sacrifice by the Jedi Council. Ventress’ body was later laid to rest in the waters of her clan’s village on Dathomir.
Also a report from Koribon, about a powerful Zabrax force user, that is not believed to be a Jedi, Thane and Ba’Ob send Vader a missive using imperial intelligence codes about him in hopes to draw him away.
Lastly it appears that Imperial intelligence, has terminated Mandalore, the leader on the planet of Mandalore, who has resisted imperial influence, in hopes of bringing them into line
Just as they are entering system, Duncan see a recent file of a prisoner transferred to Mustafar several weeks ago a Captain 1st class Daro Dixneuf

Session 56
Well that went better then expected

Session 56
The team suits up and prepares to make the drop, Ba Ob flies them up 25k and Duncan, Thane, and Rhia jump out and begin the glide to the base, as some clouds clear the party spots a pair of Tie fighters approaching Ba Ob.
They Hail Ba Ob and ask him name and purpose for being in restricted space he says this isn’t his ship, at which point they order him to the spaceport for inspection and escort him to the spaceport, Ba Ob complies and is greeted by the pilot who is not happy with Ba Ob’s lack of ownership, but he is able to bullshit into not arresting him if he can get proof of ownership
The trio line up towards the building getting ready to pull their shoots Rhia catches a glimpse of what looks like a force field on the roof of the building
Rhia warns the others, but in doing so, fails to pull her Shute in time, she uses her grappling hook to catch the building but has to cut her shoot off and it tangles in a antenna, Thane uses the force to help Duncan hit the platform.
They open the door and proceed downwards, they notice that the building is heavily fortified Duncan hacks the first locked door, it seems to be a command and control room with 10+ people working, on the screens they see is live video and reports of assault teams
Thane spots a tech writing a report about Javelin team 2 taking care of a “dissident “ on Planet Kabal, and sees a picture of Mustafar that he recognizes Javalin team 1 has captured someone and going to Mustafar with them

They move back to stairwell and go down to level 7, they can tell that this is Tallo’s “Office” but is more of a luxury area then a regular office Duncan hacks the secretary’s computer
They notice on a vid screen a platoon of troopers suiting up in the hanger
They take the elevator down a level and find a secretary looking at them, Thane convinces them that they are IT support and she lets them pass to the operating office of Tallos,
Duncan hacks his computer starts downloading everything as Thane notices that the troopers have entered the building and heading up the stairs.
Thane discovers a mechanical floor safe, using his lightsaber he is able to open the safe, they find 60,000 credits and two lightsabers one is black with silver spikes, and the crystal is very red, the other is very sleek, with a yellow crystal
Thane tosses Duncan the red lightsaber, and keeps the yellow one, and a code book
Duncan intercepts a message that the troopers inform Tallos that they have had security issue to his private floor, the trio decide to frame the two other marks that they are hacking Tallos system

Thane and Rhia sneak down a missile clip to the office and rdy a second to bring down further, they are in the office and hear two troopers try to get into the office but to Duncan’s quick thinking he changes to code so their master code doesn’t work.
As Duncan is downloading, he realizes he is running out of space so he connects Thane into the system for storage system
A shuttle lands and 4 men exit, one being Tallos, as they are about to enter they spot the chute Rhia lost, Tallos heads back to the shuttle and orders the building into lockdown
Rhia and Duncan use the buildings weapons to shoot the shuttle damaging it but it gets out of range, Thane uses Tallos’s computer order a tie fighter to attack the shuttle destroying it, and causing massive confusion, the trio set the missiles to explode and jump from the building they hit the ground very hard except for Thane. Ba Ob meets them at the landing site as a Tie fighter approaches and is able to bullshit the tie patrol into letting them pass “saying they are lifting wounded from the explosion

Adventure log 55
no simple task

Voss and Vekis decide to go and acquire a transport via Chiko and the company to transport plasateel and smuggle out the prisoners then go and meet up with Alana and Iko
Duncan pours over the records and discover at least 10 prisoners died being questioned and 3 were executed all signed off by Talos
They set the rescued prisoners up in another safehouse awaiting the transport and the party spend several day going over the data

Voss studies the holocrom it was found in the Mandalorian sector, on planet Ord Mantel , “the previous owner lived a solitary life in the mountains, is a moon of vast despair, and a mountain of starships, look for the grand peak on the biggest continuant “

Duncan tracks down some messages sent from the base one including a vid of Thane cutting down troopers with his saber.
The groups surmise it will be only a couple of day till a javelin team shows up.
Duncan also discovers that the Empire has several hidden bases on the planet including a imperial operative base. They decide to try and break into that base and lure Talos to it.

Rhia contacts Nova, and gets contact info on Nova’s nephew Fredrick, who works for imperial intelligence.
They wait close to his home to meet up with him on his way home from work, Rhia meets up with him he informs them that Grant and Physer take care of the Bespin sector they work on the 6th floor
Entrances to the building are from the roof, the machine shop, and the front door. Talos is rarely in the building. Also that the building hoses a small garrison, 3 AT-ST one of which is under repair, and lighter ground craft. Also several drones are flying around the base

Adventure Log 54
You would think his attitude would improve, after cutting his arm off...

The rest of the party, circle around and meet up at the entrance, out of range of the base guns, Thane feels anger and fear in the base, and towards the rear of the chalet. as the rest of them move towards the chalet.

Rhia runs down the hill to try an flag down the contact, she sees it approach but once it spots the wreckage and bodies and flies off

In the chalet, they hear noise in the kitchen, Thane forces the door open as Ba Ob and Duncan toss in two stun grenades they see in the room 1 woman and 3 men working on a console and a stand up freezer the grenades go off knocking out everyone in the room out.
They discover that the party is the contact and they were trying to open a hidden door
Nika Chro is revived then the Rodian Passer, Thane apologizes for the stun grenades and they discover that one of her agents led her to this meeting spot. She fears that she has been comprised and that this building may be part of the imperial spy network
The party enters the small elevator behind the freezer and descend deep into the hill, as the door opens three storm troopers are waiting for them. Thane and Duncan rush up to the gun it blasts the two of them Duncan reflects and Thane absorbs most of the rest but does take a nasty hit.
The Party overcomes the troopers, then hear several other troopers coming form other hallways, Thane tosses a Thermal detonator down the hall vaporizing them.
Thane finds a detention centre with 12 prisoners including a former news anchor Marcus Namore, of the news network, he releases them. Marcus tells them that Director Talos is planning to kill the ruling council and blame the rebels to take total control of the planet.
Farther down the hall they come to a blast door with two heavy turrets,
Duncan and Thane use some commandeered droids as cover to make the coms room, as Rhia shoots the turrets, Duncan finds a officer in the room and discovers she sent out messages for aid, he also kills the dampening field. He also takes control of all the bird droids and decides to take them with him.
Ba Ob calls Vekis to get them out asap
In the control room the commanding officer and his men are defiant to Thane even after Thane cuts his arms off. They stop the imperials from blowing up the base with all inside.
Duncan downloads all the files on the servers and sets a trap for when the imperials re enter the base, and the party flee the base, as Tie fighters rapidly approach the area.

Adventure Log 53
Well that was more complicated then it should have been

Vekis heads off to secure the ore, as the party heads to see the contact.
Rhia checks out the building as Thane goes in to look and buy a suit from the store front.
They are directed to the rear of the building, to a loading dock, to see a well-dressed man who leads them inside to a large lavish office where a even more lavish man awaits
They gain some info on what is happening. A major hub for the news network was destroyed by rebels
They also ask for info on getting close to Director Keian Tallos, he says wont be easy or cheap. He also arranges a safe house for them, along with basic passes to get around the city.
They head to the safehouse and give it the once over, they discover that it only has access from the roof, and has a minor armoury and some credits
Rhia calls Nika, the other contact to arrange a meeting, she directs them to a site outside the city in an off season resort
They arrive early and walk around the area checking it out, Rhia spots a cybernetic bird that eyes glow then flies off, as they discover this Thane feels no life around them and head back to the ship
Rhia shoots the bird, as a loud humming noise starts up and turrets pop up out the ground and start blasting the speeder apart
As a bunch of scout troopers exit out of a hidden tunnel heading towards Ba Ob , Thane is able to crush one with a chunk of debris, then cuts several down as Ba Ob shoots two down
Duncan rushes the door to a control panel in hopes of hacking the turrets, as the door opens and more surprised troopers are ready to exit, Rhia not sure Duncan was there shoots the panel causing it to explode knocking Duncan flat but crushing 4 troopers as the door slams down on them, they try to take Duncan alive by stunning him, but he is able to cut one down before he is knocked out. Rhia is able to gun down the last 3 troopers


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